How to start a blog from scratch in 2020

How to start a blog from scratch in 2020

Blogging is Dead in 2020. Really?

Want to know ‘How to start a blog from scratch in 2020? I appreciate your decision. Because, I love Action takers.

I have also taken my life’s best decision to start a blog a year before.

When you enter in this Blogging World there is so much to learn. And, you all know “Learning is the biggest earning” ( if you take Action).

If you are tired of your job or searching for ‘how to make money online’ then blogging is a great way to start (make money on autopilot).

So, for that you should know ‘How to start a blog‘. This is the first and easiest step towards your blogging career.

Why you should read this article? If you are looking for-

  • What is the best platform to start blogging?
  • How to start a blog and make money? (No quick rich scheme)
  • What is the best topic to start a blog?
  • How much does it cost to start a blog?
  • Do I need any technical skills?…… the list is endless.

So, not wasting up your precious time,

Let’s explore-

Choose a Niche for your Blog

This is the part where many newbies stuck.

Just ask these questions before picking a niche-

  • Can I write quality content regularly on this niche?
  • Is there enough room in this niche to grow?
  • Are people interested to talk about the topic? Can I build a community?
  • What is my purpose? Guys, Promise me that while selecting a niche your first purpose
    should be to provide value (the second purpose can be money).
  • How I will make my niche unique? What is uniqueness in my niche?
How to choose a blog niche.

Note: Build your blog to solve the pain problems of the people. Your niche should be around a problem (back , neck pain etc.) not around a product. Choose a niche in which you have experience or want to learn about.

Here’s a special gift for you- If you want to see ‘How to pick a profitable niche’ then Get my Live Niche Research Ultimate Guide E-book for FREE with a 100+ blog niche list (Bonus).

Ultimate Niche Guide

Ultimate Niche GuideFind your niche and start your profitable business now.

Choose a Ultimate Domain Name for your Blog

Don’t overthink while choosing a domain name.

How to choose a Domain Name-

  • Short- Keep your domain name short. Short domain names are easy to remember and pronounce.
  • Numbers– Don’t use numbers. Avoid using numbers in your domain name as much as you can.
  • Keyword- Google doesn’t consider keyword in your domain name as a ranking factor ( but it will always be a plus point). For e.g. if your niche is around blogging and you choose a domain name ‘’ then it’s not that your website will rank on top related to that keyword. But, the keyword in your domain name gives the audience a signal about your blog.
  • TLD extension- Prefer .com domains because it’s for globally. If not then you can choose .net and .org also.
  • Expired Domains- It will be great if buy an expired domain. You are getting some site authority without any work.

Let’s find a domain name-

Let’s find a domain name around a niche ‘blogging’.

Just go to LeanDomainSearch website ( Domain Name Generator) and type the keyword- ‘blogging’. See the results that appear and pick a domain name that is short and look brandable.

Lean Domain Search domain name generator

What is view of ‘’. Tell me in the Comments.

My domain name finding journey

First of all, I see that many bloggers are promoting Semrush affiliate program. So, I decided to include a Keyword of Semrush and buy ‘’.

Then I came to know that Google is not considering keyword in the domain a ranking factor. Also, only writing about SEMrush won’t help me to grow and rank.

My domain name was small but not understandable (can’t be easily remembered). So, I just randomly search domain name and found ( randomly putting words in front and back of the keyword ‘blogging’),

You can also find domain names by finding synonyms of a word and attach with your keyword.

In short: Buy a domain name that is short, brandable and gives idea of your business (E.g.

Congrats, for choosing your ultimate domain name.

Choose a Ultimate Hosting for Your Blog

Every newbie has this question in his mind- “Which is the best and cheapest hosting?”.

Firslty, Let’s see ‘What is Web hosting’

 In short: Web hosting is the process of renting or buying space to house a website on the World Wide Web.

There are tons of hosting providers out there, But What is the best WordPress Hosting for you? Any guess.

I personally recommend two hosting providers. Siteground and Greengeeks.

Why cheapest hosting is not good for you?

  • Low Site Speed
  • Less Uptime
  • Not Good Support…..list is endless.

When I started blogging I also made a mistake by buying a cheap hosting to save money. ( I just wasted my time).

Cheap Hosting is equal to cheap quality

I made a great decision by investing some money in Siteground hosting. But, When I buy Siteground Hosting the price of plans was-

But after 30 Days the price increases and became this-

Siteground web hosting plans

I was happy because I already bought Siteground for 1 year at low price but at one side I was also sad because I was recommending this hosting to everyone.

But Still, This is the best hosting for beginners.

Then, I started researching ” What are the best alternatives of Siteground Hosting out there”. After researching for many days I found that the best alternative is Greengeeks Hosting. See, the Proof (Strong Competition)

Siteground Alternative Facebook Poll Result

It’s clearly seeing that Greengeeks is the winner of this Poll result.

Follow these steps to purchase hosting and to setup your blog.

1.Click on this special link to start your first blog

Greengeeks Web hosting plans

See, which plan best suits you. If you want to host multiple sites then Pro version is great for you otherwise lite is good. ( I have bought pro version).

2. Choose a domain name

If you have already bought a domain name then just fill the block under the “Use a Domain You Already Own”, if not then create a new domain name.

Greengeeks offers you free domain name registration for 1 year. After that Click on the Next button

3. Sign Up

Fill your Account information. (It’s simple).

Package Information

Greengeeks package information

Select the right package for you. Triennially means 3-year plan. If you want to buy this hosting for 1 year then select annually.

Create Account

Now, fill your credit card information. If you don’t have credit card then make a account on paypal. ( Note: your card should have permission to do international payment).

There is a option ‘Chat with us’ on the header. Click on that and ask for paypal link.

Do the payment and you are done.

Setup your WordPress Blog

Many newbies have a question in their brain- “Which is the best platform to start a blog in 2020”.

