How to get Google Adsense Approval fast and earn money – Ultimate Hacks 2020

How to get Google Adsense Approval fast and earn money – Ultimate Hacks 2020

Hey, facing difficulties in getting Google Adsense Approval (tried but no success) then you are on the right place.

Because after reading this article your chances of getting approval will be 99.9% (0.1% rare cases).

After few days you will not only get approval but a good news for you is that you will start earning. ( because our aim for applying is to earn some money).

The startegies that I am going to reveal are tested by me. Because I believe in sharing pratical knowledge.

So, Let’s see some ulitmate hacks on How to get Google Adsense Approval fast on website ( if it is WordPress or Blogger)

Note: Please be happy now because you are going to get adsense approval ( I don’t like off moods).

Domain Name

Plzz, I request you to invest some money in buying a domain name.

What some Blogspot users ask me is that, I am not getting AdSense approval, then I ask just one question;’ What is your domain name’?

Then they say that we are using sub domain i.e extension.

How to choose a domain name-

  • Choose a domain name i.e related to your niche ( For example if your niche is related to health then it can be ( Fill a word in the dash).
  • It should be simple and easily memorable.
  • Keep it short and avoid numbers, dashes, etc.
Siteground domain service

Buy Domain on Siteground 50% off

So, to get a quick adsense approval buy a domain name.


Select a profitable and passionate niche.

Don’t select a niche which violates Google Adsense policies ( pornographic, gun, alcohol, smoking etc.)

Some profitable niches are- Health, Food, Online business, SEO, blogging, Pets, travel , fashion etc.


Hey, are you trying to apply for Adsense with writing 5-7 articles then plzz don’t try.

Write at least 20 high-quality articles of at least 800-1000 words content length before applying for adsense.

But now the question is ‘How to write high quality content and of at least 1000 words’. Let’s see.

In-depth quality content means more adsense approval chances.

Ultimate hacks to write a high-quality content

  • Write unique, simple, and relevant content.
  • Write content for the audience not only for search engines.
  • Solve the problems of the audience through deep and valuable information.
  • Include the Introduction and Conclusion. Provide proper structure to your content.
  • Include images, videos, and infographics.
  • Make use of power and call to action words. ( “I” and “you”)
  • Write short paragraphs ( maximum 3-4 sentences).
  • Write what you speak ( simple) and use of more active voice.
  • Include your experience, research, and facts.
  • See-How to write a blog post fast.


Don’t forget to include these three pages in header or footer of your site

About Us- This page tells Google about the owner of the website. In simple words it describes about you and your site.

How Adsense will approve your site if Google can’t verify that the applicant and the owner are same.

Privacy Policy- It tells that your website is not a scam. It tells readers about your site’s policy.

If there is not a privacy policy page then forget about google adsense approval.

Contact Us- This page makes your site user-friendly. Because user can contact the owner through this page.

It also tells Google that the site cares for the visitors.

There are many online page generators that can help you to generate these pages. Or you can simply download or copy from available sites and make some modifications.

Plzz include your e-mail Id in these pages (the same that you are using for applying).


Site-navigation is the important part to get Google adsense approval.

So, if you are a Blogspot user then add navigation bar from the layout option. For WordPress users choose menus option from appearance option.

Google checks your site from the eye of the user. If the user doesn’t find options to navigate through your site then you are losing your audience.

Include categories, especially pages (about us, privacy policy, contact us) in the nav bar.

So, include a clear navigation menu so that it’s easy for the visitor to find any content, page or category.

Navigation menu


What if user lands on a website with white background , simple post arrangement and large size buttons with no clearity.

If your site design like this then I would recommend you to not waste time in applying for adsense (rejection is must).

So, for this invest some money on great blog theme and a builder.

As, there are many different great theme providers out there but no one can beat thrive themes.

Get Thrive themes 70% off and make your site look beautiful.

Insert a simple rule in your mind; Invest some money to get high returns. (don’t look for Free temporary alternatives)

From your side give your 100% in the start only.

Google Search Console

The biggest mistake that most of the bloggers make is not verifying or adding site in Google Search Console. (blogger unawareness).

How you will get Adsense approval if your site is not indexed in Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)’

To give search engine crawler your site information or you can say to index it add your site in Google webmaster tool.

But How?

How to add your website in Google Search Console?

Search Google Search Console

Google search console

Search Google Search Console. Click on first page that appear and then click on Start Now.


Enter your domain or subdomain name.

Copy Code

A pop up will appear. Copy the code provided.


Now, go into the DNS zone editor under domain section in cPanel of your hosting provider. There you will find a TXT option TXT / domain name/ Value. Go on this record Click on Edit option and edit the value (paste the code).

Submits your sitemaps in Google Search Console.

Congrats, now you are ready to apply for Adsense, and after doing these all processes your approval chances increase to 99.9%.

It can take upto 2 weeks for approving your website.

I said 99.9% , what about 0.1% cases. Now these are rare cases.

Sometimes, Google adsense mood is not okay. Let’s understand this through my story.

After doing all these processes I applied for Adsense and after 2 days I got a rejection notice ( I was shocked)

‘How it can be possible?’ ( what I left). Then what I do is write 2 more articles and apply again.

After a week I got Google Adsense approval and once I directly apply again for the AdSense without doing any changes, then also I got approval. ( so it’s all about mood).

Google Adsense home

Now, its not time to celebrate because you only get Adsense approval but what about earning money? Do you know how to make money from adsense.

Let’s earn some money.


When someone visits your site and click on the ad you earn money and it shows in your Google Adsense account.

I made only $2 in 2 weeks from Google Adsense on one of my old website. But Why?

Because, the traffic was very low. So, without traffic, don’t think of earning money.

So, now the question is How to boost traffic?

Let’s make this complicated thing easy and boost traffic.


If you are writing quality content without any research then please stop, because you can’t rank on Google without research.

Now, Research are of three types- Audience, Keyword and Competitive research.


The first and important step before writing content is to understand your audience. What your audience wants?

Solve the arising problem of the audience through your content.

There are many platforms out there to understand your audience like- Quora ( what questions audience is asking), You tube, Facebook (groups , pages), Reddit, Google trends ( hot topics) and obviously through keyword research.

Keyword Research

For doing keyword research there are many tools out there. One of the best tools out there is SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool.

Type the topic then find the main and related keywords.

How to choose keywords?- Long-tail keywords, is trending, average volume and low competition.

Don’t forget to use LSI keywords in your content.

Competitive Research

Now research what your competitors had written on that topic. Take content ideas, see how they have organized their content, and use the keywords. Also, check from which sites they are getting quality backlinks.

So, now you have done research and also written high-quality content, as I told above some hacks to write content.

But to rank in organic SERPs ( Search Engine Result Pages) we have to some basic On-Page SEO on the content.

