An Interview with Akshay Hallur: Founder of

An Interview with Akshay Hallur: Founder of

Want to learn blogging and marketing hacks ( strategies).

 Then you are at right place because I have started interview series on my blog Hackblogging.

 Today, I got opportunity to interview problogger Akshay Hallur from

 Let’s explore..

 Interview with Akshay Hallur from



Q1: Please introduce yourself to our HB readers?

I’m Akshay Hallur, the founder of BloggingX (formerly GoBloggingTips). I’m into professional blogging since 2015 when I dropped out.

 As of now, I own two blogs that are both earning six-figures yearly in dollars.

 I believe in authority blogging, and it is the future of blogging.

 I also do training in blogging and content marketing. Apart from this, I’m a productivity freak, systems builder, and a fitness freak.

Q2. How you step in this blogging and marketing world?( inspiration).

Back in 2013, I used to wonder who creates content on the web. Once I came across the fact that it is the bloggers who create content I decided to be a blogger.

The idea of writing about what you love on the internet fascinated me as a college-going student.

I initially started blogging as a hobby (without any monetary objective).

Later once I joined my university for engineering, I was hardly getting any time for blogging at all. My blog traffic was dying in front of my eyes.

Later I took a calculated risk of me dropping out of college and take blogging as a profession.

So all of a sudden my passion turned to my profession and this is how I became a professional blogger.

Q3. How you keep yourself productive throughout the day?

One thing you learned over the years is that if you manage your energy levels, you’ll be more productive.

 Staying productive starts from the previous day.

I sleep early at night like 10 pm so that I’ll be leveraging the healing time that nature offers us.

 When I wake up, I do some stretches, take bath, and meditate in the sun for around 10 minutes (as of now!).

This will help me set my circadian rhythm right, and active for the day.

 When I go downstairs, I update the daily log, review my goals, purpose, and plan for the day.

Now, I’ll be batching all the tiny-teeny tasks and get them completed so that I can focus on the core things without any distractions.

 I’m a big believer in batching tasks (my productivity superpower!).

It helps me stay focused, and embrace the “flow” state to get more creative work done.

 Other than that I do environmental design (both physical and virtual) to get rid of the time-suckers.

 For example, I have a mobile in another room when working, so that I don’t need to use my willpower to resist the urge of checking my mobile.

Q4- What do you think will be the future of blogging?

The future is in authority blogging.

 Start one blog initially where there’s a lack of content online, and stick to it.

 Don’t start dozens of websites as a newbie.

 If you have long-termism in mind when blogging, the success will be yours.

 It’s all about demand and supply. If you blog in a field where there’s a lack of content, and you fulfill the demand, success will be yours.

Q5- How much time does it take for a newbie blogger to make money?

Depends. If he follows the right system – 5 to 7 months. If he wants to discover everything on his own, 2-3 years maybe?

Q6- Google is becoming smarter daily. So, What do you think of SEO in 2021? (some SEO strategies).

Focus on searcher task accomplishment by creating content with intention.

Don’t worry about the shiny new strategies. Stick to the core – good niche, good content, and HQ backlinks to validate the quality of the content.


Q7- According to you, What are common blogging mistakes that a newbie commits?

  • Starting multiple blogs
  • Spamming
  • Not having patience and giving up early
  • Getting distracted with other money-making shiny opportunities and not staying persistent.
  • See more- Blogging tips and dumb mistakes to avoid.


Q8- Team Building is very important to grow business. Can you share some tips on building a great team?

  • Hire slow and fire fast.
  • Hire for personality and attitude. You need open-minded people who are eager to learn. If you have closed-minded people, game over.
  • Get a content manager to manage your content writers and content publishing.


Q9- Affiliate Marketing is booming! Can you share Tips on " How to make money with Affiliate Marketing"?.

  • Promote the products that genuinely are serving a sub-group of the audience.
  • Have an affiliate marketing funnel in place to maximize your sales.
  • Always remember the larger the problem that the product solves, the larger the reward for you as an affiliate marketer in terms of conversions and commissions.
  • Promote the products that genuinely are serving a sub-group of the audience.
  • Have an affiliate marketing funnel in place to maximize your sales.
  • Always remember the larger the problem that the product solves, the larger the reward for you as an affiliate marketer in terms of conversions and commissions.