I personally recommend you to choose WordPress platform. Why?


  • Awesome plugins and themes
  • User-friendly (easy to use).
  • Freedom to make your blog as you can.

It’s an easy system if you want a website up and ready within minutes.

Step 1: Login in your Greengeeks hosting account, you will see a option called cpanel.

From cpanel, scroll Softaculous Apps Installer and click on WordPress.

Step 2: After clicking on WordPress, you will see a option ‘Install Now’. Just click on that ( wordpress new version will be there, for older version you have to do that manually).

Install Now button in the description
  • Software setup- Choose your domain name. If you have only one domain then it will appear automatically. Choose which “HTTP:” version you want to use ( choose “https:” if have a free SSL certificate).
  • Admin Information- Input the username and password (never choose username “admin” ). Choose an admin e-mail address.
  • Fill basic information about your website.
  • Click on the Install button.
Install WordPress in Softaculous App Installer

After completing installation. Click the link to visit the login screen.

The link will redirect to WordPress dashboard, Fill your login details and click on the Login Button.

Wordpress login screeen

Boom, Setup is done. Now it’s time to choose a awesome theme.

Choose a Rocking theme

If you are thinking that installing free themes will help you to scale in blogging, then you are thinking wrong.

Why installing a free theme is not a good option?

  • Limited features
  • No Support.
  • Not being updated regularly.
  • Poorly coded ( fear of getting site hacked).

Benefits of choosing a premium theme-

  • Compatible across different browsers.
  • Customizable.
  • Responsive Design ( This is the most important factor.Google loves mobile-responsiveness).
  • Unique.
  • Always Up-to-date.
  • Amazing Support

There are many themes out there, ‘Which is the best premium WordPress theme’?

My second best investment after hosting was investing in Most popular WordPress theme- “Divi”. Why I choose it after researching for many days?

  • Great support ( get the answer to any query within a minute).
  • Compatible.
  • Many features in low price- Divi theme + Divi Page builder + Monarch ( social share plugin) + Bloom ( E-mail capturing).
  • Lightweight and easy-to-use.

Click on the above button a page will appear that look like this-

elegant themes

Click on Try IT for Free Button. A another page will appear where you can take a tour of how it will look and try building for free.

Now, there is a option “Get Divi Today” (up extreme right). After trying click on that, choose a plan which suits you and signup.


The best alternative of Elegant themes (Divi) is Thrive Themes.

Install theme

After picking up a theme it’s time to install it.

Go to Appearance. Click on themes and Then Click on ‘Add New’

Add theme in WordPress

After that Click on Upload theme and upload the .zip file you downloaded after buying a premium theme.

Upload theme in WordPress

Note: Don’t try to get everything for Free. Invest some money and get high returns.

Important Plugins For WordPress

Here is the list of some important plugins that I personally use-

Rank Math SEOThis is one of my favorite SEO plugins. Firstly, I use Yoast SEO but when I see that rank math provides more features fro Free, then I switch to it. SEO is very important to rank and drive traffic. For loading site faster, it’s important that your images are not large in size. This plugins help you to optimize your images effectively.

Antispam Bee– This plugin will help to block spam comments.

Updraft Plus– It simplifies backup and restoration. This plugin backup your website daily (backup of site is necessary).

Monarch- It is a social sharing plugin, If you have already purchased divi pack then you just need to upload the .zip file into plugins. If not, then get divi pack now.

Bloom- The Ultimate E-mail optin and lead generation plugin for WordPress.

Sucuri Security- This plugin keeps your website secure. Security is the no.1 priority. (what if someone tries to hack your website).

Nitropack- It’s a free plugin to boost up your website. If your site doesn’t load faster than the user frustates and bounce back. This plugin will help to optimize your website and make it load faster.

How to install a plugin?

  • Go into plugins section in the WordPress dashboard.
  • Click on Add New button.
  • Search plugins or if you have .zip file then Click on Upload plugin.
  • Click on Install Now and then Click on “Activate”. (so simple, right).

Write your first ultimate blog post and Publish It.

  • Click on Post in WordPress dashboard.
  • Now, Click on Add New.
  • Boom, Start writing.
Write post in WordPress

How to write a ultimate blog post in 5 steps?-

  • Do Keyword and competitive research (Understand your audience). (Long-tail keywords works great ).See- Keyword Analytics with SEMrush.
  • Write a catchy title. Include Power words ( Ultimate, How-to, hack, amazing, etc).
  • Write facts, quote, add humor use power words, and question in Introduction.
  • Write high-quality in-depth content( at least 1500 words). Provide value and include images, infographics, videos, etc.
  • End your short- conclusion with a call-to-action ( question etc.).
  • Bonus- Do the basic On-Page SEO ( See- How to write SEO friendly article).

Note: Never use copyright images (don’t copy/paste images directly from Google). Make your own images with the help of free tool Canva or use Free images.


  • Before Publishing read the complete article yourself. Check if there are any grammar or spelling mistakes ( Use Grammarly ).
  • Then, Click on the Publish Button.
  • After that index your URL in Google Search Console.
  • Now, give your blog post social signals ( Publish on Facebook, Instagram, youtube, quora, twitter, Pinterest and many other platforms).

Bonus– Connect your website with Google Analytics. Click on Start Measuring > Select Web > Provide basic website information > Copy tracking code> Go to Theme editor in WordPress> Header.php file> Paste code under <head> tag.

Smart ways to make money from blogs

Note: Making quick money is dangerous

But, Here I will not tell you any quck-rich schemes.

Ads- Google Adsense is just a motivation. Join premium ads network (ad thrive, info links, etc.)When massive traffic starts coming. Write a sponsored post ( if you have time) and conduct giveaways.

Affiliate marketing- You can make a large amount of money through affiliate marketing. Many bloggers main income source is affiliate marketing. Join affiliates, search and promote products, track sales, and earn a commission.