Do the basic On-Page SEO

Mind map of On-Page SEO
  • Include your main keyword in your title. The title length should be Max 60 characters. Write catchy titles.
  • Include your keywords in the meta description. The maximum character length is 160. Write description engaging and give a great overview.
  • Write the alt text of your images ( describe them). Keep them short and include your main keyword.
  • Only write your focus keyword in the URL.
  • Include keywords in subheadings.
  • Add internal and external links (very important) to increase crawl depth.
  • Don’t do keyword stuffing. Use LSI keywords ( try to rank your content for different keywords).
  • Install Rank Math SEO plugin.
  • FREE SEO Ultimate Guide

Page Speed

Less Page Speed=User Frustation= More bounce rate=Ranking goes down.

So, it’s very important to decrease your site loading time. But How?

  • A reliable hosting– When I start using Siteground hosting, my site speed increases by 5X. So, I recommend you to buy a cheap and reliable hosting. Click here to get 70% off on Siteground.
  • Install the cache plugin.
  • Choose a light theme.
  • Optimize your images ( install Smush or ShortPixel Plugin). More the image size less the page speed.
  • Join the Cloudflare network.
  • Minify CSS, javascript, and HTML.
  • Get Page Insights now.


Mobile users are increasing daily. More than 70% people use internet through their mobile.

So, now the question is How to make your site mobile-friendly-

  • Make your website responsive. ( Website architecture)
  • Invest some money on premium themes to built great design and make your site mobile-friendly.
  • With thrive themes, you can edit your site through the mobile view. Grab offer Buy now
  • Optimize your image sizes.
  • Test your site through the Google mobile-friendliness tool.

Note: Check your site health weekly through SEMrush Site Auditing Tool.

Site Auditing tool


Promote your content on different social platforms.

  • Answer the questions on quora.
  • Pin daily on Pinterest.
  • Guest Posting.
  • Facebook groups and join other social platforms.

Google Ads

  • Don’t place the Google ads above the content. ( best positions are footer and sidebar).
  • Place a maximum of 3 ads on your page. ( placing too many google ads make your site look spammy).
  • You can change the background color of your ads in Google Adsense ( test with different colors).
  • Don’t click on your own ads, also don’t say encourage your friends, family, or relatives to click on ads ( Adsense account will get banned instantly).

Bonus tips

  • Please don’t copy, paste content. Google is smarter than you.
  • Don’t directly copy images from Google. ( Copyright). Edit images in Canva or any other tool and then use in your content.
  • Have Https secure connection ( install SSL certificate)
  • Don’t create banned content (piracy, hacking, etc.). Only create relevant and quality content.
  • Connect with Google Analytics. ( also try Google Alerts).
  • Monitor your Adsense account weekly ( check fake clicks).
  • Don’t violate Google Adsense policies.

FAQs related to How to Get Google Adsense approval fast?

How to get Google Adsense approval with just a few articles?

See, your site should contain minimum of 15-20 articles to get adsense approval.
But , still you can try with few articles, but all others requirements should be complete.

How much traffic is required for Google Adsense Approval?

See, there are no traffic requirements for Adsense. But still it’s good to have at least 1000 visitors per month.

After how much time I should apply for Google Adsense?

When you have written at least 15-20 high quality articles. ( at least 1 month)

How to get Google Adsense approval on blogger?

The process is the same-
Buy a domain name. ( don’t apply with subdomain)
Write at least 20 high-quality articles.
Add a navigation bar.
Include privacy policy, about us, disclaimer pages.
Keep Https secure connection option ON.
Connect your site with Google Webmasters Tools.
See- How to make money from blogspot

How to get Google Adsense approval for You tube?

You can apply for Adsense when your videos reach the limit of 10,000 views and your channel have 1000 subscribers. ( 4000 public watch hours)

Infographic Conclusion

How to get Google Adsense Approval Infographic

Share your experience and If you have any questions feel free to ask. Comment

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20 Top bloggers of India earning above your thinking in 2020

20 Top bloggers of India earning above your thinking in 2020

Hey, looking for Top Bloggers of India and their earnings then you are in the right place.

In this article, I am going to tell you about top bloggers in India 2020 and their top Indian blogs.

See, we need three things to  master anything.

Deliberate Practice, Coach, and a Fire.

Practice and fire are in your hand. But you have to find your coach related to your field.

I am also a blogger and I grow daily by learning something new from the experience of these Indian bloggers.

So, my purpose in writing about top Indian Bloggers is to provide you the right coach and boost fire in you.

This journey is gonna going to be very interesting.

Please read the complete article because a bonus and infographic conclusion is waiting for you.surprised

So, Let’s explore

Enjoy Journeycool


Amit Agarwal Labnol

Amit Agarwal-

He quit his job and become the first professional blogger in India. 


Google Developer Expert Title

Best technology blog award ( Digital inspiration)

Most Valuable Professional


Help people take maximum advantage of software tools and web technologies.


  • Started In Year- 2004
  • Global Rank-15628
  • Country Rank-3694
  • Topics– Tech and How-to Guides, Digital Inspiration, etc.
  • Earning Sources– Google Adsense and Addons.
  • Domain Authority– 80/100
  • Monthly Earning– $61,000
Shradha Sharma (The-Shooting-Star)

Shradha Sharma-

A journalist and founder of

Has published around 62,000 stories of entrepreneurs and helped them.

A complete team of best storytellers in-country


Tell stories with heart and drive to inspire and evaluate the spark of creation in every entrepreneur.



Villgro journalist of the year award (2010)

L’Oreal Paris Femina Award (influencing online) and many other awards and achievements


Your story At a Glance-

  • Started In Year-2008
  • Global Rank-8073
  • Country Rank-724
  • Topics– Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Earning Sources- Adsense, Outbrain, etc.
  • Domain Authority-83/100
  • Monthly Earning- $58000
Harsh Agarwal (Shout me loud)

Harsh Agarwal- Shoutmeloud

One of the top Indian bloggers to guide all about blogging.

Two popular blogs-Shoutmeloud and Shoutmehindi


To inspire others by providing free knowledge of blogging. ( benefits and how to start).

Share your talents and reach out to the audience.


Entrepreneurship award

Shoutmeloud at a glance-


  • Started In Year-2008
  • Global Rank-17,091
  • Country Rank- 2116
  • Topics– Blogging, SEO, WordPress, and marketing.
  • Earning Sources- Adsense, Affiliate marketing, courses, consulting, etc.
  • Domain Authority-74/100
  • Monthly Earning- $48000
Amit Bhawani (Phone radar)

Amit Bhawani- PhoneRadar

He is a professional blogger and a partner of digital world solutions.


To provide unbiased and in-depth gadget reviews.


Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award

Samsung Mobilers Award

PhoneRadar at a glance-

  • Started In Year-2007
  • Global Rank-118694
  • Country Rank- 17573
  • Topics– Smartphone news and reviews etc.
  • Earning Sources- Ads, Affiliate, sponsored and collaborations, etc.
  • Domain Authority-76/100
  • Monthly Earning- $38000 (avg.)