Q10- What are some ways to drive quality traffic? ( Traffic Secrets).

    • Target keywords that have a scarcity of quality content.
    • Build a loyal reader base in a niche so that they visit your blog regularly.
    • Have headlines that connect with the target audience so that they likely click on it. Have a headlines swipe file.
    • Do strategic social media promotion. 

Q11- What are some essential blogging tools you use and recommend?

 For my business, I mainly use cloud apps like Notion, Ahrefs, Google Docs, Zoho Books. WordPress products like Elementor, Astra, RankMath, Pretty Links, etc. Mac apps like Keyboard Maestro, Alfred, Copy ‘em, etc.

Q12- What are your top income sources and how much you earn a month ( if you want to reveal just for motivation.)

As of now, 75% of my income comes from affiliate marketing. 15% would be from AdThrive (it’s growing!), and also another 10% training.

Normally I don’t reveal my income due to personal reasons.

But, if you closely work with me, yes you’ll get it! It’s good and growing 70% – 80% every year for the last 2-3 years.

Q13- What are your future goals?

As of now, we are completely remote. We are looking to expand our team and double down on our blogging business.

My complete focus is now on training, so you’ll be seeing me focusing more on that as the blogging business is completely on auto-pilot (except for the fact I do keyword research).

I have some other business plans too. For example, I wanna take performance systems building as a profession to helps more businesses.

Q14- What’s your suggestion for my blog? ( If any)

Work on your blog’s logo, design, and professionalism.

Final Words

More Interviews on the way guys. 

Learn and grow daily and be consistent with you work.

If you really love this interview then don’t forget to share this. I appreciate your effort!


Want to learn affiliate marketing, blogging and SEO related hacks then Why to wait?

Note: This post is designed using Divi Builder

5 Ultimate Hacks on ‘How to end a blog post that works’

5 Ultimate Hacks on ‘How to end a blog post that works’

Hey, looking for ultimate hacks on how to end a blog post that works? then you are at the right place.

Wow! what a title? What a introduction and content? Shit! There is no conclusion ( I have to read the whole article again).

Do you conclude your post? Is your conclusion converting or engaging?

Why you should write a conclusion?

See,There are two types of audience-

Audience 1– Before reading introduction and main content, directly scroll and read the conclusion to see if the content is worthy reading or not?

Audience 2- Done reading introduction and content, Bounce Back because there is no conclusion or written a powerless conclusion.

Readers sometimes forget some points they have read in the article ( especially in long-form content). So, for audience fulfillment conclusion is important. ( it’s important to leave an impression)

If you are not giving a great and powerful ending to your blog post then my dear friend you are losing a great part of your audience.

Oo! Introduction is becoming too large ( Sorry, I didn’t notice).

Not wasting much of your time Let’s explore the hacks


  • Sum up your post in a few main key points.
  • Write a different text in your summary. ( Don’t copy-paste headings or text from the main body content)
  • Keep it short and sweet.
  • Tie whole information together and keep it relevant. ( tell it’s importance)

Summary is a great way to help readers in remembering the main points.

Example #1

Summary of How to write an ultimate blog post

  • Write a catchy title.
  • Write a great and short introduction ( include power words, humor, and facts).
  • Write unique, high-quality in-depth content. Write for the audience ( provide value)
  • Write a short and engaging conclusion “

Example #2

A great summary by Neil Patel

Ask questions and for serving


Don’t forget to ask a question at the last of your post. Questions give a direction to your reader mind.

If you ask questions to the audience, they will try to answer it in the comment box.

Ask a simple and relevant question, because hard questions will be difficult to answer for the reader in the comment box.

Questions helps the reader to give their opinions and make the blog post feel conversational ( engaging).


Did you find these hacks helpful? Please suggest any hack if I had miss in this post. Comment.

Question asked by Neil Patel in “How to write blog post”


Ask audience how you can serve them. Ask what type of content they want. Enhance user expereince.

It will not only help you to improve your blog but also help you in understanding your audience’s intent ( What your audience wants?).


  • According to you, what should be my next blog topic to write on?
  • I am trying to improve my website’s usability, did you find this article difficult to read or difficulty in finding anything on my site?”