I made my first dollar through Affiliate marketing. It’s so powerful.

Affiliate Marketing Working process

Products- Sell e-books, online courses, softwares, professional services and physical products( go a level up). Build trust with your audience. E-mail marketing is a great way to build trust.

Conferences- Don’t miss conferences and interviews. Meet with people and grow your network.

Scaling and optimizing– Build testimonials, promote and work on Google SEO.

See- Detailed ultimate guide on “How to make money from Blogs”.

FAQs related to “How to start a blog from scratch”

It costs you hardly $50 a year to start. This money is what you invest in Greengeeks hosting to start.

You need just a domain name and hosting to start a blog.

yes, See there is no right time to start. It all depends on your learning and implementation.

If you know the right strategies then blogging is a money-making machine for you.

This question was the same 5 years ago. Take Action today.

Start small, set goals, and scale-up. Learn and grow daily.

  1. To make a change in people's lives (inspire your audience).
  2. Learn new skills.
  3. Meet with new people.
  4. Generate income.
  5. Be your own boss.

If still you want to start a blog without investing and experience blogging for 1-2 months then you can start on the Blogger platform.

See, detailed guide- How to start and make money on BlogSpot.

If you want to gain some experience in blogging then there many free blog platforms out there. You can start on blogger, Wix, medium,

But you want to make money blogging then it's recommended to invest some money.

  • Prefer Long-tail keywords. Do some competitive research.
  • Create valuable and depth content.
  • Do basic On-Page SEO
  • Give some social signals. ( Post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,  videos on Youtube and  on  other social media platforms).
  • Answer some questions on Quora and place your link in the answers of your blog post.
  • Build some quality backlinks.
  • Update your content regularly.

Consistency. Yes, you have to be consistent for 3-6 months to see the results.

Many bloggers complain that "I am leaving blogging because I didn't get results."

Patience is required in blogging. It's not a quick-rich scheme.

In whatever field you step in- "Be consistent".

See, there are three trending topics-

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships.

These are broad markets. Select a particular topic from these markets i.e. niche and start your blog.

Read my ultimate Niche E-book to explore more.

When I started blogging I made many mistakes and it's the story of every blogger. But I want you to not make that mistake.

See- Ultimate Blogging tips and dumb mistakes to avoid.

Infographic Conclusion

Share this infographic

How to start a blog infographics

Use below code to embed this inforgraphic

<p><strong>Please include attribution to with this graphic.</strong><br /><br /><a href=''><img src='' alt='How to start a blog' 540px border='0' /></a></p>

Congratulations for starting your successful blog in 2020.

Now, it’s starting not the end. You have to learn many things. If you have stepped into this blogging world then explore it to the fullest.

Learning is the biggest earning but if you implement it. Take Action today. Because, I love action takers.

Share this post with your friends. Help them to build a successful blogging empire.

My purpose is to provide value to people and help them in their blogging journey. So, if you are with me then share this post.

Every single share count for us! I appreciate your effort.

Top 5 Life hacking blogs you should follow in 2020

Top 5 Life hacking blogs you should follow in 2020

Hey, looking for ultimate life hacking blogs then my dear friend you are at the right place.

Do you want to boost your productivity in life? Are you looking for positivity in your life? Want to design your ultimate life? then be ready and follow these top 5 real life hack blogs ( Bonus at last)

Let’s explore

Life hacker

life hacker blog homepage

A award winning blog that curated tips, shortcuts ( hacks) to live a smarter life more efficiently


Help people to save time and get things done smartly and efficiently.

Lifehacker blog at a glance

  • Founded In 2005
  • Domain Authority-92
  • Global Rank- 1899
  • Post frequency– 23 posts/day

If you want to do everything better in life then follow this life hacker blog


Lifehack website homepage

One of the world’s top blog that provide practical life skills and ultimate life hacks.


Help people in finding their meaningful purpose. In short; helping people in living a full life ( broader insights better life).

Lifehack blog at a glance

  • Founded In 2005
  • Domain Authority– 84
  • Global Rank– 3353
  • Post frequency– 2 posts/day

If you want to become the hero of your life story then start here on life hack blog.

Bonus # Life hack quotes

Life is like a piano. The white keys represent happiness and the black keys shows sadness. But as you go through life journey, remember that black keys also make music.

Do something today so that your future self will thank you.

You can’t use up creativity the more you use the more you have.

Maya Angelou

Best Life Online

BestLifeOnline website homepage

Ultimate blog provide latest news source and expert advice on smart living, relationships, travel and much more.


To provide the sophisticated guide to culture, lifestyle, and living your Best Life.

BestLifeOnline blog at a glance

  • Founded In 2004
  • Domain Authority– 70
  • Global Rank- 1079
  • Post Frequency- 20 posts/day

If you want to improve and live a smarter life then follow bestlifeonline blog

Tiny Buddha

Tinybuddha website homepage

It is an online community with over 3 million readers and 1700 blog contributors. Provide information related to love, relationships, motivation, happiness, and many more.


To make people complex lives simple.

Tiny Buddha Blog at a glance

  • Founded In 2009
  • Domain Authority– 77
  • Global Rank– 28745
  • Post frequency– 5 posts/week

Simple Wisdom for complex lives, Follow Tiny Buddha Blog


Goalcast webstie homepage

Goalcast is an inspiring community for achievers dedicated to helping to improve in all aspects of your life. Provide tips, motivation and inspirational content to reach your goals.


Helps in unleashing human potential. Creates transformative content that empowers people to do just that. ( architect your own life).

Goalcast blog at a glance

  • Founded In 2016
  • Domain Authority– 58
  • Global Rank– 20612
  • Post frequency– 2 posts/day

If you want to unlock your potential then follow Goalcast blog

Okay, now its time to reveal the Bonus blog.

Bonus blog

Positivity Blog

The positivity blog website homepage

Blog related to practical personal development advice.


