How to get Google Adsense Approval fast and earn money – Ultimate Hacks 2020

by | Jun 25, 2020

Hey, facing difficulties in getting Google Adsense Approval (tried but no success) then you are on the right place.

Because after reading this article your chances of getting approval will be 99.9% (0.1% rare cases).

After few days you will not only get approval but a good news for you is that you will start earning. ( because our aim for applying is to earn some money).

The startegies that I am going to reveal are tested by me. Because I believe in sharing pratical knowledge.

So, Let’s see some ulitmate hacks on How to get Google Adsense Approval fast on website ( if it is WordPress or Blogger)

Note: Please be happy now because you are going to get adsense approval ( I don’t like off moods).

Domain Name

Plzz, I request you to invest some money in buying a domain name.

What some Blogspot users ask me is that, I am not getting AdSense approval, then I ask just one question;’ What is your domain name’?

Then they say that we are using sub domain i.e extension.

How to choose a domain name-

  • Choose a domain name i.e related to your niche ( For example if your niche is related to health then it can be ( Fill a word in the dash).
  • It should be simple and easily memorable.
  • Keep it short and avoid numbers, dashes, etc.
Siteground domain service
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Buy Domain on Siteground 50% off

So, to get a quick adsense approval buy a domain name.


Select a profitable and passionate niche.

Don’t select a niche which violates Google Adsense policies ( pornographic, gun, alcohol, smoking etc.)

Some profitable niches are- Health, Food, Online business, SEO, blogging, Pets, travel , fashion etc.


Hey, are you trying to apply for Adsense with writing 5-7 articles then plzz don’t try.

Write at least 20 high-quality articles of at least 800-1000 words content length before applying for adsense.

But now the question is ‘How to write high quality content and of at least 1000 words’. Let’s see.

In-depth quality content means more adsense approval chances.
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Ultimate hacks to write a high-quality content

  • Write unique, simple, and relevant content.
  • Write content for the audience not only for search engines.
  • Solve the problems of the audience through deep and valuable information.
  • Include the Introduction and Conclusion. Provide proper structure to your content.
  • Include images, videos, and infographics.
  • Make use of power and call to action words. ( “I” and “you”)
  • Write short paragraphs ( maximum 3-4 sentences).
  • Write what you speak ( simple) and use of more active voice.
  • Include your experience, research, and facts.
  • See-How to write a blog post fast.


Don’t forget to include these three pages in header or footer of your site

About Us- This page tells Google about the owner of the website. In simple words it describes about you and your site.

How Adsense will approve your site if Google can’t verify that the applicant and the owner are same.

Privacy Policy- It tells that your website is not a scam. It tells readers about your site’s policy.

If there is not a privacy policy page then forget about google adsense approval.

Contact Us- This page makes your site user-friendly. Because user can contact the owner through this page.

It also tells Google that the site cares for the visitors.

There are many online page generators that can help you to generate these pages. Or you can simply download or copy from available sites and make some modifications.

Plzz include your e-mail Id in these pages (the same that you are using for applying).


Site-navigation is the important part to get Google adsense approval.

So, if you are a Blogspot user then add navigation bar from the layout option. For WordPress users choose menus option from appearance option.

Google checks your site from the eye of the user. If the user doesn’t find options to navigate through your site then you are losing your audience.

Include categories, especially pages (about us, privacy policy, contact us) in the nav bar.

So, include a clear navigation menu so that it’s easy for the visitor to find any content, page or category.

Navigation menu
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What if user lands on a website with white background , simple post arrangement and large size buttons with no clearity.

If your site design like this then I would recommend you to not waste time in applying for adsense (rejection is must).

So, for this invest some money on great blog theme and a builder.

As, there are many different great theme providers out there but no one can beat thrive themes.

Get Thrive themes 70% off and make your site look beautiful.

Insert a simple rule in your mind; Invest some money to get high returns. (don’t look for Free temporary alternatives)

From your side give your 100% in the start only.

Google Search Console

The biggest mistake that most of the bloggers make is not verifying or adding site in Google Search Console. (blogger unawareness).

How you will get Adsense approval if your site is not indexed in Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)’

To give search engine crawler your site information or you can say to index it add your site in Google webmaster tool.

But How?

How to add your website in Google Search Console?

Search Google Search Console

Google search console
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Search Google Search Console. Click on first page that appear and then click on Start Now.


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Enter your domain or subdomain name.

Copy Code

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A pop up will appear. Copy the code provided.


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Now, go into the DNS zone editor under domain section in cPanel of your hosting provider. There you will find a TXT option TXT / domain name/ Value. Go on this record Click on Edit option and edit the value (paste the code).

Submits your sitemaps in Google Search Console.

Congrats, now you are ready to apply for Adsense, and after doing these all processes your approval chances increase to 99.9%.

It can take upto 2 weeks for approving your website.

I said 99.9% , what about 0.1% cases. Now these are rare cases.

Sometimes, Google adsense mood is not okay. Let’s understand this through my story.

After doing all these processes I applied for Adsense and after 2 days I got a rejection notice ( I was shocked)

‘How it can be possible?’ ( what I left). Then what I do is write 2 more articles and apply again.

After a week I got Google Adsense approval and once I directly apply again for the AdSense without doing any changes, then also I got approval. ( so it’s all about mood).