Include CTA

Including a CTA ( Call-to-action) at the end of your post to keep the audience on your website.

There are many types of call-to-actions you can add. Some are-

E mail sign up

At the end of the post offer something free to your audience and ask them for signing up your newsletter.


Free templates at the end of the blog post offered by Hubspot acting as a Call to Action. When you click on Access Now, a new page will open where first you have to sign up, and then you can download the templates.

Social Sharing

‘Why the reader will share your post if you are not asking him to do that?’ ( providing direction is important).

Ask your audience to share your post in a engaging way, But how? Let’s see with an example.


“At the end of ‘How to start a blog’ post I wrote:

I want that no one faces any issue in starting their blogging journey. Plzz, share this post with your friend and relatives so that they can start their blogging journey easily and earn money from blogs.

Sharing is Caring”.

Sell Products

You can also include a CTA to sell your e-books, courses or another digital products at the end of the post.

For example- ‘Buy my awesome e-book ( 50% discount)’, ‘Buy my ultimate course on blogging’ etc.

Joining group or community

Ask the audience to join your facebook, telegram or whatsapp group.

Also you can ask them to follow you on social media ( twitter, instagram, etc.)


This example is taken from Guideblogging ‘How to start a blog’ post.

Bonus Tip#1- Ask for commenting is also a CTA. ‘Leave a comment’.

Bonus Tip#2- At the end of the blog post provide links to your related blog posts.

Personal Opinion

People loves when anyone shares his own personal opinion and experience in the blog post.

So, provide you personal opinion in the the conclusion.

Example #1

Example #2

Image is taken from shoutmeloud post.

Give a challenge or a surprise

People love challenges and surprises. These are also type of CTAs.


Offer a challenge to your audience.

We want that our audience read the blog post and take a quick action.


‘Hey, starting blogging- start writing 1000 words daily to make it a habit of blog writing.’

Also, ask your audience to tell what results they got after completing the challenge in comments.


Give a surprise element to your audience. Everyone loves surprise element.

Giving a surprise or a challenge makes strong connection with the audience ( bind readers to your website).


“Be Ready! I am going to launch a ultimate blogging course next week. Sign up here to access it for FREE.”


Infographic Conclusion

Now, it’s my style of giving a conclusion. At the end of the blog post,I simply put whole blog post information in a infographic.

People love consuming information through visuals.

5 Ultimate hacks to end a blog post infographic

FAQs related to How to end a blog post

Instead of the word “in closing” at the end of the blog post what else I can use?

I use the phrase “Conclusion” and many top bloggers use this phrase only. Some other phrases that you can use are- Wrapping up, Final thoughts, Now what, etc.

Do blogs have conclusions?

Yes, obviously 80-90% of blogs have conclusions.
Without a blog conclusion, it’s hard to make a good connection with the audience.
If the user comes to your blog post try to best to convert or bind it to your website.

Why summarizing a blog post is important?

Generally, when the audience starts reading an article ( especially long-form) they forget what they have read when they reach the last of the article.
So, giving a recap or summary helps the reader to memorize the main points easily.
Wrapping up a blog post also helps in increasing comments and shares.

How to write a Call-to-action?

Call-to-actions are of many types. Text, button, and images. Images with buttons convert more than simple text.
Include actionable words. Some popular actionable words are- Shop Now, Download, Sign up, and Learn more.
Make a connection for quick action. Use power words ( top, best, hacks, ultimate, etc.) and provide offers ( 80% off, etc.)
Buttons with red, blue, orange, and purple converts more.
Don’t stuff too many words. A simple power phrase is sufficient.
A powerful call-to-action may look like-
Include an image, engaging phrase, and a actionable button.

Which ultimate hack you like the most to end a blog post? Any more suggestions. Comment.

How to delete a blog on blogger permanently- Hack Blogging

How to delete a blog on blogger permanently- Hack Blogging

Firstly I request you to answer my few question before deciding to delete a blog on blogger ( don’t make quick decisions).

  • Are you leaving blogging? ( It’s very sad if your answer is yes)- You have no time or patience. If you want success in any field then be consistent.
  • You don’t get Google Adsense approval. ( Can’t make any money on Blogspot)
  • Are you switching from Blogspot to WordPress? ( It’s good news)- Celebrate promotion.