To help people live a happier and productive life.

Positivity blog at a glance

  • Founded in 2006
  • Domain Authority- 60
  • Global Rank- 37426
  • Post frequency- 1 post/month

If you are looking for free and practical tips on happiness, self-esteem, and productivity then follow the positivity blog.

FAQs related to Life hacking blogs

What are some life hacking blogs? (Top 10)

Tiny Buddha
Positivity blog
Dumb Little Man
Marc and Angel Hack Life
Reddit Lifehacks
Zen habits

What is a lifestyle blogger?

A lifestyle blogger writes, creates, and publishes content on various aspects of their daily lives.

How to start a blog related to life hacks?

Buy a simple domain name and reliable hosting ( Siteground Powerful hosting).
Create a great blog design ( Buy World no. 1 theme i.e Elegant themes).
Install WordPress and some necessary plugins.
Start writing unique and high-quality blog posts.

Which is one of your favorite life hacking blogs. Comment

9+ Ultimate SEO Friendly Content Writing Tips

9+ Ultimate SEO Friendly Content Writing Tips

If you don’t know seo friendly content writing tips, then my dear friend forget about ranking on Google.

When I look at my past; I see ‘how dumb I was’ , just keep on writing like fools because I was not aware of these ultimate writing tips.

I don’t know nothing about quality content and ‘What is SEO friendly content structure, guidelines, examples (nothing)’?

So, I don’t want you to make that mistake especially beginners.

My purpose for writing this article is that everyone should know; ‘How to rank on top of Google by writing SEO friendly content’?.

So, not wasting much of your precious time let’s crack the code of seo friendly content writing.

Let’s explore

Keyword Research

Why keyword research is necessary?– If you don’t know what to cook then how your content recipe will be ready.

Understand your audience

The first step is to understand your audience. What type of content your audience wants?

What is their search intent? Find the major problems your audience is facing related to your field ( niche).

Find relevant topics. Take help of social platforms ( quora, facebook, you tube etc.) and Google trends.

If you can solve the problems of audience through your relevant quality content then you are going to rock.

Quora related questions list

Find relevant keywords

Now, here we make first biggest mistake; that is not targeting right relevant keywords.( deep analysis is required)

So, for depth keyword analysis I recommend you to use SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool ( magic will happen).

Let’s find relevant keyword through an example

SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool keyword suggestions

When I searched a keyword hand grip strengthener; it shows some related keywords.

How to Choose Keywords?

  • Long-tail keywords.
  • Still in trending.
  • Less (competition and KD%).

Take a look at 5 keyword in the image above.

Through this analysis find your main keyword and related keywords.

Competitive research

  • Analyse your competitors that are ranking on the top page.
  • Take content ideas and see ‘How they are ranking on top?’
  • Think what unique and different you can provide to audience.

Keyword Optimization

Use your focus and related keywords in-

  • Title
  • URL
  • Meta description
  • Content ( especially in the first 10% of your content).
  • Subheads
  • Alt text

Catchy Titles

‘Why the user will click on your post if he/she doesn’t find the headline engaging?’

Eager to know how to increase engagement on your post through catchy title. Let’s see.

Ultimate Hacks to write Catchy Titles

  • Use power, numbers, negative, and positive sentiment words in your title. For e.g. Ultimate, hack, super, best, top, how to, what, amazing, top 10, 2020, etc.
  • Write a genuine title. Your content should meet the expectations that your title generates in the user’s mind.
  • Write a simple, clear, and concise title. Connect emotionally with the audience.
  • Title length should not exceed the limit i.e.60 characters.
  • Including text in brackets in headline leads to an increase in 38% more CTR ( Click through rate)
Hubspot and outbrain study of headlines. Headlines with brackets get more CTR
Study conducted by Hubspot and outbrain

Some examples of catchy titles

Analysis of 100 million headlines by buzzsumo shows-

Top Phrases starting headlines and engagements

Now, we are going to explore the main seo friendly content writing tips i.e. quality content writing

Bonus Hack- Test your headline in Coschedule headline analyzer.

Content Writing and Crafting

One of my friend calls me and says- “Hello, I have a written a catchy title, done basic SEO but my site is still not ranking”

Then I read his content and found that there was no content crafting, no content relevancy, not done SEO properly and a bad readability.

When I told him some quality content writing hacks his post ranks within a week. ( He was shocked).

In short, “Content is King”.


If the user clicks on the title and doesn’t find the introduction engaging and useful, without wasting any time user will bounce back. How to increase engagement through title-

  • Start with fact, humor, questions, or a quote.
  • Give a great overview of your post ( why the audience should read your article?)
  • Use power words and include your focus keyword.
  • Don’t write long introductions.
How to write an introduction

Ultimate Hacks to write main body content

  • The first important step is to use short paragraphs ( not more than 4 sentences). Use bulleted lists.
  • Give examples and facts. Tell your own experience ( emotional connection is important).
  • Include power words especially ( ‘How to’ and ‘I’ ).
  • Include relevant subheadings.
  • In short: Write unique, relevant, simple, and high-quality content ( provide value to the audience).
Types of post and their average shares.


Like starting there should be a great ending of your post.

  • Keep it short ( it should look like a summary).
  • Write your own point of view. ( provide a suggestion).
  • Ask an easy question so that people can comment easily. ( give the right direction and increase engagement).
  • Add Call to action ( your product, any post, course link).

I generally provide a infographic in my conclusion.

Fresh Content

Keep your content fresh. Don’t forget the post after writing it. Keep on updating your old posts.

Google loves fresh content.

LSI keywords

LSI ( Latex Semantic Indexing) are the related keywords which help the google crawler to understand your content easily.

Benefit of using LSI keywords is that your post can rank on Google for multiple keywords.

How to find LSI keywords?

There are many free tools through which you can find LSI keywords such as LSIgraph, Answer the public, Google Keyword Planner, and many more.

