5 Ultimate Hacks on ‘How to end a blog post that works’

5 Ultimate Hacks on ‘How to end a blog post that works’

Hey, looking for ultimate hacks on how to end a blog post that works? then you are at the right place.

Wow! what a title? What a introduction and content? Shit! There is no conclusion ( I have to read the whole article again).

Do you conclude your post? Is your conclusion converting or engaging?

Why you should write a conclusion?

See,There are two types of audience-

Audience 1– Before reading introduction and main content, directly scroll and read the conclusion to see if the content is worthy reading or not?

Audience 2- Done reading introduction and content, Bounce Back because there is no conclusion or written a powerless conclusion.

Readers sometimes forget some points they have read in the article ( especially in long-form content). So, for audience fulfillment conclusion is important. ( it’s important to leave an impression)

If you are not giving a great and powerful ending to your blog post then my dear friend you are losing a great part of your audience.

Oo! Introduction is becoming too large ( Sorry, I didn’t notice).

Not wasting much of your time Let’s explore the hacks


  • Sum up your post in a few main key points.
  • Write a different text in your summary. ( Don’t copy-paste headings or text from the main body content)
  • Keep it short and sweet.
  • Tie whole information together and keep it relevant. ( tell it’s importance)

Summary is a great way to help readers in remembering the main points.

Example #1

Summary of How to write an ultimate blog post

  • Write a catchy title.
  • Write a great and short introduction ( include power words, humor, and facts).
  • Write unique, high-quality in-depth content. Write for the audience ( provide value)
  • Write a short and engaging conclusion “

Example #2

A great summary by Neil Patel

Ask questions and for serving


Don’t forget to ask a question at the last of your post. Questions give a direction to your reader mind.

If you ask questions to the audience, they will try to answer it in the comment box.

Ask a simple and relevant question, because hard questions will be difficult to answer for the reader in the comment box.

Questions helps the reader to give their opinions and make the blog post feel conversational ( engaging).


Did you find these hacks helpful? Please suggest any hack if I had miss in this post. Comment.

Question asked by Neil Patel in “How to write blog post”


Ask audience how you can serve them. Ask what type of content they want. Enhance user expereince.

It will not only help you to improve your blog but also help you in understanding your audience’s intent ( What your audience wants?).


  • According to you, what should be my next blog topic to write on?
  • I am trying to improve my website’s usability, did you find this article difficult to read or difficulty in finding anything on my site?”

Include CTA

Including a CTA ( Call-to-action) at the end of your post to keep the audience on your website.

There are many types of call-to-actions you can add. Some are-

E mail sign up

At the end of the post offer something free to your audience and ask them for signing up your newsletter.


Free templates at the end of the blog post offered by Hubspot acting as a Call to Action. When you click on Access Now, a new page will open where first you have to sign up, and then you can download the templates.

Social Sharing

‘Why the reader will share your post if you are not asking him to do that?’ ( providing direction is important).

Ask your audience to share your post in a engaging way, But how? Let’s see with an example.


“At the end of ‘How to start a blog’ post I wrote:

I want that no one faces any issue in starting their blogging journey. Plzz, share this post with your friend and relatives so that they can start their blogging journey easily and earn money from blogs.

Sharing is Caring”.

Sell Products

You can also include a CTA to sell your e-books, courses or another digital products at the end of the post.

For example- ‘Buy my awesome e-book ( 50% discount)’, ‘Buy my ultimate course on blogging’ etc.

Joining group or community

Ask the audience to join your facebook, telegram or whatsapp group.

Also you can ask them to follow you on social media ( twitter, instagram, etc.)


This example is taken from Guideblogging ‘How to start a blog’ post.

Bonus Tip#1- Ask for commenting is also a CTA. ‘Leave a comment’.

Bonus Tip#2- At the end of the blog post provide links to your related blog posts.

Personal Opinion

People loves when anyone shares his own personal opinion and experience in the blog post.

So, provide you personal opinion in the the conclusion.

Example #1

Example #2

Image is taken from shoutmeloud post.

Give a challenge or a surprise

People love challenges and surprises. These are also type of CTAs.


Offer a challenge to your audience.

We want that our audience read the blog post and take a quick action.


‘Hey, starting blogging- start writing 1000 words daily to make it a habit of blog writing.’

Also, ask your audience to tell what results they got after completing the challenge in comments.


Give a surprise element to your audience. Everyone loves surprise element.

Giving a surprise or a challenge makes strong connection with the audience ( bind readers to your website).