Okay, if now you have decided to delete blog then see- How to delete a blog on blogger permanently in 2020 in few easy steps.

Let’s do it.

How to delete a blog on blogger

Step 1: Go to blogger website and login using your Google account.

Step 2: If you have many blogs in your blogger account then select the blog which you want to delete.

Select your blog in blogger

Step 3: Now, Click on Settings Tab.

Setting tab in blogger

Step 4: When you click on Setting tab and scroll down you will see remove your blog option under manage blog. Click on it.

Remove your blog option in blogger

Step 5: When you click on remove your blog option a pop up will appear as shown below

Delete blog pop up appear

Step 6: There you will see a option download blog. Before deleting download your blog ( backup your blog).

Download blog before deleting on blogger

Step 7: Now after downloading blog. Click on delete button. When you click on delete button a page will appear like this-

Permanently delete blog on blogger

If you want to permanently delete this blog then click on permanently delete button.

Congrats, you have deleted your blog on blogger. ( It was so easy, right).

FAQs related to How to delete a blog on blogger permanently?

  1. How to delete a blog on blogger without password?

    Password is required to login into your blogger account.
    If you have forget your password, then simply Click on Forgot Password and recover it.

  2. Is it possible to recover the blog after deleting it?

    Yes, obviously you can recover your deleted blog but only within 90 days.
    As, you see in above image ( Step 7) there is a option at right side of permanently delete i.e. Undelete.
    Click on Undelete option and recover your blog successfully.

  3. How to remove blog URL from the Google Search Engine Page results?

    Hey, if you have deleted your blog then the URL is automatically removed from the Google SERPs.
    But if you have no patience and want the URL to be removed on the same day then make a request in Google Search Console

  4. Can I use the same domain name for another blog?

    Yes, you can use the same domain name for your another new blog if you have already deleted your older blog

Infographic Conclusion

How to delete a blog on blogger infographic

My story with blogger- When firstly I started blogging on blogger I was so happy that now I will make money within a month and it’s easy.

But when I didn’t get results after a month, then I decided to delete the blog and leave blogging. ( I felt the pain).

Then I started to watch some you tube videos and start reading articles on blogging; then I realize what a big mistake I made.

After that, I recovered the blog without wasting any time. I updated every article ( done research), you can’t imagine I started getting results within month.

So, learn new thing daily and be consistent.

Why are you deleting your blog on blogger? If still questions are eating your brain feel free to ask. Comment

Divi tutorial & Review-How to Build a WordPress website 2020 ( 20% off)

Divi tutorial & Review-How to Build a WordPress website 2020 ( 20% off)

Confused about investing in Divi or How to use it?

Then this Divi tutorial is for you. In this article I will show you How to build a WordPress website with Divi.

My best decision when I started Blogging was to invest in Divi ( I arranged money and invest). If you are still thinking to invest, then my dear friend ‘Don’t think Just Act’

Why I should invest in Divi? Becuase, Divi is the “World’s popular theme”. Don’t believe, just see the proof-

DIvi is the world popular theme.

Let’s explore Divi

Divi Review

I invested in Divi when I started Blogging and I am loving it. The great thing that I liked about Divi is their support. Let’s talk about it’s Pros and Cons.

What we like about Divi

Drag and Drop Builder

You don’t have to be a designer, you can design effectively and easily with Divi Drag and Drop Builder. Divi Builder makes the complete pack value for money.

Pre-made Layouts

Divi comes with hundreds of beautifully designed layout packs that you can use to jump-start just about any type of website.


Divi keeps on updating their products time-to time, so that they become compatible with latest version of WordPress.

Premium Support

I am a lover of their support. Whenever I face issue, I just start a conversation with them and I got my problem solved within 2 minutes ( available 24/7)

Unlimited Websites

I see many other theme companies charging more for more websites, But you can use Divi theme and it’s plugins on unlimited websites. ( No extra License Required).

Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t love Divi themes and plugins then you can ask them for a refund within 30 days after payment ( No questions asked).


You don’t require to invest money in any social share plugin and e-mail capturing plugin. Because, you get access to Bloom and Monarch when you buy their Pack.

