How to make money from blogs- Ultimate Guide 2020- Hack now

by | Jun 9, 2020

Person 1- What money from blogs? Are you kidding? No one is interested in reading text but all are interested in videos.

Person 2- You are absolutely wrong many bloggers are earning millions of dollars from blogging. You can not make wrong assumptions that no one is reading text. ( 76% of internet users read blogs)

Person 1- I can’t believe you. I have also started writing blogs but I didn’t get any traffic, then I left blogging.

Person 2- Hey, you impatient guy no one can earn even a single penny within 1 or 2 months. I can’t tell you the exact time but it’s all about your strategies.

If you know how to rank your page then it takes about 6 months to earn money from blogs. ( 2-3 months after reading my article).

Person 1- Oo!! You have opened my eyes. Three things are required to master anything- deliberate practice, coaching, and fire. So, now you have ignited a fire in me, but still, I didn’t know how to make money from blogs. Can you be my Coach?

Person 2- Yes obviously, but I will not do practice part for you ( it’s your journey). So, let’s dive in this pool of earning money from blogs. Are you ready! Are you ready!.

Person 1- Yes Coach, I can’t wait. I have already weared swim suit. (but don’t know swimming)

So, Let’s dive in and start the journey of money blogging ( earning money)

How much you can earn money from blogs?– The truth is that you can upto $1 million from blogging.

Note: I also suggest you wear a swimsuit and a special message, take a swim ring for those who don’t know swimming ( because the pool is deep).

Money from blogs
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

Enjoy swimming!!!

Choose a profitable niche ( Entry)

As you were telling me that you want to start writing blogs again. So, before starting we should choose a profitable niche. ( don’t directly jump into the pool, but enter slowly).

I will suggest you top profitable niches option that you can choose from- Art and crafts, Blogging, Health, Personal Growth, SEO, writing, online business and marketing, photography, fashion and travel, career, leadership, pets, survival.

Top profitable blogging niches
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

Now see, following a passion is not always equal to profit. But, if you are passionate about something from profitable niches or done mastery in any field then it’s obviously a plus point for you.

Choose a niche in which you have experience or want to learn about ( willing to learn). Choosing a profitable niche is necessary because at last, we have to earn money from blogs. ( enjoy also)

Congrats, for selecting a profitable niche ( now you know how to enter into the pool but not properly).

Domain name, hosting and platform

When it comes to choosing a domain name, many newbie start thinking ” What can be clever name so people would like”.

So, I want to clear one thing that name doesn’t matter work matter ( so don’t overthink).

Now, google ranking algorithm is also not considering keywords in domain name as a ranking factor ( but only it gives people a idea about your niche).

So, you can add a keyword related to your niche in your domain to give an idea, but again don’t waste much time on thinking a right name.

Note: Keep your domain name short, no letters, hypens or any special character and prefer taking .com extension domain names.

When it comes to hosting then I suggest you go with Greengeeks hosting because it provides many features in less money. Value for money hosting product.

So, now “Which platform should you choose?” – Here, I will suggest you go with WordPress because it is a user-friendly platform and helps in getting continuous traffic.

So, now you know how to enter the pool , let’s learn some breathing techniques.

Blog Design

Blog Theme

Choosing a right theme and wrong theme means choosing a right and wrong car( headache). Wrong themes are time consuming ( fixing, maintenance, not good features).

It’s great if you spend some money on themes and builders. The best-paid theme and builder that I suggest and still using is Divi by Elegant themes. ( value for money with so many features).

But, if you have no money or not interested in spending money then you can go for ocean wp, flash or hestia.


Make your site mobile-friendly. Mobile users on internet are increasing day by day and still they hold a percentage of 70%.

Your site may look nice on the desktop but not worth looking on mobile. So, make your website responsive, and while designing see your theme and design through the mobile view.

mobile view of theme
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn


“Content is king” prediction was made by bill gates in 1996 is still valid and will remain valid in future.

Interesting content is one of the top reasons for increasing sales and people follow brands on social media. So, now the question is What to write about?

How to find topics?

Searchers Intent

You should know what your audience is searching. Just not typing of keywords but their intentions also.

For e.g If anyone is searching “top wordpress themes”, then SERPs appear ( Search Engine Result Pages). Different websites telling which are the top themes but there is one site that is telling top wordpress themes through comparisons ( ranking on top of Google).

