An Interview with Akshay Hallur: Founder of

An Interview with Akshay Hallur: Founder of

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 Interview with Akshay Hallur from



Q1: Please introduce yourself to our HB readers?

I’m Akshay Hallur, the founder of BloggingX (formerly GoBloggingTips). I’m into professional blogging since 2015 when I dropped out.

 As of now, I own two blogs that are both earning six-figures yearly in dollars.

 I believe in authority blogging, and it is the future of blogging.

 I also do training in blogging and content marketing. Apart from this, I’m a productivity freak, systems builder, and a fitness freak.

Q2. How you step in this blogging and marketing world?( inspiration).

Back in 2013, I used to wonder who creates content on the web. Once I came across the fact that it is the bloggers who create content I decided to be a blogger.

The idea of writing about what you love on the internet fascinated me as a college-going student.

I initially started blogging as a hobby (without any monetary objective).

Later once I joined my university for engineering, I was hardly getting any time for blogging at all. My blog traffic was dying in front of my eyes.

Later I took a calculated risk of me dropping out of college and take blogging as a profession.

So all of a sudden my passion turned to my profession and this is how I became a professional blogger.

Q3. How you keep yourself productive throughout the day?

One thing you learned over the years is that if you manage your energy levels, you’ll be more productive.

 Staying productive starts from the previous day.

I sleep early at night like 10 pm so that I’ll be leveraging the healing time that nature offers us.

 When I wake up, I do some stretches, take bath, and meditate in the sun for around 10 minutes (as of now!).

This will help me set my circadian rhythm right, and active for the day.

 When I go downstairs, I update the daily log, review my goals, purpose, and plan for the day.

Now, I’ll be batching all the tiny-teeny tasks and get them completed so that I can focus on the core things without any distractions.

 I’m a big believer in batching tasks (my productivity superpower!).

It helps me stay focused, and embrace the “flow” state to get more creative work done.

 Other than that I do environmental design (both physical and virtual) to get rid of the time-suckers.

 For example, I have a mobile in another room when working, so that I don’t need to use my willpower to resist the urge of checking my mobile.

Q4- What do you think will be the future of blogging?

The future is in authority blogging.

 Start one blog initially where there’s a lack of content online, and stick to it.

 Don’t start dozens of websites as a newbie.

 If you have long-termism in mind when blogging, the success will be yours.

 It’s all about demand and supply. If you blog in a field where there’s a lack of content, and you fulfill the demand, success will be yours.

Q5- How much time does it take for a newbie blogger to make money?

Depends. If he follows the right system – 5 to 7 months. If he wants to discover everything on his own, 2-3 years maybe?

Q6- Google is becoming smarter daily. So, What do you think of SEO in 2021? (some SEO strategies).

Focus on searcher task accomplishment by creating content with intention.

Don’t worry about the shiny new strategies. Stick to the core – good niche, good content, and HQ backlinks to validate the quality of the content.


Q7- According to you, What are common blogging mistakes that a newbie commits?

  • Starting multiple blogs
  • Spamming
  • Not having patience and giving up early
  • Getting distracted with other money-making shiny opportunities and not staying persistent.
  • See more- Blogging tips and dumb mistakes to avoid.


Q8- Team Building is very important to grow business. Can you share some tips on building a great team?

  • Hire slow and fire fast.
  • Hire for personality and attitude. You need open-minded people who are eager to learn. If you have closed-minded people, game over.
  • Get a content manager to manage your content writers and content publishing.


Q9- Affiliate Marketing is booming! Can you share Tips on " How to make money with Affiliate Marketing"?.

  • Promote the products that genuinely are serving a sub-group of the audience.
  • Have an affiliate marketing funnel in place to maximize your sales.
  • Always remember the larger the problem that the product solves, the larger the reward for you as an affiliate marketer in terms of conversions and commissions.
  • Promote the products that genuinely are serving a sub-group of the audience.
  • Have an affiliate marketing funnel in place to maximize your sales.
  • Always remember the larger the problem that the product solves, the larger the reward for you as an affiliate marketer in terms of conversions and commissions.


Q10- What are some ways to drive quality traffic? ( Traffic Secrets).

    • Target keywords that have a scarcity of quality content.
    • Build a loyal reader base in a niche so that they visit your blog regularly.
    • Have headlines that connect with the target audience so that they likely click on it. Have a headlines swipe file.
    • Do strategic social media promotion. 

Q11- What are some essential blogging tools you use and recommend?

 For my business, I mainly use cloud apps like Notion, Ahrefs, Google Docs, Zoho Books. WordPress products like Elementor, Astra, RankMath, Pretty Links, etc. Mac apps like Keyboard Maestro, Alfred, Copy ‘em, etc.

Q12- What are your top income sources and how much you earn a month ( if you want to reveal just for motivation.)

As of now, 75% of my income comes from affiliate marketing. 15% would be from AdThrive (it’s growing!), and also another 10% training.

Normally I don’t reveal my income due to personal reasons.

But, if you closely work with me, yes you’ll get it! It’s good and growing 70% – 80% every year for the last 2-3 years.

Q13- What are your future goals?

As of now, we are completely remote. We are looking to expand our team and double down on our blogging business.

My complete focus is now on training, so you’ll be seeing me focusing more on that as the blogging business is completely on auto-pilot (except for the fact I do keyword research).

I have some other business plans too. For example, I wanna take performance systems building as a profession to helps more businesses.

Q14- What’s your suggestion for my blog? ( If any)

Work on your blog’s logo, design, and professionalism.

Final Words

More Interviews on the way guys. 

Learn and grow daily and be consistent with you work.

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