“Be Ready! I am going to launch a ultimate blogging course next week. Sign up here to access it for FREE.”


Infographic Conclusion

Now, it’s my style of giving a conclusion. At the end of the blog post,I simply put whole blog post information in a infographic.

People love consuming information through visuals.

5 Ultimate hacks to end a blog post infographic

FAQs related to How to end a blog post

Instead of the word “in closing” at the end of the blog post what else I can use?

I use the phrase “Conclusion” and many top bloggers use this phrase only. Some other phrases that you can use are- Wrapping up, Final thoughts, Now what, etc.

Do blogs have conclusions?

Yes, obviously 80-90% of blogs have conclusions.
Without a blog conclusion, it’s hard to make a good connection with the audience.
If the user comes to your blog post try to best to convert or bind it to your website.

Why summarizing a blog post is important?

Generally, when the audience starts reading an article ( especially long-form) they forget what they have read when they reach the last of the article.
So, giving a recap or summary helps the reader to memorize the main points easily.
Wrapping up a blog post also helps in increasing comments and shares.

How to write a Call-to-action?

Call-to-actions are of many types. Text, button, and images. Images with buttons convert more than simple text.
Include actionable words. Some popular actionable words are- Shop Now, Download, Sign up, and Learn more.
Make a connection for quick action. Use power words ( top, best, hacks, ultimate, etc.) and provide offers ( 80% off, etc.)
Buttons with red, blue, orange, and purple converts more.
Don’t stuff too many words. A simple power phrase is sufficient.
A powerful call-to-action may look like-
Include an image, engaging phrase, and a actionable button.

Which ultimate hack you like the most to end a blog post? Any more suggestions. Comment.

Top 10 hacking blogs in 2020- Hack Blogging Now

Top 10 hacking blogs in 2020- Hack Blogging Now

Hey looking for Top 10 hacking blogs then you are on the right place.

What do people think about hackers?

People think hackers are criminals. But this is not the reality.

The cyber crimes, site hacked all these foolish activities are done by crackers not hackers.

Without hackers there would no meaning of web technology and applications.

The mess created by crackers is cleaned by hackers. So, don’t misunderstood the hackers.

In short, the real selfish villians are crackers and the real heroes are white hat hackers.

What we are going to discuss in this article?

I am going to reveal the top 10 hacking blogs that provide ultimate tips, tutorial, latest news and updates on hacking.

Let’s hack!

Hacker One

Hacker One website homepage

Hacker one is the world’s leading bug bounty and vulnerability coordination platform. It was started by top hackers and security leaders.

Hacker one community is growing daily around the globe. Working with security teams to help in achieving their goals.


To Empower the world to make internet more safer by solving daily cyber security challenges.

Hackerone at a glance-

  • Domain Authority- 83/100
  • Global Rank– 20,067
  • Location– San Francisco, California, United States

If you want to be the member of the largest community of white hat hackers in the world then Join Hackerone

Black Hat

Black Hat website homepage

Black hat is the most global relevant information event series in the world.

Providing latest security research for more than 21 years through black hat briefings, training and global events.


To inspire security professionals and world-class researchers, and leaders in the public and private sectors, and to bring the best minds in the industry.

Black Hat at a glance

  • Domain Authority-82
  • Rank-85540
  • Location-San Francisco, California, United States

If you are looking for relevant and technical security information then you can join Black Hat trainings.

We Live Security

Welive security homepage

We live security is an IT site created by ESET ( Enjoy Safer technology) experts.

It is a home of smart experienced researchers provide in-depth knowledge and discoveries related to security.


To provide honest and accurate advice, latest news and research with insights.

We Live security at a glance-

  • Domain Authority-76
  • Rank-46959
  • Location-Bratislava, Bratislavsky Kraj, Slovakia

If you are looking for advice on securing data effectively then see Welivesecurity Research


ISC2 website homepage

It is an international nonprofit membership association. It is a place of cybersecurity professionals to share valuable information and insights.

They are best known for Certified Information Systems Security Professional ( CISSP) certification.


Mainly focused on inspiring a safe and secure cyber world. To provide vast networking and collaboration opportunities and also educating the people about cybersecurity.

ISC2 at a glance

  • Domain Authority-67
  • Rank-48101
  • Location-Clearwater, Florida, United States

If you are looking ultimate guide to your cybersecurity certification then look ISC2 certifications.

Latest Hacking News

Latest hacking news website homepage

It is formed as a collaboration of experts specializing in networking, forensics, programming, and ethical hacking.


