SEMrush Keyword Analytics Tool Complete Ultimate Guide 2020.

by | May 30, 2020

In this article, we will discuss about SEMrush Keyword Analytics tool complete ultimate guide and how to do keyword research in 2020. ( going to be very interesting).

Keywords play important role in google ranking. If we target right keywords in the blog post then the traffic increase is massive.

It’s not hard to search keywords; just type the keyword ( of your post) in the search bar of the tool and explore the related keywords, suggestions, questions, keyword difficulty, related links, and much more.

Why I am guiding you about this tool?– I have tried different tools out there but when starting using SEMrush tools, I felt in love with him and I feel happy to share knowlegde about this tool. I will not recommend you any tool which I haven’t used.

One funny thing happens; when firstly I made a decision to buy this tool and see the pricing I was shocked ( price was more), but after all, I made a decision to buy this tool and after experiencing this tool, I felt that this tool is value for money and I have not invested money on the wrong tool. ( I think it’s not funny).

So, I highly recommend you to use this tool and the good news is that SEMrush tool is on offer now. So, Try

SEMrush 7 day FREE trial.

So, not wasting much time Let’s explore the tool. ( I can’t wait).

Keyword Overview

Keyword Analytics tool overview gives an overview of organic and paid search, CPC distribution, trend and keyword suggestions.
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

Just type the keyword in the search bar, as we have chosen the word Digital Marketing.

Now as the results are showing organic search, paid search, keyword suggestions, CPC and trend.

Organic Search and Paid Search

When you type any keyword in Google search engine the SERP’s appear ( Search Engine Page Results).

So , the top searches that come ( Ad written in front of URL) are paid searches. Paid Searches occur when the owner of website bids on the keyword to appear on the top of the page results.

Paid Searches process is managed by Google Adwords. From Google Adwords you can bid of the right keyword to appear on the top of the page. Not only bidding amount is important but valuable content is also a necessary part.

The Left out searches are all organic search results ( no investment).

This tool also gives a view of SERP’s ( Search Engine Page Results); how the page appears on the google when you search this keyword on google search engine.

Paid Search CPC and competition– As you can see in the above image the CPC of the keyword in Paid Search column.

There is also a word competition; it’s number varies between 0.1 to 1. As, you when we searched the term digital marketing it show the number 0.62 ( high competition).

If you don’t know how to do competitive research to beat your rivals then look I have already made a guide on it.

Keyword suggestions

SEMrush tool suggests keywords related to the keyword digital marketing. It show total volume (traffic) and KD ( keyword difficulty).

Phrase match keywords- These are the keywords in which the keyword you searched should come in the phrase or query. For e.g. Digital marketing courses, Digital Marketing Certificate programs online, etc.

Related Keywords- These are the keywords related to the keyword you searched. For e.g.- All about digital marketing, digital, and marketing, etc.

Keyword Magic SEMrush Tool

Keyword Magic SEMrush Tool gives depth analysis about KD%, volume, CPC, trend and SERP features.
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

It provides a detailed analysis of the keyword you typed in the search bar. It is the best SEMrush Keyword analytics tool. Try this magic tool now.

Broad Match- It is the combination of all keywords that include phrase, exact and related keywords. Use default this only.

Phrase Match- The phrase in which the whole keyword comes.

Exact Match- The keywords that contain the exact keywords ( no other words.)

I recommend to use Broad Match. Use Phrase and Exact Match option when there are many Keywords and the competition is high.


It shows how much the particular keyword is being searched in Google. We have to select a keyword that has average volume ( 100-1000) and low KD.


Trend means the keyword searches are still increasing or decreasing. Does this topic is trending or not.


KD ( keyword Difficulty)- It shows the level of competition. Higher the percentage more is the competition. So, consider taking the keywords with low KD% and high volume.


CPC ( Cost Per Click)- The amount that the advertiser will pay to the publisher on ad clicks.


Com.( Competition)- It varies between ) 0.1-1 . More the no. more the competition, and difficult to rank.

SERP features-

SERP features include knowledge panel,local pack, top stories, reviews, featured snippet.

Keyword Magic SEMrush tool Filter

Filter your keywords to analyse better.

Include Keywords- In this column write the keywords you want to see. It will filter out.

Exclude Keywords- Write the keywords that you don’t want to see. For e.g. If anyone searches on google( FREE digital marketing course ), and the result pages shows your post also, while your course is paid. So, we should exclude this keyword ( FREE digital marketing course).

You can also Filter on the basis of Words Count, Volume, KD%, CPC, Competitive density, SERP.

Keyword Analyzer

As there are many keywords so selecting main keywords is a difficult task. So, choose some keywords and click on keyword analyzer tool.

Now, you have only 4-5 keywords to analyze ( you can add a filter to select only 1-2 keywords). Extract the final main keywords from the keyword Analyzer.

Keyword Difficulty Tool

This tools helps to analyse Keyword Difficulty percentage. ( competition). It also shows other parameters like trend, volume etc.

Type any keyword in the keyword difficulty tool and know its KD%.

Ads History

Ads history gives information about ads traffic , cost and ads keywords.
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

Ads history provide every information related to ads – ads traffic, ads keywords, ads traffic price.

Search the keyword in the ads history search bar tool and analyse it.

As I already disscussed about Paid search. So the ads come under paid search.

  • Ads Traffic- Provide information about how many visitors click on the ads.
  • Ads Traffic Price– It shows how much the ad cost the publisher. As, the publisher bids on the particular keyword ( max CPC). Publisher bids the amount per click. When any visitor clicks on that ad, the amount is charged from the publisher.
  • Ads Keywords- It shows the volume of Ads keywords.
  • This tool also shows month-wise data of how many ads appear on the top of SERP’s. ( Search Engine Result Pages).

Impact of keywords on SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)

Keywords play a major role to rank on top of google pages. Without the right keywords in the blog post Google gets confused about what the article is about, So target the right keywords using SEMrush Keyword analytics.

Focus Keyphrase-

The main keyword of your blog post. For e.g- SEO, digital marketing, keyword analysis, etc. Focus keyphrase is very important for Search Engine Optimization.

Where to use the keywords
  • Don’t forget to include your main keyword ( focus keyphrase) in heading, subheadings, and introduction.
  • Also, include your related keywords in the first 100 words of your post.
  • Use keywords in the alt text of your images.
  • Include your keywords in the meta tag ( meta description).
  • Don’t forget to install the Yoast SEO plugin for better Search Engine Optimization.


In this article, we discussed the awesome SEMrush Keyword analytics tool. In the Keyword overview part we discussed about organic and paid search, related, and phrase match keywords.

We also explored Keyword Magic Tool that provides the detailed analysis about volume, KD%, CPC, trend and competition. ( Note- Choose that keyword that has low competition and high volume ).

After selecting main keywords from Magic Tool then analyze them in Keyword analyzer through filters and select right keywords.

Targeting the right keywords is the first and important step to write better SEO optimized content.

So, how much helpful you like this SEMrush Keyword analytics guide. Comment

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