What we don’t Like

Not that Easy

For Beginners, it’s hard to understand “How to use” in starting. ( But, this complete tutorial will help you, read till the end).


It’s difficult to migrate to another WordPress theme. When you switch, you have to design your website again ( I am loving it, I will never migrate).

Install in WordPress

Before installing, first we have to buy this theme. Now, you have two options.

Divi pricing

First is Yearly access and second is Lifetime Access.

Buy any one pack according to your budget. This price is when you signup directly from the Elegant themes, But if you signup from my affiliate link you will get 20% discount.

Divi pricing on discount

After signing up to Elegant themes membership, you will receive a e-mail.

Login to the Elegant themes member’s area.

After that downlaod these three .zip files.

Download the divi theme, bloom and monarch from divi member area.

Now, Let’s Install these in WordPress.

Install Divi theme

Add new theme in WordPress

Appearance 🡺 Themes 🡺 Add New 🡺 Upload theme 🡺 Upload Divi .zip file 🡺 Install and Activate.

Install plugins

Upload plugins in WordPress

Plugins 🢂 Add New 🢂 Upload Plugin 🢂 Upload Monarch and Bloom .zip file 🢂 Install and Activate.

Divi Tutorial for Beginners

Let’s design the blog.

Divi builder tutorial

Go to Divi Theme builder option from the WordPress Dashboard.

Divi Theme Builder

As you can see above I have designed different header and body for Homepage, All posts, All Pages and for specific category pages.

See, the difference in Header of homepage and posts.

Hackblogging Header

While the posts Header looks like this-

Hackblogging posts page

So, you can build different headers, body and footers for different pages and posts.

See- How to start a blog?

Now, Let’s Build a template.

Add New templates in Divi theme Builder

When you click on it different options will appear. From those select options.

Let’s say I select All Posts option

Now, click on Create template

Build Header

Now, Click on Add Custom Header 🡺 Build Custom Header. Three options will appear

Start building custom header in divi

Select Build from the Scratch option. Click on Start Building. ( if you are building homepage or landing page then you can choose a premade layout)

Now, there are many rows options. So, I will select a option with two columns.

Image Module in Divi

If you wan’t to explore all the modules then See- The Complete list of divi module.

Select Image option and add your Logo Here.

After uploading the image (logo)

The logo uploaded will be larger in size (width). Go to design option 🡺 Max. Width and decrease the width.

Let’s design right column

Now, for navigation I would like to add menu in right column. For that, you have to firstly create Menu.

Go to Appearance 🡺 Menus 🡺 Add categories, posts or pages 🡺 Create Menu ( I have already created). Now Click on Menu option from Module in the right column.

Now , I want that the menu to appear at the right side of the column. See, How to do it.

Spacing option in menu settings ( Divi)

Something is missing. Hmm, Yeah it’s search icon. Go to Content Section 🡺 Elements 🡺 Enable Search Icon

If you want to add the background then just Select the Row Settings 🡺 Background 🡺 Add Background Color or Gradient.

If you want the row to appear forwards then Go to Design🡺 Box Shadow 🡺 Select the shadow that you like.

Blog header

My Purpose is to give you direction. Explore all the options and make its look better. ( Design your own way).

When your header gets complete-

Click on three dots ( purple color)🡺 Save to library option ( download icon).

After saving to library, Click on Save button on the right ( Green Color) and exit.

Build Custom Body

Now, it’s time to build custom Body. The Process is same

Click on Add Custom Body🡺 Start Building🡺 Click on plus sign 🡺 Add single column🡺 Add Post Content module

Post content module in Divi builder

Why we selected this Module? Because we want the content that you write in the “WordPress posts” to appear in the Body section.

But I want the content to appear different in mobile and desktop. But How we do that?

Do you want your post content to appear in a box like this-

post content in blog posts

Let’s do it-

Firstly we will optimize the post content for desktop. Before that, if you want to change the Text font Just,; Go to design option🡺Text option 🡺 Select text font ( Similarly change all heading text font if you want)

It’s simple to make the post content appear in a box.

Go to Post Content Module Settings 🡺 Design 🡺 Box Shadow 🡺 Select first shadow.

But Content looks too much wide. No worry, Just decrease the width.