Here, the intention of the user can be to choose wordpress themes through comparisons.

How to know Searcher’s Intent?

There are different platforms out there- social platforms, google keyword ideas, different keyword research tools, google trends etc.

Look no quora which type of questions the audience is asking, Types the keyword in google trends and know how many people are interested in that topic.

Look what problems the audience is facing. Solve the problems through your valuable content.

Get ideas from blog posts, you tube, google, pinterest etc.

Keyword Research

The first and important part to start before writing content is keyword research. I suggest you use SEMrush Keyword Analytics tool ( magic tool) for a deep analysis of keywords. Choose the right keywords and use them in your content.

SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool FREE trail

Type the keyword of your topic and look

  • Search Volume- How many people search related to the topic.
  • Trend- Is the topic still trending.
  • Competition- Is the competition is low, high, or average.

Choose the keywords that have average search volume ( 100-400 ), low in competition and is trending now.

From there click on your competitor’s website and look- what they have written ( get ideas), how content is organized and comments, FAQs( Frequently Asked Questions), etc.

Congrats, now you know what to write about, right keywords to target but I think we are missing something.

Oo, Yes ranking ( without traffic how you will earn money).

How to rank on top Google

  • Write unique, simple, and depth content ( at least 1500 words). Solve audience problems
  • Use your main keyword in the introduction, titles, meta description, alt text, URL, heading, and subheadings. Write SEO friendly content.
  • Install Rank Math or Yoast SEO plugin. See complete SEO Ultimate Guide 2020.
  • Write unique engaging titles and meta descriptions. User power words, call to action, and questioning words like ultimate, top, how-to, hacks, best, etc.
  • Use short paragraphs and include images infographics or videos in your content.
  • Use examples, facts, and experience in the content. Include external and internal linking.
  • Audit your site through the site auditing tool and look for errors ( site health checkup).
  • Optimize images, minify javascript, and CSS to boost your page speed.

Write content for audience not for search engine because the most important thing for Google is user experience.(important ranking factor in future).

How to rank on Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

Don’t start all things at the same time- promoting on all social platforms, guest blogging, comment, forums, etc. but I would rather suggest you master 1 traffic source first then move to next.

Ranking on top of Google= High traffic= Money

Person 1- Coach, are there any strategies or other traffic sources to boost your traffic and earning within 2-3 months because google take time.

Person 2- Yes, obviously I will tell top other 4 sources to boost your traffic.


Pinterest is like Google, it has its own search engine. The best thing I like of Pinterest is that it doesn’t take as much time as Google to boost traffic.

So, build infographics and promote on pinterest becuase pinterest is totally based on visuals and negligible text.

You Tube

You tube is also another popular platform to drive traffic to your blog. It is a easy way to interact with audience, build following , drive to your blog and make purchases ( promote affiliate links, your digital products).

The competition is high on You tube.Shooting and editing videos is time consuming, but a great place for interaction and to boost traffic.


Make a facebook page and start promoting your content. You can also drive traffic through promoting memes (people love humour).

Search Facebook groups related to your niche. Write post, comments and connect with the groups.


It is a great place if your niche is related to travel, food, fashion, photography; because it is also a visual world. Great or good quality images means great traffic.

Add captions in your post, make videos on IGTV, go live and post stories daily.

Congrats, you have selected a niche, buy domain name and hosting, choosen a platform, designed your website and by using some effecitve strategies traffic starts coming.

Now, you have learned breathing and some basic swimming techniques but still you don’t know how to swim properly and stay in deep of the pool.


We all are familiar with quora website. It is an questions and answers website. Quora helps me to drive massive amount of traffic to my website.

Just, search questions related to your niche and answer them deeply with the link to you website in your answer. Keep a great credential and answer at least 1-2 questions daily.

Build an E-mail list

Now, it’s the time convert your readers into raving fans ( build a subscriber fan club). No person will buy your products or click on any link if they didn’t trust you, so the best way to build trust is through e-mail list.

Create a Lead Magnet– You have noticed on many sites, offering free guides, checklist, ebooks ,courses and for getting access to that free stuff you have to just give your e-mail to them. So, those all are lead magnets to collect e-mails.

E-mail option
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
Giving Free e-book ( in exchange of e-mail.

Add in your blog– So, add opt ins to your blog. Connect with any e-mail service like convertkit, mailchimp, Aweber etc and build those opt ins.

