An Amazing Interview with Ravi Dixit-Founder of

by | Dec 10, 2020

 Want to do blogging at next level.

Then you are at right place because Today I got opportunity to interview  Problogger Ravi Dixit from

Without wasting time, Let’s explore….

Interview with Ravi Dixit From


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Q1. Welcome, Ravi. Please introduce yourself to our HB readers.

Hey, Lovely readers!

 I am Ravi Dixit, a full-time blogger and affiliate marketer from New Delhi, India. I am the founder of StayMeOnline.

Apart from this, I run a few other blogs as well on different niches. 

 I came into blogging because I was looking for freedom. I am not a 9 to 5 job kind of person. I knew it from the 12th standard.

I always wanted to be my own boss and work without any time and place boundaries.

 So, one day I searched about the “methods to make money online” and landed on a page where I came to know that Blogging is the most reliable way to make money online.

 I fell in love with Blogging and started reading more about this.

But it was not simple for me to start my blogging journey because I wasn’t having a laptop or computer, even a smartphone at that time. 

 So, firstly I planned to purchase a laptop so I can start my own blog. For that, I joined a job just after finishing my 12th class.

I joined a call centre where the salary was not good but I managed to save some amount and ended up buying a Windows tablet instead of a laptop.

 I failed to save the money to purchase the laptop because of having a very low salary, so I thought to purchase a table so I can proceed to start my blog.

 THEN, finally, I purchased my domain and hosting from GoDaddy which cost 1200INR at that time(because of a promotion) on May 16, 2016.

 But the tablet wasn’t working well for blogging, I planned to purchase a new laptop to make my blogging journey smooth. So, I joined a new job and this time I was getting a better salary than my previous job in the Call Center. 

 After working for 8 to 10 months, I saved a good amount and purchased a new laptop for blogging.

 This is how I started my blogging journey.

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Q2. Why did you choose this niche and provide some tips on "How to pick a profitable niche"?

Well, that’s a good question Piyush!

 I have seen bloggers who blindly jump into a niche without proper research and knowing themselves first.

 Mostly they jump into the same niche which their mentor or blogger they are following is working on. 

 Choosing a perfect niche is the first and most crucial step in starting a blog.

You must pick your niche after proper research, otherwise, you will regret later. 

 When I came into blogging, I read a lot of things about blogging and all other related topics like SEO, Make Money Online etc.

It was before starting my blog, I was having a 2G Mobile and using the same to visit various blogs around the same niche to increase my knowledge about blogging.

 So, I gained good knowledge about blogging and loving the process involved in blogging.

So, my niche was crystal-clear to me.

 Here are the 5 steps process that you need to follow to pick your perfect niche:

 Step: 1 First of all, you need to know yourself. Like the things you love to do, things you do in childhood, topics you know etc.

 You can pick a pen and paper and write down all the things. 

 Step: 2 Now it’s the time to do market research about the topics you have picked in the first step.

 You need to identify whether there is demand around the topics you have selected or not. 

 According to the demand, sort the top 3 topics which have high-demand in the market. 

 Step: 3 There are many niches which have high-traffic potential but do not have the earning-potential.

 Now you need to find the earning-potential of the top 3 topics that you have sorted in your list. 

 There are tools that you can use to do so or you can make this process easy by doing competitors analysis. 

 Step: 4 Now the final and most important step is to find the competitiveness of your niche.

 Competition matters! But this is also true, where the competition is high, the money is also there.

 So, these are the 4 steps that you can use to find the perfect niche for your blog.

 After following all the four steps, you will find a niche which is perfect for you.

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Q3- "Content is king" Is it true? Provide some ultimate Hacks to write high-quality content.

Yup! Content is king and always would be.

 I have been asked by many beginners that how many blog posts should I write daily on my blog?

 Well, there is no answer to this question. I always suggest focusing on the quality of your content, not on quantity.

 Because the content is king. 

 For writing high-quality content, you must follow the below points: 

  1. Write for your readers not for Google, because if your readers are happy then ultimately Google would love your blog and incentivize you with higher rankings.
  2. Do proper research about the topic you are going to write and include everything related to that.
  3. Include images and videos in your content to make it easy for your readers to understand and trust.
  4. Do proper interlinking with all your relevant articles in your blog.
  5. Do not hesitate to link to external sources where it makes sense.
  6. Include LSI keywords in your post, it makes it easy for Google to understand the topic of your post.
  7. Do not stuff your post with keywords… It may lead to Keyword Stuffing which can make a bad impact.
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Q4- Google is becoming smarter daily. How Bloggers can be safe from Google Slaps.

Yes, Google is becoming smarter day by day. That’s why we need to follow the ethical SEO practices to be on the safe side of Google.

 I have seen beginners running for quick-backlink building schemes just to build thousands of backlinks very fast on their blog.

I too did that mistake in my initial days, I have shared the complete case study here…

 It is easy for Google to catch this, they can easily identify that you used paid backlinks building services and throw your rankings and traffic down…

 The best thing is to be safe from this, is to use the best backlink building techniques and build backlink from quality & relevant websites.

 It will take time, everything takes. There is no so-called shortcut. So make sure you don’t violate any of Google’s Guidelines.