The best option that I like in Divi is that you can optimize sizing and other options differently for desktop, tablet and phone.

It’s done. Now, Let’s optimize the post content for mobile.

What if you want the box shadow to appear in desktop but not in phone. ( Box shadow looks good only in desktop).

For that Design🡺 Box Shadow 🡺 Box Shadow Spread Strength 🡺 Select Phone option🡺 Decrease

Explore more and design it in your own way.

Build Footer

I think you have got an idea of how to design your blog with divi bulder.

Similarly, Build Footer ( I think now it’s not a big deal).

Similarly Build Homepage header, body, and footer. Keep in mind that in Body section ” Select Blog module not post content module”

Writing Posts using Divi Builder in WordPress

Go to Posts section in WordPress dashboard🡺 Click on Add New 🡺 Select Either Divi builder or default editor. ( I generally write posts in default editor)

Writing posts using Divi Builder in WordPress

If you select Default editor, What you can do is add Divi layout between writing in Default Editor ( It’s great)

Insert Divi Layout in WordPress Default Editor

The Attractive buttons that you saw above in posts are build using Divi builder ( Divi layout 🡺 Build New Layout🡺 Start Building🡺 Fullwidth🡺Button Module).

Now, it’s time for the Bonus Hack that you should know.

Bonus # Mobile-Zooming Hack

Everything was going right, But one day I open one of my posts on my smartphone. I start reading the post.

Now, I notice that I was unable to see the image (screenshot). I tried to Zoom the image but it was not zooming.

Then I contacted Elegant themes support and ask ” How i enable zoom feature in my posts”. They replied-

Theme Options 🡺 Integration🡺 Add code to the < head > of your blog ( Paste the code below)

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=2.0, user-scalable=1" />
Enable pinch zoom on mobile from Divi theme options.

Do you love this hack? Comment

One Request- After Buying Divi, give one day and fully explore it. I have already done the work easy for you. If still you found any difficulty while using Divi, Just contact Elegant themes support.

Divi is full of features, it takes time to master it. I am still learning new things in Divi daily. Keep Exploring and learning.

if you are still in the thinking state that “ I should buy Divi or not” then my dear friend I have already said Don’t think Just Act. I am not recommending you any product that I haven’t used.

Discount is for Limited Time- Grab it or Lose it.

FAQs related to Divi tutorial

Is Divi good for SEO?

Divi is an SEO friendly theme plus it has many features that make it better for your SEO.

You can Customize titles, meta descriptions, URLs, and much more.

How to boost Divi Speed?

  • Host on Good Hosting ( I recommend Greengeeks powerful hosting)
  • Optimize Images
  • Use CDN
  • Use Cache plugin ( You can use WP rocket)
  • Go to Divi theme options > General > Enable Minify and combine javascript and CSS files.

Does Divi work good with Woocommerce?

Divi has been designed to be Woocommerce compatible. It rocks.

Is Divi good for Blogs?

Yeah, you can see I am using it on my own blog and I am loving it.

You can easily customize anything ( drag and drop) if you are not tech-savvy


Is Divi Worth the money?

Yes, after using it regularly for 3 months, I can say that it’s a value for money deal. 

Grab the Deal Now

If still any questions are stealing your mind power, Feel free to ask. Comment and Share this post with your friends.

How to start a blog from scratch in 2020

How to start a blog from scratch in 2020

Blogging is Dead in 2020. Really?

Want to know ‘How to start a blog from scratch in 2020? I appreciate your decision. Because, I love Action takers.

I have also taken my life’s best decision to start a blog a year before.

When you enter in this Blogging World there is so much to learn. And, you all know “Learning is the biggest earning” ( if you take Action).

If you are tired of your job or searching for ‘how to make money online’ then blogging is a great way to start (make money on autopilot).

So, for that you should know ‘How to start a blog‘. This is the first and easiest step towards your blogging career.

Why you should read this article? If you are looking for-

  • What is the best platform to start blogging?
  • How to start a blog and make money? (No quick rich scheme)
  • What is the best topic to start a blog?
  • How much does it cost to start a blog?
  • Do I need any technical skills?…… the list is endless.

So, not wasting up your precious time,

Let’s explore-

Choose a Niche for your Blog

This is the part where many newbies stuck.