Google Adsense home
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Now, its not time to celebrate because you only get Adsense approval but what about earning money? Do you know how to make money from adsense.

Let’s earn some money.


When someone visits your site and click on the ad you earn money and it shows in your Google Adsense account.

I made only $2 in 2 weeks from Google Adsense on one of my old website. But Why?

Because, the traffic was very low. So, without traffic, don’t think of earning money.

So, now the question is How to boost traffic?

Let’s make this complicated thing easy and boost traffic.


If you are writing quality content without any research then please stop, because you can’t rank on Google without research.

Now, Research are of three types- Audience, Keyword and Competitive research.


The first and important step before writing content is to understand your audience. What your audience wants?

Solve the arising problem of the audience through your content.

There are many platforms out there to understand your audience like- Quora ( what questions audience is asking), You tube, Facebook (groups , pages), Reddit, Google trends ( hot topics) and obviously through keyword research.

Keyword Research

For doing keyword research there are many tools out there. One of the best tools out there is SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool.

Type the topic then find the main and related keywords.

How to choose keywords?- Long-tail keywords, is trending, average volume and low competition.

Don’t forget to use LSI keywords in your content.

Competitive Research

Now research what your competitors had written on that topic. Take content ideas, see how they have organized their content, and use the keywords. Also, check from which sites they are getting quality backlinks.

So, now you have done research and also written high-quality content, as I told above some hacks to write content.

But to rank in organic SERPs ( Search Engine Result Pages) we have to some basic On-Page SEO on the content.

Do the basic On-Page SEO

Mind map of On-Page SEO
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  • Include your main keyword in your title. The title length should be Max 60 characters. Write catchy titles.
  • Include your keywords in the meta description. The maximum character length is 160. Write description engaging and give a great overview.
  • Write the alt text of your images ( describe them). Keep them short and include your main keyword.
  • Only write your focus keyword in the URL.
  • Include keywords in subheadings.
  • Add internal and external links (very important) to increase crawl depth.
  • Don’t do keyword stuffing. Use LSI keywords ( try to rank your content for different keywords).
  • Install Rank Math SEO plugin.
  • FREE SEO Ultimate Guide

Page Speed

Less Page Speed=User Frustation= More bounce rate=Ranking goes down.

So, it’s very important to decrease your site loading time. But How?

  • A reliable hosting– When I start using Siteground hosting, my site speed increases by 5X. So, I recommend you to buy a cheap and reliable hosting. Click here to get 70% off on Siteground.
  • Install the cache plugin.
  • Choose a light theme.
  • Optimize your images ( install Smush or ShortPixel Plugin). More the image size less the page speed.
  • Join the Cloudflare network.
  • Minify CSS, javascript, and HTML.
  • Get Page Insights now.


Mobile users are increasing daily. More than 70% people use internet through their mobile.

So, now the question is How to make your site mobile-friendly-

  • Make your website responsive. ( Website architecture)
  • Invest some money on premium themes to built great design and make your site mobile-friendly.
  • With thrive themes, you can edit your site through the mobile view. Grab offer Buy now
  • Optimize your image sizes.
  • Test your site through the Google mobile-friendliness tool.

Note: Check your site health weekly through SEMrush Site Auditing Tool.

Site Auditing tool
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Promote your content on different social platforms.

  • Answer the questions on quora.
  • Pin daily on Pinterest.
  • Guest Posting.
  • Facebook groups and join other social platforms.

Google Ads

  • Don’t place the Google ads above the content. ( best positions are footer and sidebar).
  • Place a maximum of 3 ads on your page. ( placing too many google ads make your site look spammy).
  • You can change the background color of your ads in Google Adsense ( test with different colors).
  • Don’t click on your own ads, also don’t say encourage your friends, family, or relatives to click on ads ( Adsense account will get banned instantly).

Bonus tips

  • Please don’t copy, paste content. Google is smarter than you.
  • Don’t directly copy images from Google. ( Copyright). Edit images in Canva or any other tool and then use in your content.
  • Have Https secure connection ( install SSL certificate)
  • Don’t create banned content (piracy, hacking, etc.). Only create relevant and quality content.
  • Connect with Google Analytics. ( also try Google Alerts).
  • Monitor your Adsense account weekly ( check fake clicks).
  • Don’t violate Google Adsense policies.

FAQs related to How to Get Google Adsense approval fast?

How to get Google Adsense approval with just a few articles?

See, your site should contain minimum of 15-20 articles to get adsense approval.
But , still you can try with few articles, but all others requirements should be complete.

How much traffic is required for Google Adsense Approval?

See, there are no traffic requirements for Adsense. But still it’s good to have at least 1000 visitors per month.

After how much time I should apply for Google Adsense?

When you have written at least 15-20 high quality articles. ( at least 1 month)

How to get Google Adsense approval on blogger?

The process is the same-
Buy a domain name. ( don’t apply with subdomain)
Write at least 20 high-quality articles.
Add a navigation bar.
Include privacy policy, about us, disclaimer pages.
Keep Https secure connection option ON.
Connect your site with Google Webmasters Tools.
See- How to make money from blogspot

How to get Google Adsense approval for You tube?

You can apply for Adsense when your videos reach the limit of 10,000 views and your channel have 1000 subscribers. ( 4000 public watch hours)

Infographic Conclusion

How to get Google Adsense Approval Infographic
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Share your experience and If you have any questions feel free to ask. Comment

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