 And also, make sure to keep an eye on your backlink sources.

Sometimes, people build spammy/toxic backlinks on blogs so if you continuously check your backlinks profile, you can be safe from Google Penalty by disavowing those toxic domains. 

I have shared 8 working methods that you can use to avoid Google Penalty on your blog.

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    Q5- According to you, What are the awful mistakes that newbie blogger commits?

    The first and most commonly found mistake in newbies is choosing the wrong niche.

    Yes and later it becomes the reason to quit blogging because they failed to work on their blog.

     Niche is seriously very important, if you are not passionate or knowledgeable about your niche, you can’t work with that. 

     Apart from choosing the wrong niche, here are some other awful mistakes that newbies blogger commits: 

    1. Hosting their blog with a free web hosting provider. There are some free web hosting providers which you can use to host your blog without paying anything. They are only meant to be for testing purposes, they don’t provide any features that you need to host your blog smoothly. You’ll get no security, not reliable uptime, slow-loading speed and many more disadvantages. 
    2. Not investing in a premium theme, tools and plugins. 
    3. Not writing consistently on the blog. 
    4. Copying content and images from others blog without giving proper credit for images.
    5. Building backlinks from irrelevant & quality websites. 
    6. Not linking to other websites through their content.
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      Q6. What hacks/strategies you use to drive traffic to your blog?

      Personally, I focus on building community and collaborating with other bloggers from the same niche to drive quality traffic to my blog.

       Recently I started doing interviews and roundup posts on my blog and I must say that I saw a good improvement in my traffic.

       Along with this, I research to find very low-competitive keywords which I can easily rank for and drive all the traffic from Google and other search engines.

       But I don’t much depend on Google’s traffic so I mostly focus on building my community and providing value to them.

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      Q7. How much time does it take for a beginner to make money from blogs. Provide some strategies to earn money from affiliate marketing?

      To be honest, there is no fixed time that I can tell you about this. It depends on the time and effort invested in blogging.

      If I take my example here, It took me around 1.7 years to earn my first dollar from blogging. 

      So, there is no fixed time that will be required to make the money from Blogging. The more time & effort you invest, the fast you will start earning.

      To make money through Affiliate Marketing, first, you need to understand your audience’s needs.

      Because if you understand their needs, you can pick the right products to promote through your blog.

      And trust me, this is the key. If you are promoting the wrong product, for example, someone wants to start a blog and have a low-budget but you are promoting WPX Hosting or WP Engine then there is no chance for you to make sales. 

       Instead of this, you should promote an affordable web hosting according to their budget, like you can promote A2 Hosting or NameCheap for a very low-budget.

       So, first, you need to understand your users’ needs and budget to select the right products for them. 

       The second and most important thing is Trust in affiliate marketing, build a community of people relevant to your niche.

      Make sure you provide value to them and promote the products they are interested in.

       Do not ever promote products just to make sales, instead promote which are helpful for them and worth trying.

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      Q8. I know you are not happy to reveal your income but still if you want to give an idea just for motivation?

      Yes, that’s true! I am not much comfortable revealing my income from blogging but for motivating others, I shared some payment proofs in my Facebook group and Instagram.

       I took blogging full-time from July 2019. Before that, I was managing my blogs along with my full-time office job.

      I set a goal for myself that I’ll be able to generate 5x more than my office job salary. I’ll quit my job and start blogging as a full-time business. 

       Finally, that happened in July 2019 and I quit my job to start blogging full-time. 

       If you asked to give a rough figure of my income from blogging, then I would say I am making 8x-10x more than the salary I was getting in my office job as a computer operator.

       Now you can think about how much salary a computer operator in Delhi normally gets.

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      Q9. What are the tools you are using and recommend to us?

      Here are some tools that I use and recommends to others:

      1. SEMrush for keyword research, competitor analysis and other SEO tasks.
      2. WPForms for building forms in my blogs.
      3. OptinMonster for capturing emails of my readers.
      4. GeneratePress Premium as my primary WordPress theme on most of my blogs.
      5. WP Rocket for caching.
      6. Canva for designing attractive images like thumbnail and social media graphics.
      7. Freepik to download vector graphics.
      8. Elementor to design my pages.
      9. RankMath SEO as SEO plugin on my blogs.
      10. OneSignal for push notifications.
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      Q10- What are your future goals?

      My future goals are to live my entire life with blogging. I want to live a free life the same way I am living now.

      Yes, there will be more amazing things coming from the next year as I am working on my first video course “Blogging Pathway” that will guide beginners to start a successful blog and make money from that. 

      I will start working on more free content like eBooks and more courses to provide as much value as I can provide for free.

      Apart from this, I am planning to set up an office and hire a full-time team that will help me with my blogs. 

       These are a few goals of mine for the next year… 

        Q11. Any Suggestions for my Blog?

        Personally I feel that you need to work on your blog’s design to make it look more professional. 

        That’s what I have as a suggestion for you.

        Final Words

        More Interviews on the way guys. 

        Learn and grow daily and be consistent with you work.

        If you really love this interview then don’t forget to share this. I appreciate your effort!


        Want to learn affiliate marketing, blogging and SEO related hacks then Why to wait?

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          Hi Piyush!
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