Just ask these questions before picking a niche-

  • Can I write quality content regularly on this niche?
  • Is there enough room in this niche to grow?
  • Are people interested to talk about the topic? Can I build a community?
  • What is my purpose? Guys, Promise me that while selecting a niche your first purpose
    should be to provide value (the second purpose can be money).
  • How I will make my niche unique? What is uniqueness in my niche?
How to choose a blog niche.

Note: Build your blog to solve the pain problems of the people. Your niche should be around a problem (back , neck pain etc.) not around a product. Choose a niche in which you have experience or want to learn about.

Here’s a special gift for you- If you want to see ‘How to pick a profitable niche’ then Get my Live Niche Research Ultimate Guide E-book for FREE with a 100+ blog niche list (Bonus).

Ultimate Niche Guide

Ultimate Niche GuideFind your niche and start your profitable business now.

Choose a Ultimate Domain Name for your Blog

Don’t overthink while choosing a domain name.

How to choose a Domain Name-

  • Short- Keep your domain name short. Short domain names are easy to remember and pronounce.
  • Numbers– Don’t use numbers. Avoid using numbers in your domain name as much as you can.
  • Keyword- Google doesn’t consider keyword in your domain name as a ranking factor ( but it will always be a plus point). For e.g. if your niche is around blogging and you choose a domain name ‘’ then it’s not that your website will rank on top related to that keyword. But, the keyword in your domain name gives the audience a signal about your blog.
  • TLD extension- Prefer .com domains because it’s for globally. If not then you can choose .net and .org also.
  • Expired Domains- It will be great if buy an expired domain. You are getting some site authority without any work.

Let’s find a domain name-

Let’s find a domain name around a niche ‘blogging’.

Just go to LeanDomainSearch website ( Domain Name Generator) and type the keyword- ‘blogging’. See the results that appear and pick a domain name that is short and look brandable.

Lean Domain Search domain name generator

What is view of ‘’. Tell me in the Comments.

My domain name finding journey

First of all, I see that many bloggers are promoting Semrush affiliate program. So, I decided to include a Keyword of Semrush and buy ‘’.

Then I came to know that Google is not considering keyword in the domain a ranking factor. Also, only writing about SEMrush won’t help me to grow and rank.

My domain name was small but not understandable (can’t be easily remembered). So, I just randomly search domain name and found ( randomly putting words in front and back of the keyword ‘blogging’),

You can also find domain names by finding synonyms of a word and attach with your keyword.

In short: Buy a domain name that is short, brandable and gives idea of your business (E.g.

Congrats, for choosing your ultimate domain name.

Choose a Ultimate Hosting for Your Blog

Every newbie has this question in his mind- “Which is the best and cheapest hosting?”.

Firslty, Let’s see ‘What is Web hosting’

 In short: Web hosting is the process of renting or buying space to house a website on the World Wide Web.

There are tons of hosting providers out there, But What is the best WordPress Hosting for you? Any guess.

I personally recommend two hosting providers. Siteground and Greengeeks.

Why cheapest hosting is not good for you?

  • Low Site Speed
  • Less Uptime
  • Not Good Support…..list is endless.

When I started blogging I also made a mistake by buying a cheap hosting to save money. ( I just wasted my time).

Cheap Hosting is equal to cheap quality

I made a great decision by investing some money in Siteground hosting. But, When I buy Siteground Hosting the price of plans was-

But after 30 Days the price increases and became this-

Siteground web hosting plans

I was happy because I already bought Siteground for 1 year at low price but at one side I was also sad because I was recommending this hosting to everyone.

But Still, This is the best hosting for beginners.

Then, I started researching ” What are the best alternatives of Siteground Hosting out there”. After researching for many days I found that the best alternative is Greengeeks Hosting. See, the Proof (Strong Competition)

Siteground Alternative Facebook Poll Result

It’s clearly seeing that Greengeeks is the winner of this Poll result.

Follow these steps to purchase hosting and to setup your blog.

1.Click on this special link to start your first blog

Greengeeks Web hosting plans

See, which plan best suits you. If you want to host multiple sites then Pro version is great for you otherwise lite is good. ( I have bought pro version).