Send e-mails- Create an automated e-mail sequence. Create campaigns. Send e-mails related to; solving the problems the audience is facing, your new product, about yourself or blog post.

Building e-mail is the most important part to boost your earning, build brand through building trust with people.So, turn your e-mail subscriber into a fan through building a e-mail list.

Congrats, now you know how to swim but only in shallow water. So,lets’ start diving into the deep water and start earning.

Ultimate Ways to make money from blogs ( monetize).

  1. Ads
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Products
  4. Public Speaking
  5. Consulting services
  6. Scaling and Optimizing


Display Ads

The ads that you see while watching a youtube video, reading content, using apps, etc, these all are display advertising. Display ads are meant to attract the audience to take a specific action.

If you are displaying ads on your website and when someone clicks on that ads you get a pay per click ( and some commission goes to the Google).

Then newbie bloggers just start throwing ads on their websites by joining to google adsense account for making a quick buck.

But , the reality is different. When I started blogging I just earned only $2 in a week from Google Adsense.

People 1- Really!!!!

Yes, because people have developed a habit to ignore ads. ( some use ad blockers, while many ignore, some clicks happen by mistake).

Only those ads get clicked that have catchy content, great visual and a trustable brand.

So, stop thinking now that you will start making a lot of money through Google Adsense. Google Adsense is just a motivation for beginners. ( but not a primary way of monetization).

And if the traffic is very low then assume that your earning will be nil. But if you want to go with Google Adsense then choose native ads option. See- How to get Google Adsense approval and earn money

Display ads on website
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

Google Adsense alternatives

Wait, until you get a consistent amount of traffic and when you start getting traffic then start partnering with premium ads network. Some top premium ads network that you can partner with are-

  • AppNexus
  • Ad thrive
  • Triple Lift
  • Infolinks and many more.

So, now you will earn from these networks more than Google Adsense ( just pray someone clicks).

Sponsored Posts

These are the type of native ads. These are the posts in which people are paying you to write an article on your blog about their products, ( rating, reviews, and recommendations.)

Sponsored posts are a quick way to earn money ( you can demand according to your brand).

These Posts are perfect If you have time and love to write, want to build good relationships with companies related to your niche, and want an increase in your blogging experience.

Sponsored posts
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

You can find sponsored posts opportunities on-

  • Tomoson
  • Favebit
  • BlogDash
  • Linqia and others.


These are similar to sponsored content but instead of paying you, companies give their products for Free. You have seen some videos on youtube doing giveaways through running a contest and choosing a winner.

Giveaways helps you to grow you network and in building a good connection with the company.

Affiliate Marketing

How affiliate marketing works
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

Affiliate marketing means promoting other companies’ products on your website through affiliate links. For e.g When you search “Top Smartphones to buy in 2020” or “Top books to read in 2020” SERPs appear.

When you click on any of them notice; their reviews and when you click on the buy button a new website opens it can be amazon, ClickBank, ShareASale, etc.

If you buy the product then the commission ( set by companies) goes into the pocket of the website owner.

So, write unique content about the products. Use copywriting skills. Add your affiliate links into your blog post.

Affiliate marketing is a huge category, you can make a lot of money from it. But I would suggest you not to start promoting any products out there.

Promote products; related to your niche, trustable and you should have an experience with that product.

It’s a simple process- Join the Affiliate, Find the products related to your niche, promote products, track sales, and start earning a commission.

So, instead of going firstly into the ads category start affiliate marketing.

For beginners, Amazon Associates Program( easy to use and a motivator) is the best affiliate marketing marketplace. Then after getting some experience ( start getting some sales) in affiliate marketing you can join.

  • ShareASale
  • Awin
  • Rakuten
  • Commission Junction and others.

These above-recommended marketplaces provide high commission but selling difficulty is also high. So, for selling these products you have to build trust with people ( build an e-mail list).

Instead of displaying other ads you can display the ads and banners of the affiliate products you are promoting, So, join now the affiliate programs and start promoting products ( earn million dollars).

Congrats, now you know how to sell products, earned some money from ads and affiliate marketing. Now, it’s the time to go deeper and obviously earn more money ( craving never ends).


Most bloggers are making most of their money through selling their own products. Products can be digital and physical.

But most of the earning comes from digital products.

Digital Products

Digital products
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

Digital Products include e-books, printables, workbooks, online courses, and many more. You can easily sell these products because you have already made a trust with the audience (through e-mail list).