LSI graph keyword suggestions

Where to use LSI keywords?

You can use LSI keywords anywhere on the page but it will be great if you can use these keywords in the following places-

  • Title
  • Subheadings.
  • Meta description
  • Alt text
  • And , Obviously in the content.

Bonus- Beaware of keyword stuffing. Don’t use your keywords more than 2% ( max ) in the article.


Before publishing please check the readability of your post. There is no need of writing a quality post if it is not understandable.

There are many tools out there to check Readability. I personally use Hemingway App. Try your best to get a Grade 9.

Bonus Tip- Install Grammarly extension to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes in your content.

Image Optimization

Without images there is no meaning of quality content.

People love consuming information through visuals. Please don’t copy/paste images directly from Google. ( give credit if you are copying the image).

Add screenshots, charts, graphs and infographics ( available at the end of my every post, infographic conclusion).

Adding infographic increase audience engagement, shares, and also the number of quality backlinks.

Alt text

How to write a alt text in wordpress

Alternative text is the description of the image. What will happen if I don’t add a alt text?

  • Search Engine Crawler will find it difficult to understand your uploaded image.
  • It will not be indexed in Google images.
  • If by chance the images don’t appear in the user device, nothing will be shown ( because there is no alt text).

While uploading your image, save the image with the right title like- LSI-keywords.jpg not image.jpg. and alt text can be ‘LSI graph keyword suggestions’.

Ultimate hacks to image optimization

  • Install a WP Smush or ShortPixel plugin ( if using WordPress platform), otherwise, compress the image before uploading ( great if the size is less than 100 KB).
  • You can add as many images in your post ( one image every 150 words).
  • Images with people faces are likely to get more engagement.
  • Use the Canva (free) tool to create your own images. You can download free images from pixabay, Shutterstock, etc.

Meta Description

The next thing people read after title on Search Engine Result Pages is meta description. It is a small overview of the post.

  • Include your keywords in the meta description.
  • Write engaging meta description like the title. ( give a great overview)
  • Don’t exceed the maximum limit ( max 160 characters).
how to write Meta Description example

Optimize URLs

The address of the page is known as URL ( permalink).

How to optimize URLs?

  • Write short URLs, ( only your main keyword)
  • Write your permalink carefully because permalink can’t be changed ( if changed your whole traffic will be lost).
  • Don’t include stop words ( a , the, is , in etc.)
optimized URL ( Short length only focus keyword URL)

Linking Optimization

Linking is very important to increase crawl depth and boost your ranking. There are two type of links- Internal and External.

Internal Links- Connecting your post with your another blog post is called Internal Linking.

External Links- Connecting your post with another’s website blog post is called external linking.

  • Link externally to high-authority websites.
  • Link internally to relevant blog posts. Don’t just add internal link if there is no relevant connection between the posts.
  • Add links between the content. Don’t write separate lines or words for adding links.( like Click here, buy etc.).
  • Anchor text should be relevant.

How many links we should add in a post? See, there is no ideal number of links but add at least 4-5 internal and external links.

Mobile Optimization

About 70% of the users access the internet through mobile. So, if your website is not mobile-friendly then it’s difficult for you to rank on top.

  • Architecture- Make your website responsive. Choose a mobile-friendly theme that also loads fast.
  • A page builder is also required to make your theme responsive. Don’t rely on free themes. You have to invest some money on the page builder and a mobile-friendly theme.
  • So, If you want value for money theme then I suggest you purchase Divi from Elegant themes ( contains builder, themes for unlimited websites, and many features in just $89 $70 from my affiliate link) . Get 20% Instant Discount on Divi
  • Increase the font size of your theme. Increase the size of the buttons you use on your website.
  • Whenever you customize your theme, see how it looks in the mobile through the mobile view button.
  • Optimize images that look clearly on the mobile
  • Run a mobile-friendly test weekly.
Google Mobile Friendly Test

But what happen if your site is mobile optimized but the loading speed is slow. ( shocking)

Here premium theme will obviously help you but How to boost your page speed?

  • First, of all, you should have a powerful and speedy hosting. For this, I personally use and recommend Siteground hosting ( free cache plugin and many other features at low prices).
  • For increasing my site speed I personally use Nitropack. ( alternatives are W3 Total Cache , wp rocket, etc.).


Featured Snippet

It is a special box that appears on the top of search engine result pages containing text description above the link.

Featured Snippet showing in Google SERPs

When the user types a query and get the answer directly from this box.

  • Only 12.3 % of search queries have featured snippets.
  • Featured snippet steal clicks ( up to 4-5%).
  • Try to reach that position and get featured.
  • Include a question in a subheading and answer directly after that in your post. ( main query )

Rich Snippets

More information than normal snippet ( look nicer). Rich snippets can affect your ranking in long term. ( High CTR)

Google takes rich snippets from the schema markup.

Schema markup options are provided by many seo plugins but I recommend you to use Rank Math SEO plugin.

Rich snippets in Google search engine result pages

Bonus # Rank Math FAQ Schema

How to add rank math FAQ schema

Add Frequently Asked Questions Schema in your post. This also helps to boost your ranking. ( good in terms of seo)

  • Write questions and answers in this schema.
  • Take questions from Quora and Google SERPs.
  • Improves the visibility and authority of your website.
How FAQ schema appears in the Google Search Engine result pages

SEO analysis

Check your SEO score through SEO analysis tool. ( SEMrush Site Audit tool)

  • Check page speed and mobile-friendliness.
  • Check for errors, redirects and broken links.
  • Create a XML sitemap and submit in Google Search Console. ( automatic if you have installed SEO plugin).
  • Your content, meta description, titles should be unique.
SEMrush site auditing tool ( SEO analysis tool)



Promote your content like crazy on different social platforms ( quora, facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest etc.)

