SEMrush Competitive Research Tool Complete Ultimate Guide 2020.

by | May 28, 2020

The first step of analyzation is competitive research by SEMrush. It helps to understand the strength and weakness of your competitors.

And for beating your competitor in businesses it is essential for doing competitive research continuously.

Competitive research includes Domain Overview, Traffic Analytics, Organic Research, Keyword gap, backlink gap.

So Let’s start the journey-

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Domain Overview

Write the name of your competitor’s domain name in search column. The results of the country you want to see Select it.

Domain overview tool tells about organic search, paid search, backlinks, display advertising.
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  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

It gives an overview of the domain you search for and includes Organic Research, Paid Research, Backlinks, and display advertising report.

It shows top organic keywords and paid keywords.

Organic Search– It shows the volume of traffic that comes from searches related to your keyword. When anyone searches for the keyword related to your post, then the google shows the organic search results ( including your site).

Organic traffic means the traffic coming naturally ( no investment).

Paid Search

It includes domain’s paid traffic, Keywords distribution. It requires investment. When anyone searches a keyword you Google shows the search engine page results. (SERP).

SERP includes both organic as well as paid page results. You have to pay or bid on the keywords you want to rank on the top of the page. This all process happens through Google Adwords.

The benefits of bidding is that your page ranks on top of the engine page results. Bidding the right amount, selecting right keywords, and right content are some strategies to beat your competitor and appear on the top of the page results.

Notice the Ad written in the front of the URL ( those all are paid results). Imagine, you have filled the bid amount $1 ( max CPC). ( this is the cost of one click charged from the bidder when a person clicks on the URL).

Advertising research provide information about ads.
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  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn


Backlinks tool tells backlink types, link attributed and total backlinks.
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  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

When one webpage links to another webpage of different sites is called Backlink. These are the links coming to a website.

Backlinks report includes- Anchors, Referring Domains, Referring IPs, Indexed Pages and Competitors.

Backlinks is a important factor to rank on the Google.

Do Follow Backlinks– These are the links that you add to your blog post. These are by default.

No Follow Backlinks- When one website links with other but there is a no follow tag. So, there is no benefit from these links.(no use).

Anchor Text- It is the text which in which the link is embedded.

Authority Score- It means the strength and popularity of the domain.

Traffic Analytics

Traffic analytics by Semrush competitive tool.
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  • LinkedIn

Traffic Overview

It shows the overview of the visitors, bounce rate, traffic sources, subdomains and geographical distribution.

  • Visits- The no. of visits on your site. ( Unique Visitors+Old visitors)
  • Unique Visitors– No. of unique visitors on the website.
  • Pages/Visit– No. of pages that the visitor visit at one time.
  • Avg. Visit Duration- Time duration of the visit ( Excellent of SEMrush).
  • Bounce Rate- Percentage of how many visitors open the page and bounce back with few seconds.
Traffic Sources

This tab shows the sources used by visitors to visit the page.

The two sources are- Desktop and Mobile. For SEMrush Desktop percentage is more.

As, the mobile users are increasing and the view percentage is also increasing , so keep your page mobile-friendly- Increase Site Speed ( Small Image Size, Cache plugin), Implement AMP etc.

Geographical Distribution

It tells how much traffic is coming to your site through different geographical locations.

Percentage of traffic from different countries. Like- Traffic from United States, India, United kingdom etc.

Traffic Analytics tool for your Competitors

As you can see in the image above, there is an option of Add competitors. Click on that option and insert the URL of your competitor website.

Now compare the traffic with your website. Analyse the traffic through every option properly.

Audience Overlap- This option shows the common audience of your and your competitors website. More the percentage of audience overlap more the competition.

Organic Research

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

Keywords- As you can see in the image above, no. of keywords (913) appear on the top 100 Google search engine page results.

Traffic- Amount of visitors that visit the site in a month. This traffic is totally organic. (no investment).

Traffic Cost- It shows how much this traffic will cost you , if you choose paid search.

Branded Traffic- This shows the amount of traffic when any person directly write it’s brand name in google search bar. ( For e.g- semrush, ahrefs etc.)

Non-Branded Traffic- This shows the amount of traffic when a visitor visits your website through keyword researching; means when a person search a keyword and clicks on the webpage that appears on the top google search results.


It tells which keyword hold which position on your website. For e.g- marketing- Position (11), SEMrush (1) etc.

KD ( keyword Difficulty)- It tells the difficulty level or competition of the keyword. Higher the number more the competition.

CPC ( Cost per Click)- Cost per click means how much the advertiser will pay the publisher when ads will be clicked on the webpage.

Position Changes

Organic Research tool tells about position changes, competitors, pages and positions.
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  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

All position changes- It means how many times keywords of your website positions has been changed.

New- It shows the no. of Keywords that are included in the first 100 Google search engine page results.

Improved– It shows the no. of keywords that shows position improvement.

Declined– Downfall in the position of keywords.

Lost- It shows the no. of keywords that are removed from Google’s top 100 search engine page results.

Organic Competitors

Organic Competitiors
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

Analyse your competitors keywords and competitive positioning map.

Organic Pages- This tab shows the traffic percentage, Keywords , Ads Keywords and Backlinks.

So, analyze your competitor through organic research.

Gap Analysis

It means to compare your website with your competitor’s website on basis of keyword gap and backlink gap.

Keyword Gap

Keyword gap analysis
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

Enter your domain and your competitor’s domain names. You can see in the image the difference between the keywords of both domains.

With the help of keyword gap you can compare keyword positions, traffic, keyword results and many more.

See- SEMrush Keyword Analytics Tool

Backlink Gap-

Similarly, like the keyword gap the only difference is that in this the comparison is on the basis of backlinks.

It shows the backlinks opportunities that you are missing.

Check your competitor’s overview report now.


  • Domain Overview- This tool gives you information about backlinks, organic search, and paid search. It gives you an overview of all things.
  • Traffic Analytics- This tool provides you information about traffic sources, subdomains, geographical distribution, bounce rate, audience overlap, etc.
  • Organic Research- Tells about the position, position changes, and organic competitors.
  • Gap Analysis- Gives information about the keyword gap and backlink gap.

As you have seen how the SEMrush Competitive research tool can be used against your competitors. So, start researching your competitors, know their tactics of ranking, and beat them in businesses.

How you feel after using SEMrush competitive research tool. Comment.

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