What are the benefits of selling your own products? The benefits are simple- you can control your margins, sales page, prices ( the entire flow is under your control).

Top Digital products you can sell

  • E-books- Simple to produce and distribute
  • Online Courses- E-learning is an industry rich in innovation and is a growing industry.
  • Sell Softwares.
  • Professional services- Freelance writers, web and graphic designers, trainers, and coaches.

The magic of digital products is that you have to make only them once and that product is being sold repeatedly to different customers. These products are popular due to their ease of distribution.

There are some tools that can help you to sell your digital products like; Sendowl, Single, FetchApp, Digital downloads, and many more.

By Selling digital products you can make from $1K dollar to $10K dollar a month ( all about your effort)

Strategies to sell digital products

  • Never stop learning. Learn new techniques daily by researching your competitive websites.
  • Try something unique than others ( Risks and Failures are the first steps to success).
  • Develop curiosity in the audience. Send your audience an e-mail telling them about the product and when you are launching this product.
  • Enhance your copywriting skills. ( use power and call to action words).
  • Promote your products on different platforms ( social, Google Adwords, etc.)

Physical Products

You can also build a store like digital products and sell physical products. But there is one problem with physical products that there is no ease of distribution.

You have to create , manufacture and ship the product. ( that can be very hard then digital products), but we have to go a level up every time.

Make hard goals and achieve them. If you can handle creation, manufacture and shipping with ease then physical products can also be a great source of income for you.

Public Speaking

Public speaking
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

Now, you have grown up and become a brand. So, some companies will start sending you invitations to attend conferences and speak in front of people.

Don’t miss any opportunities because public speaking helps people to know about you which in turn helps you to grow your brand.

Don’t miss any interviews. You have seen some interviews on the You tube-like; how the blogger is earning $10K in a month, how someone grows his brand etc.

So, If someone wants to take an interview with you or want to do a podcast session then don’t miss that opportunity. ( because it is the best time to interact with people and grow your network).

You can also charge some money for conferences ( value of your speech) if you want.

Some public speaking hacks

  • Be excited and start your speech with full energy. Start your speech with a quote, fact, or a joke ( people love humor).
  • Tell your experience, facts, and give examples.
  • Ask your audience questions; for better communication and to increase confidence in you.

Consulting Services

Consulting means giving expert advice to other professional in your field. Consultants are needed in nearly every niche.

The most common type of consultant are bussiness, sales, marketing, public relations consultant etc.

Charge by hour for the phone, e-mail , skype or any way , for the advice you give.

How to become consultant and where to find consulting clients?- Choose a target, network with people, identify your customers ( what motivates them, communicate well, get certified and set your rates.

Scaling and Optimizing

Congrats, now you know how to swim in deep water. You are ready to go into competitions and for winning consistent practice is required.

You have choosen a profitable niche, domain name and platform, designed your site, write a unique content, brought traffic, done building a e-mail list, joined ads and affiliate marketing network, started selling your own digital and physical products and obviously become a brand ( started speaking in conferences).

So, now its the time to scale up your sales ( boom) . As we all know a basic formula i.e.

Sales= Traffic*Conversion Rate

How much traffic is coming to your site multiplied by conversion rate is equal to sales. So, now the question is “How to boost up sales?”

  • Build testimonials ( to build trust with people).
  • Work on Google SEO( as I told above how to rank on Google).
  • Promote your products or content on e-mails, Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Youtube, etc.
  • Offer a money-back guarantee and include more payment options.
  • Run ads through Google Adwords. You can also pay other people to write about your product.
  • Become an affiliate marketing marketplace.
  • Create a sense of urgency and offer fewer choices.
  • Keep on changing your sales pages and sales funnel ( try new experiments).
  • Build Awareness ( through campaigns), create interest ( through offers), help them to make a decision ( through engaging content and visual), pressurize them to take action ( offer coupons).


See consistency is required in every field you work. The second name for this is deliberate practice to master any thing.

So, be consistent in your work. Keep learning and growing. Always have a student mindset. Consistency is the first step to make money from blogs.

How do bloggers make money
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

FAQs about How to make money doing blogs?

How to make money from blogs for beginners? ( or Can you still make money blogging in 2020?)

It’s easy- You can make up to 1 million dollars a month from blogging but not that quickly ( deliberate practice, coaching, and the fire is required).