The most important strategy to get traffic on your post is promoting your post through sending e-mails ( e-mail marketing.)

Fact- Brain Dean Founder of Backlinko spends 20% time in content writing and 80% time in promoting that content.

20% content writing and 80% content promotion

SEMrush SEO content template tool

What if you can know how many words article you should write, what should be the readability score, length of title, type of keywords and many more so that you can beat your competitors?

Then Use SEMrush SEO content template tool which gives you suggestions based on top 10 pages ranking for that particular keyword.

SEMrush SEO content template tool

Bonus #3 FREE SEO Ultimate Guide

FAQs related to SEO friendly content writing tips

  1. What are the best tools used to generate SEO friendly content?

    SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool
    SEMrush SEO content template tool
    Readability checker
    LSI graph tool
    SEMrush Site Audit Tool
    Canva, Visme etc.
    Content designing tools.
    Headline analyzer ( Coschedule)
    Blog post title and ideas generator
    Rank Math SEO plugin

  2. What is SEO friendly content?

    SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) is a process that helps your post to rank on Google organic SERPs.
    Doing basic On-page SEO and using the right SEO tools make your post SEO optimized and is called SEO friendly content

  3. What type of content is best for SEO?

    Unique high-quality in-depth content.
    Content that fulfills searcher’s intent.
    Something unique and different from your competitors.
    Keyword optimized content ( use LSI keywords)
    Designed content. ( images, infographics, charts , graphs and many other great visuals).

  4. What are some hacks on SEO writing for beginners?

    Do proper keyword research.
    Do basic On-Page SEO ( keywords in title, meta, URL, subheads, alt text, and introduction)
    Write catchy headlines.
    Include an engaging introduction and conclusion in your post.
    Write valuable and unique content.
    Use the right SEO tools.

  5. How do you test headlines?

    CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

    I test my headlines through Coschedule Headline Analyzer

Infographic Conclusion

How many of these ultimate tips you already know?

If any question is stealing your mind power, feel free to ask. Comment

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How to start a Blog from scratch

Top 10 hacking blogs in 2020- Hack Blogging Now

Top 10 hacking blogs in 2020- Hack Blogging Now

Hey looking for Top 10 hacking blogs then you are on the right place.

What do people think about hackers?

People think hackers are criminals. But this is not the reality.

The cyber crimes, site hacked all these foolish activities are done by crackers not hackers.

Without hackers there would no meaning of web technology and applications.

The mess created by crackers is cleaned by hackers. So, don’t misunderstood the hackers.

In short, the real selfish villians are crackers and the real heroes are white hat hackers.

What we are going to discuss in this article?

I am going to reveal the top 10 hacking blogs that provide ultimate tips, tutorial, latest news and updates on hacking.

Let’s hack!

Hacker One

Hacker One website homepage

Hacker one is the world’s leading bug bounty and vulnerability coordination platform. It was started by top hackers and security leaders.

Hacker one community is growing daily around the globe. Working with security teams to help in achieving their goals.


To Empower the world to make internet more safer by solving daily cyber security challenges.

Hackerone at a glance-

  • Domain Authority- 83/100
  • Global Rank– 20,067
  • Location– San Francisco, California, United States

If you want to be the member of the largest community of white hat hackers in the world then Join Hackerone

Black Hat

Black Hat website homepage

Black hat is the most global relevant information event series in the world.

Providing latest security research for more than 21 years through black hat briefings, training and global events.


To inspire security professionals and world-class researchers, and leaders in the public and private sectors, and to bring the best minds in the industry.

Black Hat at a glance

  • Domain Authority-82
  • Rank-85540
  • Location-San Francisco, California, United States

If you are looking for relevant and technical security information then you can join Black Hat trainings.

We Live Security

Welive security homepage

We live security is an IT site created by ESET ( Enjoy Safer technology) experts.

It is a home of smart experienced researchers provide in-depth knowledge and discoveries related to security.


To provide honest and accurate advice, latest news and research with insights.

We Live security at a glance-

  • Domain Authority-76
  • Rank-46959
  • Location-Bratislava, Bratislavsky Kraj, Slovakia

If you are looking for advice on securing data effectively then see Welivesecurity Research


ISC2 website homepage

It is an international nonprofit membership association. It is a place of cybersecurity professionals to share valuable information and insights.

They are best known for Certified Information Systems Security Professional ( CISSP) certification.


Mainly focused on inspiring a safe and secure cyber world. To provide vast networking and collaboration opportunities and also educating the people about cybersecurity.

ISC2 at a glance

  • Domain Authority-67
  • Rank-48101
  • Location-Clearwater, Florida, United States

If you are looking ultimate guide to your cybersecurity certification then look ISC2 certifications.

Latest Hacking News

Latest hacking news website homepage

It is formed as a collaboration of experts specializing in networking, forensics, programming, and ethical hacking.


To provide the latest hacking news ( non-biased IT news) and cybersecurity courses for ethical hackers, IT security experts, and to those interested in hacking.

Latest Hacking News at a glance

  • Domain Authority-53
  • Rank-101381
  • Location-Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

If you are looking for latest hacking news and tutorial then see Latest cybersecurity news.


Hakin9 website homepage

Hakin9 is one of the biggest IT security magazine dedicated to hacking and cybersecurity.


To prepare people for upcoming potential threats in the cyber security world through tutorials, case studies and online courses.

Hakin9 at a glance-

  • Domain Authority-50
  • Rank-188651
  • Location-Poland

If you are really interested in understanding how to protect your data then hakin9 magazines can help you a lot.

GB Hackers

GB hackers website homepage

One of top Cyber Security blogs that was founded by Cybersecurity professionals having years of experience and works in various top organizations.

 Daily covers Cyber Security News, Hacking News, and Kali Linux tutorials.


To build a secure community from the cyber world.