Aanand Khanse (Thewindowsclub)

Aanand Khanse- The Windows club

Owner of one of the world largest windows knowledge blog


To provide free content to all related to windows ( loves to share knowledge).


Microsoft MVP award (2016) and featured in many publications.

The at a glance


  • Started In Year-2009
  • Global Rank- 5595
  • Country Rank- 4345
  • Topics– All about windows, tech, etc.
  • Earning Sources- Ads, affiliate, sponsored review, etc.
  • Domain Authority- 87/100
  • Monthly Earning- $35000 (avg.)


Arun Prabhudesai (Trak)

Arun Prabhudesai-

Founder of the most read  business blog in India and A full-time blogger.

Owns 3 Youtube channels with millions of subscribers


Giving knowledge of Indian Bussiness and startups. at a glance-

  • Started In Year-2007
  • Global Rank-23547
  • Country Rank- 1879
  • Topics– Technology, gadgets, and business, etc.
  • Earning Sources- Ads, Affiliate
  • Domain Authority-65/100
  • Monthly Earning- $26000 (avg.)




Pritam Nagrale (Moneyconnexion)

Pritam Nagrale- Moneyconnexion

The oldest experienced Blogging King. ( since 2004)


To provide the most actionable and valuable content. at a glance


  • Started In Year-2012
  • Global Rank- 20684
  • Country Rank- 2426
  • Topics– All about making money online, jobs etc.
  • Earning Sources- Display Network, affiliate,  etc.
  • Domain Authority- 46/100
  • Monthly Earning- $25000 (avg.)


Varun Krishnan (fonearena)

Varun Krishnan-

Owner of one of the biggest and oldest gadget related Indian blogs.

Biggest fan of the gadgets.


Share knowledge related to the latest news and updates of mobile phones


Influential gadget blog in the world award. at a glance-

  • Started In Year- 2005
  • Global Rank- 19790
  • Country Rank- 1693
  • Topics– Gadgets and mobile phones
  • Earning Sources- Ads
  • Domain Authority- 81/100
  • Monthly Earning- $23000 (avg.)




Srinivas Tamada ( 9lessons)

Srinivas Tamada-

Part-time pro blogger and User Interface architect.

Develops and sells his own code online.

Mastery in PHP language.


Is to make people fall in love with his ideas. at a glance-


  • Started In Year-2008
  • Global Rank-63283
  • Country Rank- 10420
  • Topics– Programming and Web technologies
  • Earning Sources- Ads
  • Domain Authority-47/100
  • Monthly Earning- $21000 (avg.)
Shivya Nath ( The Shooting Star)

Shivya Nath-

Owner of the Most popular travel blog.

A traveling girl ( left her job for traveling and exploring the world).

Published bestselling book on Amazon.


To give free information related to traveling and solving problems of travelers.



Best writing in a travel blog ( Silver) and featured in top magazines.

  The Best Communicator at the WTM Responsible Tourism ( Gold). at a glance


  • Global Rank-112116
  • Country Rank- 15537
  • Topics– All about traveling
  • Earning Sources- Book, Affiliate, sponsorship, etc.
  • Domain Authority-52/100
  • Monthly Earning- $21000 (avg.)



Pradeep Kumar (Hellboundbloggers)

S.Pradeep kumar-

One of the Top Indian bloggers started blogging at 17 years of age.

Owner of one of the old Indian blog about blogging tips. Founder of Slashsquare.


To make change in people live’s by sharing high-quality information. at a glance


  • Started In Year-2007
  • Global Rank- 44215
  • Country Rank- 9375
  • Topics– Blogging, WordPress, SEO, and tech guides.
  • Earning Sources- Ads, Affiliate, consulting, etc.
  • Domain Authority- 45/100
  • Monthly Earning- $19000 (avg.)



Nandini Shenoy (Pinkvilla)

Nandini Shenoy-

Owner of the top entertainment blog in India. ( 24 unique million users)


To provide ultimate Bollywood experience in one click. at a glance


  • Started In Year-2006
  • Global Rank- 10003
  • Country Rank- 850
  • Topics– All about Bollywood, gossips, etc.
  • Earning Sources- Ads, affiliate, sponsored review etc.
  • Domain Authority- 86/100
  • Monthly Earning- $16000 (avg.)




Digital Deepak

Deepak Kanakaraju-

Owner of one of the top 10 digital marketing blog in India.


To help people through consulting, workshops, books, and FREE digital marketing courses. at a glance-


  • Global Rank- 33450
  • Country Rank- 2048
  • Topics– All about digital marketing, startups, etc.
  • Earning Sources- Consulting, workshops and selling products.
  • Domain Authority- 43/100
  • Monthly Earning- $12000 (avg.)



Jignesh Padhiyar (igeeksblog

Jignesh Padhiyar-

Top Only Indian blogs that provide information about only Apple Products


To spread the news and share valuable information about Apple. at a glance-


  • Global Rank- 36948
  • Country Rank- 14224
  • Topics– iPhone, Mac, iOS, iPad etc.
  • Earning Sources- Ads, Affiliate, sponsored posts, etc.
  • Domain Authority- 70/100
  • Monthly Earning- $12000 (avg.)
Archana Doshi (Archanas Kitchen)

Archana Doshi- Archana'sKitchen

Owner of One of the top leading cooking blogs.


Help people to live a healthy life through easy and effortless cooking. at a glance


  • Started In Year-2007
  • Global Rank- 32033
  • Country Rank- 4021
  • Topics–  All about cooking
  • Earning Sources-  Direct Ads and Partnerships
  • Domain Authority- 60/100
  • Monthly Earning- $10,000 (avg.)
Kulwant Nagi (Blogging Cage)

Kulwant Nagi- BloggingCage

Affiliate marketer, pro blogger, creative writer, and also a traveler.


To help people in blogging by providing relevant and valuable blogging and affiliate marketing tips. at a glance


  • Started In Year-2012
  • Global Rank- 50989
  • Country Rank- 5985
  • Topics–  blogging, SEO, Affiliate marketing, etc.
  • Earning Sources-  Affiliate marketing.
  • Domain Authority- 43/100
  • Monthly Earning- $10,000 (avg.)
Anil Agarwal (bloggerspassion)

Anil Agarwal- Bloggers Passion

One of the top oldest professional blogger of India.


To make a change in people’s lives by providing quality information on how to make living through blogging. at a glance

  • Started In Year-2010
  • Global Rank- 65086
  • Country Rank- 10103
  • Topics– Profitable Blogging, SEO, etc.
  • Earning Sources-  Affiliate marketing, Adsense, consulting etc.
  • Domain Authority- 48/100
  • Monthly Earning- $9,500 (avg.)
Akshay hallur (BlogginX)

Akshay Hallur- BloggingX

One of my favorite passionate and professional blogger.