  • Choose a profitable niche ( in which you have experience or want to gain experience).
  • Choose a domain name ( small size with no numbers), hosting ( I recommend Siteground or Greengeeks), and a platform ( I recommend WordPress). See- How to start a blog from scratch
  • Design your blog. Choose a mobile-friendly theme ( I recommend Elegant themes) and a page builder.
  • Find topics related to your niche through google and social platforms. Do Keyword research and target the right keywords.
  • Write unique, valuable, simple, and deep content.
  • Work on Google SEO and drive traffic to your website ( keyword optimization, engaging titles, and meta description, and fresh content). Also drive traffic through Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Quora, or other social platforms.
  • Build an e-mail list through lead magnets and opt-ins. ( 1 subscriber=$1)
  • As traffic starts coming join affiliate marketing marketplaces out there and start earning.
  • If you love and have time to write then you can also prefer doing sponsored posts.
  • Join a premium ad network.
  • Start speaking at conferences ( public speaking).
  • Sell your own products ( digital and physical) and services.
  • Scale and optimize.

How to start a blog for free and make money from blogs?

You can start writing blogs for Free in just 2 minutes on Medium,, and Linked In. It is not true that you can’t start blogs for free.

Writing blogs on these platforms helps you to understand how everything works. Start sharing your articles and when people start liking your articles you can prefer making a website.

Money- It’s simple learning is earning. You can also make money by writing articles on these platforms; I have seen some people adding affiliate links to the medium articles.

After getting some experience or when you become serious about making money start a website- monetize with ads, affiliate marketing, sell your own products, speak at conferences, sponsored posts etc.

See- How to make money from Blogspot

What are the best blogging platform to make money from blogs?

I strongly recommend you to go with becuase wordpress helps to bring continous traffic on your website and is user-friendly.

Some other blogging platforms out there-,,

Some Free blogging platforms-,, etc.

What are the types of blog that make money?

The blogs that have evergreen,fresh and trending content. People and search engine love fresh content.

Some types of blogs that make money are- Craft, Finance, health and Fitness, Food, Pets, Parenting, Travel, and bussiness. Choose a profitable niche to start earning money from blogs quickly.

Which are the top money making blogs?

You will be surprised to know that the top bloggers make over $100,000 a month. I was also shocked when I researched, that how they can earn so much money from blogs.

Some top money making blogs are-

  • The Huffington Post ( $2,350,000) (Pay per click main earning source).
  • Tech Crunch ( $ 800,100) ( Advertising banners)
  • Mashable ( $600,000) (Advertising Banners)
  • Perez Hilton.
  • Noupe ( Private Advertising).

How much you can make money from Blogs? ( or Can I make a living by Blogging?)

It is possible to make a living by blogging ( there are many examples out there) But they are doing consistent efforts from years in this field.

The top money making blog was started in 2005 ( 15 years back). So, you can make a earning in every fields it’s all about having patience and doing consistent efforts.

Give your 100% to what you are doing ( you will definitely achieve your goal). Make goals and remain focused.

Monthly Earning of pro blogger readers are-

  • 10%-$0
  • 29%- Earning Under $10.
  • 26%- $10-$99
  • 18%- $100-$499
  • 6%- $500-$999
  • 8%-$1000-$9999
  • 3%- Over $10000

So, I don’t want to demotivate you to show you earning graphs but I am saying you to be consistent and focused if you have chosen blogging as a career. Make step by step small SMART Goals to reach to the 3% area.

What should I choose profitable or passionate niche?

See , I would say that you can earn money in any niche. One of my friend said that I love to write about meditation , but how do I make money in this niche.

Then , I replied start researching, make your content unique and make meditation courses, sell products related to meditation through affiliate marketing . Selling online courses is the best earning source of every blogger.

Money is in every niche just you have to find that profit. Find that 20% that can give you 80% in every niche. You can earn money in every niche just ways are different.

But there is also a harsh truth passion is not always equal to profit. But if you can convert your passion into profession then its obviously a plus point for you. Passionate writing helps you to build consistency.


How to make money from blogs?
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  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
Make Money Blogging Infographic
  • Facebook
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  • LinkedIn

I think you have got the answer of your question-‘How to make money doing Blogs’. Making Money blogging is not a difficult task, it’s all about startegies.

If you face any issues in making money blogging feel free to ask. Comment


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