To provide the latest hacking news ( non-biased IT news) and cybersecurity courses for ethical hackers, IT security experts, and to those interested in hacking.

Latest Hacking News at a glance

  • Domain Authority-53
  • Rank-101381
  • Location-Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

If you are looking for latest hacking news and tutorial then see Latest cybersecurity news.


Hakin9 website homepage

Hakin9 is one of the biggest IT security magazine dedicated to hacking and cybersecurity.


To prepare people for upcoming potential threats in the cyber security world through tutorials, case studies and online courses.

Hakin9 at a glance-

  • Domain Authority-50
  • Rank-188651
  • Location-Poland

If you are really interested in understanding how to protect your data then hakin9 magazines can help you a lot.

GB Hackers

GB hackers website homepage

One of top Cyber Security blogs that was founded by Cybersecurity professionals having years of experience and works in various top organizations.

 Daily covers Cyber Security News, Hacking News, and Kali Linux tutorials.


To build a secure community from the cyber world.

GB Hackers at a glance-

  • Domain Authority-48
  • Rank-50137
  • Location-Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

If you are looking for hacking courses, cybersecurity, technology, threat news, and updates then gb hackers can be a great place for you.

Hacker Online Club

Hackers Online Club website homepage

A leading website for Cyber Security and Research analysis.

One of the most informative sources relating to Information Security domain.


To provide tools and immense tips and tricks related to ethical hacking, security,cyber forensic and much more.

HackerOnlineClub at a glance-

  • Domain Authority-47
  • Rank-212546
  • Location- India

If you are a beginner to hacking then hackeronlineclub ethical hacking course can be great for you.


KoDDOS website homepage

KoDDoS is a premium hosting service ( DDOS protected server) that specializes in high end hosting by utilizing the latest technologies and high-end hardware.

KoDDoS Blog is an Informative and News blog focuses on hacking, security, privacy and cyber crime.


To provide DDOS protection services and offshore hosting with the best security and privacy.

KoDDOS at a glance-

  • Domain Authority-41
  • Rank-136055
  • Location- Holland

Look at their KoDDos Blog

Hacking Tutorial

Hacking tutorial website homepage

A place for all the tutorials related to hacking.

Covers topics about WiFi hacking, Kali Linux, Metasploit, exploits, ethical hacking, information security, malware analysis and scanning.


To increase security awareness,teaching the basics of security, pentesting and ethical hacking.

Hacking Tutorials at a glance

  • Domain Authority-46
  • Rank-224601
  • Location- Holland

If you are a beginner and looking for hacking tutorials and penetration testings then hackingtutorials can be a good place for you.

FAQs related to Top 10 Hacking Blogs

  1. Who is India’s No.1 hacker?

    Ankit Fadia is a self procalimed white hat hacker.

  2. What are the different type of hackers?

    Black Hat Hacker
    White Hat Hacker
    Grey Hat Hacker
    Blue Hat Hacker
    Red Hat Hacker
    Script Kiddie
    Green Hat Hacker
    Social Engineering Hackers
    Cyber Terrorists
    Sponsored Hackers
    Whistle blower hacker
    Elite hackers

  3. What are some underground hacker sites?


  4. How to become a hacker?

    In order to become a hacker you need to first master more than one programming languages (C++, Java, python etc.) It is essential for a hacker to learn more than one operating system.
    Learn cryptography and write vulnerability.
    Join discussions and meet hackers.
    For more knowledge visit sites listed above.

  5. Who is the richest hacker?

    Kevin David Mitnick is an American computer security consultant  and convicted hacker.

  6. Which country has best hackers?

    Top 10 countries with most hackers in the world

  7. How to start your own hacking blog?

    Pick a simple domain name
    Choose a cheap and reliable hosting service. If you are looking for value for money hosting service then Siteground powerful hosting is ultimate.
    Install WordPress.
    Choose a great blog theme . Elegant themes (divi) is best ( design your own way) with so many features in less value.
    Start writing quality content. See- How to write a ultimate blog post fast.

Final Thoughts on top 10 hacking blogs

If you are really interested and passionate about hacking then don’t waste even a minute and start today.

Cyber crimes are increasing day by day, so demand of cybersecurity professionals are also increasing.

If you are already skilled in hacking then start making online courses or your own hacking blog now. ( Hack Blogging Now)

Be a white hat hacker not a cracker ( black hat hacker).

Which is your favorite hacking blog . Comment

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