To provide high-quality and in-depth content. at a Glance-

  • Started In Year-2013
  • Global Rank- 31919
  • Country Rank- 3187
  • Topics– Blogging, make money online, SEO, affiliate marketing.
  • Earning Sources- Consulting, affiliate, digital marketing, etc.
  • Domain Authority- 31/100
  • Monthly Earning- $9,000 (avg.)
Ankit Singla (masterblogging)

Ankit Singla- MasterBlogging

Full-time professional blogger and digital entrepreneur.


To help people grow their blog and make a full-time income from blogs. at a glance-

  • Started In Year-2015
  • Global Rank- 47218
  • Country Rank- 5680
  • Topics–  Blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing etc.
  • Earning Sources-  Affiliate marketing, selling courses, etc.
  • Domain Authority- 45/100
  • Monthly Earning- $8,000 (avg.)

Pradeep Goyal (cashoverflow)

Pradeep Goyal- Cashoverflow

Owner of one of the top Indian finance blog.


To provide high-quality and relevant information


Best Blogging Award in finance ( 2017 by Indiblogger) at a glance-

  • Started In Year-2015
  • Global Rank- 27295
  • Country Rank- 2647
  • Topics– Finance, make money online, etc.
  • Earning Sources- Consulting, affiliate, selling own products, etc.
  • Domain Authority- 41/100
  • Monthly Earning- $5000 (avg.)


Umer Quershi (Guideblogging)

Umer Quershi- Guide blogging (#Bonus)

Emerging Indian BloggerAffiliate Marketer, and Entrepreneur.

He is an inspiration for all (especially students) because he is only 15 years old.


To help every newbie blogger to succeed in blogging. at a glance-


  • Started In Year-2019
  • Global Rank- 28517
  • Country Rank- 2114
  • Topics–  Blogging and SEO tips
  • Earning Sources-  Affiliate marketing and consulting.
  • Domain Authority- 22/100
  • Monthly Earning- $4,500 (avg.)

Learning From Top bloggers of India

What you learn from these top Indian blogs?

I learned consistency, smart work, persistence and the greatest thing I learn is to remain focused towards your goal i.e. Purpose. ( Know Your Why?)

Experience is the best teacher in the world.

As, my niche is blogging so I learned about money blogging, top blogging tips, affiliate marketing, SEO, and much more.

Comment below what you learned from these top Indian bloggers.


FAQs About Top Bloggers of India and their earnings in 2020?

How much do bloggers earn in India?

There are only 10% of bloggers that are earning above $1000.surprised
As, here also applies the Pareto Principle
Only 20% of bloggers earn 80% income.
So, See- Ultimate guide on How to make money from blogs

Who is the first Blogger in India?


Amit Agarwal is known to be the first professional blogger of India.
He started blogging in 2004 and now is the top Indian blogger.
Owner of ( tech, web guides) which is one of the best techie Indian blogs.

Who are the top personal finance Bloggers In India?


Manish Chauhan
Basavraj Tonagatti
Pradeep Goyal
Sreekanth Nandipati
Raviraj & Shitanshu

How do top Indian Bloggers make money from blogs?


Affiliate Marketing
Selling Own Products

What are some blogging tips for beginners from top Bloggers of India?


Write unique, high-quality content ( See-How to write an ultimate blog post).
Be consistent and make goals.
Buy a cheap and reliable hosting platform ( No one wins with Siteground-Buy Now)
Invest some money and get a high return.
Build an e-mail list.
Work on Google SEO ( see- SEO Ultimate guide)
Do- Audience, Keyword, and competitive research.

Top bloggers Of India Infographic

Which is your favorite Indian Blogger and is an inspiration for you? Commenttongue-out

How to make money from Blogspot FREE – Ulitmate Guide 2020

How to make money from Blogspot FREE – Ulitmate Guide 2020

How to make money from Blogspot For FREE? Is it possible?

Hello, Blogspot bloggers a piece of good news for you, Now you can make a big amount of money from Blogspot without any investment.

Blogging is really an ultimate way to earn money. But many bloggers are not aware. My earning source is blogging only.

If you are among non-aware people then you are on the right place.

Because, here you will get to know how to setup and make money from blogspot for Free. Is blogging on blogspot worthy?

Obviously it is a great place for beginners who are looking to start blogging for FREE. There are many benefits-

First, is that you will get experience in blogging and second is that you can earn money from this platform.

So, let’s see How to make money from Blogspot for FREE?

Enjoy this Ultimate guide!!!

How to Create a Free Blog on Blogspot

Before starting to earn some money Let’s see how to start blogging on Blogspot within few minutes. ( it’s really easy).

How to setup blogging on Blogspot

Sign In To

sign in to blogger

Type in search engine. A page will appear , there you will see a option create a new blog. Please sign in if you sign in to google account

Enter title


Now Enter title for your blog. ( max 100 characters.)

Enter address

address of blog

Enter a address ( URL) of your blog and check its availability.

Choose theme

Choose notable light theme ( best theme).

Welcome. to the blogger world. Now your are ready to write posts.

As, I said above it’s really easy.

Note: Before starting to create blog on blogspot firstly choose a profitable niche.

Niche means a field in which you have expereience or want to learn about. Don’t write articles related to different niches.

Some niches are- Travel, Health, Food, Fashion, pets etc.

Now, it’s time to do basic settings for better seo of your blog. Because without SEO it’s hard to get Google ad sense approval. ( make money)

Settings For Better SEO

Description– Go into settings tab, in starting you will see description option. Click on it and write a basic description of your blog.

Blog description

HTTPs redirect- Keep this option on. It’s for security of your site. It’s take about 4% space in Google Ranking factors

Https redirect

Meta tags– Very important part in terms of SEO. Include Search Description. Google shows this on the SERPs (search engine result pages).

Meta tags

Crawlers and Indexing– Enable custom.txt. Enable customer header tags. Click on Home Page, archive, post and page tags option. A pop up will appear.

Enable All and Noodp option.

Custom robot tags

If you not enable options under crawlers and indexing then google search crawler will not able to index your site on google SERPs.


Adding pages in blogger


  • Contact Us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimer pages

Now, the time comes to give answer to the main question of this article- ‘How to make money from Blogspot For Free’

The main earning source for the blogspot bloggers is Google Adsense.

And, for that, it’s necessary to get Google Adsense Approval ( which is a very hard thing for some bloggers). So, Let’s make this easy in 5 Ultimate Steps-

How to get Google Adsense approval


First, step before writing quality content is to do research. There are three type of searches you should do-

Audience- Understand your audience. Which are the arising problems of the audience that you can solve.

Get these ideas from quora ( what questions audience is asking), you tube, Facebook, communities etc.

Keyword Research- Find target keywords ( what user is searching) through keyword research.