GB Hackers at a glance-

  • Domain Authority-48
  • Rank-50137
  • Location-Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

If you are looking for hacking courses, cybersecurity, technology, threat news, and updates then gb hackers can be a great place for you.

Hacker Online Club

Hackers Online Club website homepage

A leading website for Cyber Security and Research analysis.

One of the most informative sources relating to Information Security domain.


To provide tools and immense tips and tricks related to ethical hacking, security,cyber forensic and much more.

HackerOnlineClub at a glance-

  • Domain Authority-47
  • Rank-212546
  • Location- India

If you are a beginner to hacking then hackeronlineclub ethical hacking course can be great for you.


KoDDOS website homepage

KoDDoS is a premium hosting service ( DDOS protected server) that specializes in high end hosting by utilizing the latest technologies and high-end hardware.

KoDDoS Blog is an Informative and News blog focuses on hacking, security, privacy and cyber crime.


To provide DDOS protection services and offshore hosting with the best security and privacy.

KoDDOS at a glance-

  • Domain Authority-41
  • Rank-136055
  • Location- Holland

Look at their KoDDos Blog

Hacking Tutorial

Hacking tutorial website homepage

A place for all the tutorials related to hacking.

Covers topics about WiFi hacking, Kali Linux, Metasploit, exploits, ethical hacking, information security, malware analysis and scanning.


To increase security awareness,teaching the basics of security, pentesting and ethical hacking.

Hacking Tutorials at a glance

  • Domain Authority-46
  • Rank-224601
  • Location- Holland

If you are a beginner and looking for hacking tutorials and penetration testings then hackingtutorials can be a good place for you.

FAQs related to Top 10 Hacking Blogs

  1. Who is India’s No.1 hacker?

    Ankit Fadia is a self procalimed white hat hacker.

  2. What are the different type of hackers?

    Black Hat Hacker
    White Hat Hacker
    Grey Hat Hacker
    Blue Hat Hacker
    Red Hat Hacker
    Script Kiddie
    Green Hat Hacker
    Social Engineering Hackers
    Cyber Terrorists
    Sponsored Hackers
    Whistle blower hacker
    Elite hackers

  3. What are some underground hacker sites?


  4. How to become a hacker?

    In order to become a hacker you need to first master more than one programming languages (C++, Java, python etc.) It is essential for a hacker to learn more than one operating system.
    Learn cryptography and write vulnerability.
    Join discussions and meet hackers.
    For more knowledge visit sites listed above.

  5. Who is the richest hacker?

    Kevin David Mitnick is an American computer security consultant  and convicted hacker.

  6. Which country has best hackers?

    Top 10 countries with most hackers in the world

  7. How to start your own hacking blog?

    Pick a simple domain name
    Choose a cheap and reliable hosting service. If you are looking for value for money hosting service then Siteground powerful hosting is ultimate.
    Install WordPress.
    Choose a great blog theme . Elegant themes (divi) is best ( design your own way) with so many features in less value.
    Start writing quality content. See- How to write a ultimate blog post fast.

Final Thoughts on top 10 hacking blogs

If you are really interested and passionate about hacking then don’t waste even a minute and start today.

Cyber crimes are increasing day by day, so demand of cybersecurity professionals are also increasing.

If you are already skilled in hacking then start making online courses or your own hacking blog now. ( Hack Blogging Now)

Be a white hat hacker not a cracker ( black hat hacker).

Which is your favorite hacking blog . Comment

Rank Math review- No one can beat this WordPress SEO plugin

Rank Math review- No one can beat this WordPress SEO plugin

Hey, looking for top WordPress SEO plugin ( WordPress Rank Math Review) that can help you to rank on top of Google, then you are on the right place.

I conducted a SEO plugins race. There were many participants but the plugins that qualify the finale are-

Yoast SEO plugin, Rank Math seo plugin and All in one SEO plugin. The race was in 3 rounds.

1st round– On basis of rating and reviews, 2nd round– On the basis of features 3rd round-Tool is free or not.

Now, the winner of 1st round was none another than the Yoast SEO plugin, but here’s a twist the winner of the 2nd round was the Rank Math Seo plugin. ( pro version of rank math SEO has been launched). So 3rd round is a tie.

So, I decided to make a Rank Math review because I am also using this plugin and got positive results.

In this article you will get to know all about rank math setup, its features and much more. ( Rank Math tutorial)

Let’s explore

How to setup Rank Math SEO?

How to Install Rank Math?

The first step before the setup of rank math is to install the plugin. There are different ways to install this seo plugin-

  • Rank Math from WordPress Go to the plugins option. Click Add new and search for Rank Math SEO then click on Install and then activate.
  • Rank Math from Mythemeshop Go to my theme shop website. Search for Rank Math and install it.
Connect your account with rank math seo plugin

This will appear after activating the plugin. Click on Connect your account. Let’s see what to do after that.

Setup of Rank Math

  1. Import SEO settings

    Import SEO setting of rank math seo plugin

    If you are firstly installing this plugin then there will be no option of import but if you have already installed another SEO plugin ( Yoast SEO in my case),
    Then click on Start Import and the whole data will be imported in Rank Math SEO plugin from another seo plugin

  2. Your site settings

    You can add a logo for Google. No need to touch other options ( You can skip this step also).

  3. Google Search Console

    Google search Console in rank math setup

    Directly connect this plugin with Google Search Console ( great option). Click on Get Authorization Code.
    A pop up will appear, choose your Gmail Id. Then a code will appear, paste it into this application.
    After that click on Save and continue.
    If you have not connected your site with Google Search console then see- Verification of Google search console of your blog.

  4. Ready

    Congrats, Your blog is ready to explore this plugin. Click on Return to dashboard.

Rank Math SEO setting and features

The best thing that I like of this plugin is that it provide so many features and a great user-interface.

Rank Math plugin Dashboard

This is the dashboard of Rank Math SEO plugin. Let’s explore its options.