Through audience research you know your topic, so now type that into SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool (value for money tool).

Keyword Magic Tool

Using the right keywords in your content helps crawler to know what your content is about and makes it easy for you to rank on top of Google.

Choose Keywords- Long-tail keywords, high volume, less competition, high CPC and is still trending.

For e.g after a keyword research we pick a keyword “How to boost your immune system fast “, boost immune system with food etc.

Competitve Research- See what your competitors had written on that topic. See target keywords, take content ideas, and find ‘how they are ranking on top?’.


If there is less traffic on your website then it’s hard to get Google Ad sense approval. So , how to boost traffic on your website.

Content writing

Now, it’s the time to write an ultimate blog post.

  • Write unique, simple, deep, and high-quality content.
  • Write content for the audience not only for search engines. ( provide value by solving their problems).
  • Plzz don’t copy/paste content ( mistake everyone does once), otherwise, your site will get banned instantly.
  • Include an introduction and conclusion in your content.
  • Use power words and tell your own experience.
  • Include images, videos, and infographics.
  • Download free images from pixabay, Shutterstock etc.

Note: For getting an adsense approval make sure you have written at least 20 articles with at least 1000 words content length.


What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of bringing quality and quantity traffic to your website by ranking in Google organic SERPs ( Search Engine Result Pages).

Do basic On-Page SEO

Titles- Write catchy titles. Use power, questionable and emotional words like ( ultimate, hacks, top 10, best, how to etc.).

Use your main keyword in the title ( max 70 characters).

Title writing in blogspot

Alt text

A small description of image is known as alternative text. Without it search engine crawler find it difficult to understand the image.

And if the image doesn’t appear on the user’s device then this text is shown.

Keep it short and include your main keyword in it.

Alt text option in blogger

Search Description

Use call to action words in your search description. Try to give a great overview of your blog post in less than 150 characters.

Include your keywords in the search description.

search description option in blogspot

Subheads– Organize your content properly add subheading . Include your main keywords in subheadings.

Internal and External Linking- Linking your blog posts is known as internal linking while linking your post with another’s blog post is known as external linking.

Internal and External linking both are important to increase crawl depth (search engine crawler jumps from one link to another).

Bonus Tip- Try to get quality backlinks from other websites. Build trust and connection with other bloggers in your niche.

See complete FREE SEO Ultimate guide

Navigation Bar

Add a navigation bar on the top of your site. Without a navigation bar it is hard to get quick adsense approval.

Layout option in blogspot
Blog archive

You can also add another gadgets through clicking on add gadget button in layout tab. Like you can add a contact form

add a gadget in layout option

Domain Name

If you are using a default domain name then listen it’s difficult to get Google Adsense approval.

But now the question is all about the right investment. So, I recommend you to buy a domain from Siteground ( cheap and a good managing platform).

So, buy any domain extension .com, .in, .net, .org etc.

Domain name services of siteground

Buy domain name now 50% off.

After buying a domain name, Go into setting and click on the custom domain option. Before this process, you have to add some txt files in your DNS zone editor.

Adding custom domain

Google Search Console

The main step to do before applying for Google Adsense is to check that you have joined google search console or not.

When you add your website in google search console it become easy for search engine crawlers to crawl your website and index it.

Connect Google Search Console

Congratulations, if you have reached here and completed all these steps then now you your chances of getting Google Adsense approval becomes 99%.

Now. let’s apply to Google Adsense and start making money.

Google Adsense in earning option.

I have created this blog only for demo purposes ( no posts or activities) that’s why It’s showing- ‘Your blog doesn’t qualify for Adsense’

Some other useful resources

FAQs related to “How to make money from Blogspot”

What is the difference between and It’s easy to use for beginners, not in your control ( controlled by Blogger), Limited options. Under your control, user-friendly, includes many options.

Can I earn money from free Blogspot?

Obviously, you can earn money from free Blogspot.
For, this you need some patience and Google Ad-sense approval.

How to boost traffic on my Blogspot blog?

Write high-quality in-depth content. Provide valuable information.
Work on Google SEO.
Promote your content through Quora, Facebook, You tube and other social platforms out there.
Remain consistent ( be patient) and don’t forget your ‘WhY’

How to get Google Adsense Approval with a Blogspot blog?

Write at least 20 articles with at least 1000 word content length.
Buy a domain name
Include about us, privacy policy and disclaimer pages.
Keep HTTPs redirection on.
Do Research before writing quality content.
Connect your website with Google Search console.
One of my friends done all these steps but still didn’t get AdSense approval, then I suggested that write 5 more articles and then apply again.
When he applied again he got approval ( it happen sometimes,so keep trying)

How can I start blogging on Blogspot

It’ too easy to start blogging on Blogspot.
Click on Create New Blog on site
Write title and address of your blog.
Select right theme ( notable).
Do some basic settings.
It’s ready.

How can I make my blog look amazing?

See it’s not possible with the free theme.
But if you are ready to invest then
Click on this special link to get 50% discount on Thrive theme ( value for money theme).

Infographic Conclusion

How to make money from blogspot infographic

From my own expereince starting with Blogspot is really a great way to start blogging for beginners.

Starting Blogging on Blogspot give you experience both in writing and in earning.

How you like this ultimate guide and if you have any questions filling your mind feel free to ask. Comment

Top 10 Blogging Tips and dumb mistakes to avoid for beginner

Top 10 Blogging Tips and dumb mistakes to avoid for beginner

What are the ulitmate blogging tips that can help you to rank higher and earn money from blogs?

Alert! We will also talk about the dumb blogging mistakes that I made one year ago and every beginner makes.

Every beginner makes the same mistakes and has the same story – ” I don’t know what is SEO, keyword research, quality content, I was just writing like fools and publishing”.

So, let’s change this story and hack blogging now.

Your story after reading this article- “ Now I know about seo, content, research and the dumb mistakes I was making, my ranking boosts up after using these blogging tips”.

Enjoy the blogging journey!!!

Blogging is my passion meme

Start a blog

If you haven’t start a blog then let’s first setup your blog in 5 minutes.

See- How to start a blog from scratch


Choose a niche in which you have experience and want to learn about it. Only one niche per site. It can be related to health, travel, food, blogging, fashion, etc.

Niche= Profitable+Passionate ( apply this formula and choose your niche).

Blogging mistakes #1

Before starting to write a blog I was not sure about my niche ( I also don’t know what is a niche?). I just write about health, study, life, etc and I keep on writing up to 9 months.

When someone asks “What is your niche?”- I just reply “poly niche”. ( means many niches in one website).


Choose a domain name related to your niche. Like if my niche is related to blogging then my domain name is

Choosing a short domain name with simple words helps people to memorize it easily. People get an idea of what your site is about. Don’t overthink just choose.

Don’t start with Free domain. Buy domain now from Siteground ( 70% off).

Blogging mistakes #2

One year before I choose a domain name- Now, it’s good but it’s not easily memorable.

When I tell someone about this domain name to search in Google, I have to specify that its “2” not “to” and they forget it easily after 1 hour.

Then again I decided to start a new website ( on which you are reading this article). I buy a domain name “”.

Now, this name is short but doesn’t have any meaning, so I decided to change this name to ( Hack now)

Hosting and Platform

Choose cheap and reliable web hosting. Choose Siteground hosting. But Why?

It’s cheap and your site speed increases by 70% ( a massive change) because siteground provides many premium features for FREE.

Siteground hosting plans

Click on this special link to get 70% off on Siteground Hosting

I suggest you to choose WordPress platform. But Why?

Includes many features and maintains good flow of traffic ( user-friendly)

If you first only want to take the experience or not want to invest money then you can start writing blogs for free with,,, etc.

But, if you are really serious then invest some money.

Blogging Mistakes #3

I didn’t buy hosting from a good hosting provider ( no features and no SSL certificate) ( my 3rd big mistake). Then after few months, I buy Siteground hosting and now I am enjoying it.

Congrats, now you are ready to write a blog post; but wait have you customized your blog post and do you know how to write a ultimate blog post.

So, let’s go more deep.

Blogging Tips #1 Blog Theme

Choosing the right theme and designing your website is the first step before you publish any post.

Why I recommend to buy a premium theme

  • Premium themes are mobile-friendly.
  • Good SEO optimization.
  • Proper user interface.
  • Boost site speed.
  • The site looks great when you design it.
  • Great customer support

The first step to make site mobile friendly is the website architecture and with free themes, you can’t have a good website architecture.

Make some budget to buy a theme and make your websitve responsive.

If you really want value for money theme than I suggest you to choose Elegant themes. Why this?

It is becuase of its features and low cost.

In less investment you get Divi theme, divi builder, monarch, bloom and many other features for unlimited websites.

Some alternatives of Elegant themes are- Thrive themes, Generate Press and Astra Pro.

Get 20% instant discount on Divi

Blogging mistakes #4

What big mistake I did was choosing a free theme; my site got hacked easily, not mobile friendly, no features and site speed was low.

Then after searching and making a small budget I decided to buy a premium theme ( Elegant ) and now I can design it in my way.

I am enjoying premium theme. What about you? Have you made a decision?

Blogging Tips #2 Research

The first and important step before writing a blog post is research.

Understand your Audience

Firstly understand your audience. It means what audience is looking for in your niche. Know the audience problems.

If your content can solve the arising audience problems then your content is going to boom.

So, to understand your audience see what question they are asking on quora, you tube and other social platforms, communities etc.


Keyword Research

When you understand your audience, now you know about what topics to write about but not right keywords.

For doing deep keyword analytics , I suggest you to use SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool.

Why Keyword Research is necessary- Right keywords shape your content and tell search engine crawler what your content is about.

When any user types the target keyword ( your main keyword) in search engine (query) , Google shows the SERPs related to that keyword.

How to choose right keywords?

  • Choose average volume keywords ( 100-400)
  • Low-competition
  • Still trending or not.
  • Target Long-tail Keywords more.

From there look what your competitors had written ( competitive research); how they have written, content length, and what is unique in their content.

Choose 3-4 keywords in which one is your focus keywords ( primary main keyword).

Blogging Mistakes #5

I think every newbie makes this mistake of not doing research and obviously I was not rare.

I just keep on writing the content without understanding my audience, without doing any research just keep on writing like fools.

And one interesting thing is that; ‘I wander why my blog posts are not ranking’.

So, don’t make this dumb mistake and research before your write.

Congrats, now you are ready to write a ultimate blog post. Appreciate yourself.

Blogging Tips #3 Content writing

Keep this thing in your mind that “Content is king”. So, Let’s hack content writing.

Write unique, simple, deep and high-quality content. Don’t write content for search engine or yourself write for audience.


Give some time for writing titles. If you have no idea then you can use site title generator.

Write catchy titles. Use power emotional and questionable words like- hacks, ultimate, dumb, quick, best, top 10, how to etc.


  • Start with a question.
  • Connect emotionally with the audience (humor is best). Use power words.
  • Tell a fact or write a quote.
  • Don’t waste too much time on thinking just give a simple start.

Ultimate Main body Content hacks

  • Your content length should be at least 1500 words ( valuable information).
  • Solve the audience problem through your content. ( provide value)
  • Include ‘you’ and ‘I’ words more.
  • Don’t forget to tell the audience about your experience. ( Connection is important).
  • Give facts, examples, and statistics.
  • Include images, videos, and infographics. ( don’t cross limit)
  • Follow simple AIDA formula
  • Attention- The first step is to grab the attention of the user. Attract the right customers
  • Interest- Create interest.
  • Desire- Solve audience problem. Connect with them.
  • Action- Force them to take action ( buy, comment, etc.). Include Call to Action words.
Socail shares with word count


Don’t get confuse with the word conclusion; it’s not the end of the article.

  • Write a short conclusion.
  • Give your opinion.
  • Include infographic in your conclusion.
  • End conclusion with a question or call to action.

Keep your content fresh. I request you to not copy/paste content ( mistake every newbie makes once) otherwise your site will get banned with few days ( Google is smarter than you). Plagiarism should not be more than 5%

So, this was the whole structure of content writing.

Averages shares by content type

Blogging Mistakes #6

Now, the biggest mistake while writing a content was that I was writing for myself not for audience.

As, a newbie I was not aware of the content length and keep my content as concise as possible ( max 1000 words).

No structure of content was there. No catchy titles, no introduction and there was no conclusion ( only small body content).

Also at first I didn’t include any heading and subheading in my content.

I was not aware what power words are, which type of content audience wants, just keep on writing like fools.

So, don’t make these mistakes and write valuable and relevant content.

Congrats, you have written an awesome blog post but wait it’s not ready to be published.

Blogging Tips #4 SEO

What is SEO? SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process of bringing quality and quantity traffic to your website and rank in organic search page results.

Do the basic On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO
  • Title- Include focus keyword at the beginning of Title. Include power words and numbers in your title. (max 60 characters).
  • Meta Description- Like title write an engaging meta description. Use your focus keyword and give a great overview. ( max 160 characters).
  • URL– Permalink of your post. Keep it short; only write focus keyword in it.
  • Content– Include all your keywords in the content. ( especially in your introduction). Keep ideal keyword density, don’t overoptimize. Write a long length of content. Use short paragraphs ( 3-4 sentences max).
  • Subheads– Include focus keyword in your subheadings. Include only 1 <H1> tag ( title).
  • Alt text- Image description (a necessary part). Keep it short and use your focus keyword.
  • Linking- Use at least 3-4 internal and external links. Externally link to high authority websites.
  • Site health– Optimize images, browser cache, Https secure connection, mobile-friendly site, sitemaps, check redirects, and errors. Audit your site weekly by the best SEMrush Site Audit Tool out there.