AMP ( accelerated mobile pages). AMP plugin makes your site mobile-friendly.

As you know mobile-users are increasing day-by-day, so making your site mobile-friendly will help your site to rank faster on Google.

So, Install AMP plugin and keep this Option ON.

Link Counter

It counts your blog post internal and external links. When you activate this option, you can see the link counts from the SEO option in your WordPress dashboard posts option like this-

By counting the external links you can easily check if there is any broken link or not. Broken links have a negative impact on your ranking.

Rank Math Schema

Schema means structured data ( Rich Snippets). When you add schema in any post it attracts the users and helps to boost your Google ranking.

You can select a schema type ( book, articles, event, music and many more). After that you can add headline, author name, ratings and review location.

Schema option

Rank Math Search Console option

As above we have already connected rank math with Google Search Console. Keep this option active.

You will get all the information related to search console in your WordPress dashboard ( like- for which keywords you are ranking, impressions , clicks and many more).

Rank Math SEO analysis

Rank Math SEO analysis

Analyze your content and website using 70+ tests and provide you a SEO score ( failed testes, warning and passed tests).

Perform these site audits frequently.

404 monitor

Some times it happens that your post , page or any site URL shows 404 error code. So, If you activate this option it records and provide you the information of those URLs.

Redirections by Rank Math

It happens sometimes that we have to move the content to a different URL. Redirection is important to provide the information to search engine crawler.

Rank Math redirection option automatically redirects non-existing content with 301 (permanent redirection) and 302 (temporary redirection)

Rank Math Sitemap option

As the name suggests Site+map means the map (organization) of your site.

It helps the search engine crawler to crawl your website content easily ( intelligently).

Keep this Option Active ( It’s very important).

Rank Math Woocommerce option

This option helps to optimize your Woocommerce pages by adding schema and meta data.

Boost your site ranking. ( Make it easy to rank in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Image SEO

If you don’t have time or habit to add alt attribute to your images then rank math image seo option is for you.

This option automatically insert alt and title attributes in your images. ( keep on checking the automated alt text).

Post Optimization through Rank Math

Open your post that you want to optimize with rank math. You will see a small box in the header ( exterme right), click on it.

Four option will appear- General, Advanced, Schema and Social.


In the General option, Click on Edit Snippet and you will see a popup will appear like this-

Edit snippet in rank math seo plugin

Add title ( maximum 60 characters) of your post.

Add Permalink ( URL) of your post (maximum 75 characters).

Add a meta description ( overview) of your post ( maximum 160 characters).

Focus keyword and SEO

Add your focus( main) keyword of the post,

The best thing that I like in this plugin is that we can add up to 5 keywords and while adding keywords it also provides keyword suggestions.

You can add more than 5 keywords through Rank math filter.

Why adding focus keywords is important?- If you don’t tell rank math what to cook then how your SEO recipe will be ready.

SEO of rank math

I recommend you to don’t touch advanced option , if you want to add schema (as we already talked about ) then you can add it from schema option.

Let’s directly move to Social option.


Click on Preview and Edit Social Media, a pop up will appear.

From here you can share your post on social media platforms.

Add a image, edit the title and description and share the post.

How to pass in Rank Math SEO test?

Does high Rank Math SEO score means high ranking?-

No, it’s not true. Having a 100/100 score doesn’t means that you will rank high on Google.

But your post should have a score of at least 80/100.

Your main goal should not have a high score but it should be using the right keywords ( related LSI keywords ) and writing high-quality content.

How to have a high SEO score in Rank Math SEO plugin-

  • Write catchy titles. Use power words ( ultimate, hack, best, how-to, etc), numbers in your title. Include your focus keyword at the beginning of the title.
  • Include your focus keyword in the meta description ( write a great engaging overview).
  • Include your keyword in the alt text.
  • Write short URLs ( only your focus keyword).
  • Include your keywords in the subheading.
  • Internal and External Linking ( link to high authority websites).
  • Include images and videos.
  • Write short paragraphs ( maximum 3-4 sentences).
  • Include your focus keyword in the introduction and LSI keywords in the content ( beware of keyword stuffing).
  • Content length should be at least 1000 words. ( 1500-2500 words great) ( above 2500 words excellent).
  • See- FREE SEO ultimate Guide

Rank Math Vs Yoast SEO ( Race)

As I said above that I conducted a race between these seo plugins. Yoast SEO wins only in 1st round ( rating and downloads) while 2nd (features) and 3rd round ( free) winner was rank math seo plugin.

But How? Let’s see-

  • Yoast SEO doesn’t provide a 404 monitor option even in their premium version.
  • AMP feature is provided in the premium version of the Yoast SEO plugin.
  • Similarly Link Counter, Redirection, Search Console and Image optimization features are available in Rank Math but not in Yoast SEO
  • You can optimize for 5 keywords in rank math SEO but only 1 keyword is allowed in Yoast SEO ( more keywords in premium version)

The biggest pro of Rank math SEO plugin is that it provides so many features for FREE.

Rank Math SEO plugin Review 2020

According to me this is the best seo plugin out there for all type of bloggers.

There are many new features that are being introduced in this plugin. The developers are trying hard to not lose the race.

So, download rank math seo plugin now. ( you will start getting good results).

Is Rank Math better than Yoast?

Yes Rank Math is better than Yoast becuase of its more FREE features.

Is Rank Math Free?

Yes Rank math seo plugin is completely free for now. ( No rank math premium)

What if I find any issue while using Rank math plugin?

Contact them on their Facebook group.
Visit Rank Math Forum and ask your questions.
You can see rank math tutorial or detailed documentation.

Final Thoughts on Rank math Review

My main goal for writing rank math review was to tell that there is a better seo plugin than Yoast in market which includes many features for FREE.

Rank math will soon introduce their premium version ( extra great features), but for now its free and best wordpress seo plugin out there.

How you like this review? Which plugin are you using- Comment

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