To manage and for doing the basic On-page SEO , I suggest you to use Rank Math or Yoast SEO plugin.

See- 9+ Ultimate Hacks to Write SEO friendly content

Link Building ( off Page SEO)

Getting quality do follow backlinks is necessary to boost traffic, improve domain and page authority and build connections.

But don’t make a mistake of focusing on link building in the start. Focus on producing high-quality content. (because you will get backlinks only if your site has traffic, and high DA)

Minimum articles limit to start link building is 25. It means when you published 25-50 articles on your site, it is the best time to start link building. Some hacks are-

  • Write high-quality content.
  • Guest Blogging- Build a connection with other bloggers in your niche.
  • Skyscraper technique.
  • Comment on your competitor’s blog posts.

Blogging mistakes #7

In the starting no one knows what SEO is ? SEO is very important for ranking higher on SERPs.

What I did was just write one post, then next , then next…. Keep on publishing the post but not doing SEO on it.

Good news was that I have installed SEO plugin but bad news was that I don’t know how to use it.

I was just wondering- What is this focus keyword, alt text, URLs, meta description…..And the funny thing is that “I never external link to any website” ( a very big mistake)( I think why I add another site name on my website).

I came to know after completing a online SEO course. But don’t worry for you it’s FREE- SEO Ultimate Guide 2020.

Blogging tips #5 E-mail list

Now, building an e-mail list is an important step towards growing your brand or you can say building trust and connection with people.

Without a e-mail list there is no meaning of monetization

Keep in mind that 1 e-mail subscriber= $1

  • Lead magnet- Attract audience. Give e-books, pdfs, webinars, or courses for FREE.
  • E-mail opt-in- Build an e-mail opt-in. So, that people can give their e-mail address to you and take the material ( lead magnet). Build an exit popup.
  • Send e-mails- Now, send e-mails to the subscribers related to your new posts, products, or any new update. Build campaigns. The best day for conversions is Saturday.
  • Top e-mail marketing tools – AWeber, ConvertKit, Drip, Thrive Leads, and Mailchimp.

Blogging Mistakes #8

In, starting what I did was just open my account with Mailchimp and put a small opt-in on the side of the page ( where people can’t see).

But when I build a pop-up and create a lead magnet ( a free e-book), my e-mail list start growing.

As a beginner it’s normal for everyone. No, one knows about e-mail list building.

But it’s the most important part to boost your traffic, earn money, build trust and connection with people.

Blogging tips #6 Monetization

Hey, now it’s the time to earn some money from blogs. Because for many the last main goal of blogging is money.

Make Money Blogging

  • When traffic starts coming join a premium ad network. Write sponsored posts if you love and have time to write.
  • Affiliate marketing- The main earning source for many bloggers ( including me). Join Affiliate network, find and promote products, track sales, and earn a commission.
  • Products– Sell e-books, online courses, Softwares, and professional services. You can also sell physical products.
  • Conferences- Don’t miss any interviews or conferences. Meet and speak in front of people. Build trust and grow your network.
  • Scaling and optimizing– Track everything, build testimonials, and go a level up every day.
Bloggers earning sources

Blogging Mistakes #9

In the starting for few months my site traffic was very low and I was not aware of any type of monetization.

Good news- I was so happy that I got Google Adsense approval but again a bad news- I made only $1 in two weeks.

So, Google Adsense is just a motivation for beginners but not the primary way of monetization.

What i recommend is don’t fill your whole site and pages with ads ( bad user interface).

Then I came to know about affiliate marketing and it’s working , then my real earning starts.

Money Blogging is a broad topic. There are many ways you can make money out there, its all about exploring.

Blogging Tips #7 Content Promotion

Okay, now you have written high -quality content, done SEO and published it. But “How will people know?” about your new post.

Google takes social signals as a important ranking factor.

Now, here comes the word Content Promotion. How to promote-

  • Facebook– Make a Facebook page and group. Post daily on your page. Use memes and run ads. ( invest some money and get quality traffic). Join other groups and make a connection with them.
  • Quora- Most of the traffic comes from Facebook and Quora. Answer deeply at least 1-2 questions daily ( make it a habit) and provide links to your website.
  • Pinterest– Many Bloggers drive massive traffic from Pinterest ( it’s like a search engine). Create different boards and make a habit of pinning at least 1 pin a day.
  • Youtube- Now, people loving watching videos rather than reading articles, so you can make a channel on youtube; post quality videos and drive traffic to your website.
  • E-mail- Send e-mail to all your subscribers related to your content. You can also prefer to send an outreach e-mail ( e-mail to build backlinks).
  • Instagram- Visual world. Add Instagram story daily. Use IGTV. Add great visuals Instagram posts ( don’t forget to include hashtags).
  • Linked In- Post on Linked In, meet with people, and create your own group. Create a great profile.

There are many other social platforms out there. Don’t think to be everywhere and use all platforms at the same time.

Master one and then next. Find that 20 % platforms that can give you 80% results.

Blogging Mistakes #10

In starting I just use Quora platform but didn’t know how to use it to drive traffic.

My questions get deleted by Quora Moderation ( face many issues in starting) but with time I learned it.

I also made a facebook page, instagram and pinterest profile ( but no activity on these platforms) that was my big mistake.

So, now my main focus is on facebook, quora and Pinterest for content promotion.

See, use a simple strategy ‘write less and promote more’.

Blogging Tips #8 Images, videos, and infographics

  • Use 5-6 images in your post.
  • Using more than that can decrease your page loading time and impact ranking.
  • Include images with faces.
  • Include meme images.
  • Include screenshots and diagrams.
  • Don’t forget to include the featured image.
  • Include a video if you want ( it’s best to include your own youtube video). ( decreases bounce rate)
  • Make it a habit to include an infographic in a post ( increase link building and 3X sharing). Make Infographic conclusion
  • Use Canva to build charts and high-quality images.
  • Use Visme, Venngage to build high-quality infographics.
  • Download free photos from Pixabay, Shutterstock, etc.

Blogging mistake #11

When I started blogging , my some post were without images. And what I do was just copy the images from Google and use it in the post.

Then I think “What about Copyright”. After that, I started using the Canva tool to build my own images and use free images from pixabay.

Also I didn’t write any alt text and not include any feature images.

What about infographics? In beginning I didn’t know “what infographic is?”, but now I had made a habit of making one infographic per post.

Blogging Tips #9 Tools and plugins

Ultimate Tools that I use are-

  • SEMrush- The All in One SEO Suite. Provide a deep analysis of keywords, competitors, SEO, and a great site audit tool.
  • Grammarly It is the best Free tool I like. Use it and correct your grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Keyword Density checker Check competitor’s posts keyword density.
  • Canva– I use this tool to built high-quality images, charts, and infographics.
  • Plagiarism Checker Before publishing my post I check if my content is unique or not.
  • Check your readability with the readability tool.

Plugins that I use-

Blogging Mistakes # 12

When I started blogging I don’t know about some of these tools and plugins ( but don’t know how to use them).

I use to call my friend and ask him to read my content and tell any spelling and grammar mistakes ( I was not aware of grammarly tool)

When I started tracking my competitors with the SEMrush tool, use Canva to build images and Grammarly to check spelling and grammar mistakes, my traffic boosts up.

And obviously theme builder and SEO plugin has a large impact on my site.

I was just using the free theme and a SEO plugin which I don’t know how to use.

Blogging Tips # 10 Consistency

Consistency is the most important factor. Publish high-quality blog posts consistently.

Set different dates- publishing date, promotion day, writing day etc.

Making a calendar or time table helps you; to be focused and consistent.

If you make any task a goal and visualize it then no one can stop you to achieve that.

Don’t multitask, make a schedule, set small goals daily and take breaks.

Blogging Mistakes # 13

What mistake I made was, I just keep on writing the posts and I wrote about 35 posts in a month.( advance work).

The price that I pay for this was that after a month there was back and neck pain.

But what if I only write 4-5 articles every month, optimizing them and publishing.( giving time to every article).

And, the last big mistake that the blogger makes is – losing patience. But I didn’t make this mistake and hope you also.

When beginner bloggers didn’t get the result they leave or switch to a different niche. But here’s the fact, that they can never succeed in any field.

If you want success in any field then consistency and patience are the most important factors.

Don’t work hard, work smart.

Bonus Tips on Blogging

  • Set up Google Analytics from starting
  • Set up Google Alerts.
  • Before publishing read yourself the whole blog post ( keep yourself in audience shoes).
  • Know Your ‘Why?’ ( purpose). A great Why can be like this-
Purpose of neil patel

FAQs related to blogging tips and blogging mistakes

Why do most blogs fail?

Don’t take blogging seriously.
Not writing high-quality engaging content.
No research before writing a blog post.
Not working on SEO
No content promotion
No uniqueness
Not consistent.

How do you blog successfully?

Offer value to the audience. ( Solve their problems through relevant content).
Write an ultimate blog post.
Promoting content on the right platforms.
Building an e-mail list.
Write engaging titles and content.
Using the right tools and plugins.
Including images and infographics.
Competitive and Keyword research.
High Score in SEO.

How do I get my blog noticed?

Writing high-quality SEO friendly content consistently.
Sharing content
Guest Blogging
Collaboration with other bloggers.
Attending conferences and interviews.


Utimate Blogging Tips infographic
Google Alerts Hacks that you should know-Ultimate Guide 2020

Google Alerts Hacks that you should know-Ultimate Guide 2020

What is Google Alerts and How to use it in SEO?

Do you want to regularly track your competitors then google alerts is the best tool for you offered by Google.

Let’s deep dive into google alerts and know how to setup it and what are some ultimate hacks.

Enjoy diving!!!

What is Google Alerts?

Google Alerts are the notifications that Google sends to the user e-mail related to new web pages, blogs, r any scientific research related to user term. Let’s understand it with an example.

Assume, If your niche is related to SEO and daily you go to competitor’s site and see if there are new updates or not?

Any new article related to your niche is posted or not? How to know automatically without wasting any time in searching?

So, for this Google Alerts service is there to help you. It is the best tool that is suited for beginners.

Let’s see how to set up it.

How to set up Google Alerts

Google Alerts Setup


Google Alerts Sign Up

Type Google Alerts in search engine. Click on the first page that appears in SERPs. Now a dashboard will appear, from there click on Sign In button. ( if you have signed in to browser).

Create Alert

Create Google Alerts

Type the keyword in “Create alert about” option for which you want regular alerts. Press Enter and you will see an small edit option on the right side of the keyword. Click on it and alert option will appear.


Google Alerts Frequency

Set how often you want alerts. as it happens, at most a day or at most a week. Set a frequency for alerts.


There are videos, blogs, news, web, books and discussions out there related to your keyword. So, select which type of alert you want. You want only blog updates, only news or web etc.

How many

If you want all the results related to your alert then set all alerts otherwise go for the best results option.

Alert Preview

Google Alerts shows you alert preview of your keyword. It includes news, blogs, videos, discussions etc.

Congrats, you have setup Google Alerts. Now , it’s time to go more deep and explore its options.


Like, If now I am writing about Google Alert but I have used the word SEO in it. So, if the word SEO appears in any blog, any video, Google will send a notification to your email.

And, this word is used in many articles, so your inbox will fill out easily and become spammy.

So, instead of broad match we should create exact match alert. Let’s see how to do it.

Instead of writing SEO write the keyword “SEO” ( use double quotations).

Refine your alert

So, when you use double quotes (filter) only the relevant information will reach to you and tracking competitors become easy.

Brand Monitoring

You can also monitor your brand with Google Alert. You can see,where your brand name is used or where your website is used.

Now, type different variations of your brand name.

Any website has used your name with spaces between the name, use big letters or use small letters etc.

So, let’s take a brand name and look at it’s variations.

semrush” or “SEM rush” or “SEMRUSH

Brand monitoring in Google Alerts

You can also refine this search; if you don’t want alerts related to any keyword or from any platform just type the word and use a “-” sign in front of it.

Refine your brand monitoring alert

So, don’t just type the keyword and create alert. Filter it or you can say refine your keyword.

Find only that 20% information that can give you 80% results. So, keep exploring this diversify tool Google Alerts.

Question Monitoring

Now, what if you want to know what the audience is searching related to your niche.

The first step before writing a blog post is to understand your audience. So, you can look through this tool what questions the audience is asking.

For e.g.- I use a keyword Money blogging. Then just type “Money Blogging”

Question monitoring in Google Alerts

Competitors Monitoring

What if you want to know which keyword your competitor is using most? On which websites, blogs your competitor is mentioned.

So, how to create a alert of a keyword related to your competitor-

For example If I searched a term SEMrush and the if I want to see where this keyword is mentioned other than semrush site.

So, I typed Semrush

Competitors monitoring in Google Alerts

Similary if you want regularly alerts related to new blog post of your competitors. Then just type-

Google Alerts drawbacks

  • No Social Media Monitoring
  • No Analytics.
  • Don’t show all the pages that are indexed in Google related to the keyword.
  • Some alternatives are talkwalker and mention.


The best thing of this tool that I like is that it is a FREE tool you can use for many purposes.

You can get alerts related to new questions asked by audience, competitors new blog posts, nap citations and much more.

And you should always refine your keyword ( exact match) while creating alerts to get relevant information.

So, how much you like Google Alerts tool and if you feel any problem while using or in setup then feel free to Comment

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