2. Choose a domain name

If you have already bought a domain name then just fill the block under the “Use a Domain You Already Own”, if not then create a new domain name.

Greengeeks offers you free domain name registration for 1 year. After that Click on the Next button

3. Sign Up

Fill your Account information. (It’s simple).

Package Information

Greengeeks package information

Select the right package for you. Triennially means 3-year plan. If you want to buy this hosting for 1 year then select annually.

Create Account

Now, fill your credit card information. If you don’t have credit card then make a account on paypal. ( Note: your card should have permission to do international payment).

There is a option ‘Chat with us’ on the header. Click on that and ask for paypal link.

Do the payment and you are done.

Setup your WordPress Blog

Many newbies have a question in their brain- “Which is the best platform to start a blog in 2020”.

I personally recommend you to choose WordPress platform. Why?


  • Awesome plugins and themes
  • User-friendly (easy to use).
  • Freedom to make your blog as you can.

It’s an easy system if you want a website up and ready within minutes.

Step 1: Login in your Greengeeks hosting account, you will see a option called cpanel.

From cpanel, scroll Softaculous Apps Installer and click on WordPress.

Step 2: After clicking on WordPress, you will see a option ‘Install Now’. Just click on that ( wordpress new version will be there, for older version you have to do that manually).

Install Now button in the description
  • Software setup- Choose your domain name. If you have only one domain then it will appear automatically. Choose which “HTTP:” version you want to use ( choose “https:” if have a free SSL certificate).
  • Admin Information- Input the username and password (never choose username “admin” ). Choose an admin e-mail address.
  • Fill basic information about your website.
  • Click on the Install button.
Install WordPress in Softaculous App Installer

After completing installation. Click the link to visit the login screen.

The link will redirect to WordPress dashboard, Fill your login details and click on the Login Button.

Wordpress login screeen

Boom, Setup is done. Now it’s time to choose a awesome theme.

Choose a Rocking theme

If you are thinking that installing free themes will help you to scale in blogging, then you are thinking wrong.

Why installing a free theme is not a good option?

  • Limited features
  • No Support.
  • Not being updated regularly.
  • Poorly coded ( fear of getting site hacked).

Benefits of choosing a premium theme-

  • Compatible across different browsers.
  • Customizable.
  • Responsive Design ( This is the most important factor.Google loves mobile-responsiveness).
  • Unique.
  • Always Up-to-date.
  • Amazing Support

There are many themes out there, ‘Which is the best premium WordPress theme’?

My second best investment after hosting was investing in Most popular WordPress theme- “Divi”. Why I choose it after researching for many days?

  • Great support ( get the answer to any query within a minute).
  • Compatible.
  • Many features in low price- Divi theme + Divi Page builder + Monarch ( social share plugin) + Bloom ( E-mail capturing).
  • Lightweight and easy-to-use.

Click on the above button a page will appear that look like this-

elegant themes

Click on Try IT for Free Button. A another page will appear where you can take a tour of how it will look and try building for free.

Now, there is a option “Get Divi Today” (up extreme right). After trying click on that, choose a plan which suits you and signup.


The best alternative of Elegant themes (Divi) is Thrive Themes.

Install theme

After picking up a theme it’s time to install it.

Go to Appearance. Click on themes and Then Click on ‘Add New’

Add theme in WordPress

After that Click on Upload theme and upload the .zip file you downloaded after buying a premium theme.

Upload theme in WordPress

Note: Don’t try to get everything for Free. Invest some money and get high returns.

Important Plugins For WordPress

Here is the list of some important plugins that I personally use-

Rank Math SEOThis is one of my favorite SEO plugins. Firstly, I use Yoast SEO but when I see that rank math provides more features fro Free, then I switch to it. SEO is very important to rank and drive traffic. For loading site faster, it’s important that your images are not large in size. This plugins help you to optimize your images effectively.

Antispam Bee– This plugin will help to block spam comments.

Updraft Plus– It simplifies backup and restoration. This plugin backup your website daily (backup of site is necessary).

Monarch- It is a social sharing plugin, If you have already purchased divi pack then you just need to upload the .zip file into plugins. If not, then get divi pack now.

Bloom- The Ultimate E-mail optin and lead generation plugin for WordPress.

Sucuri Security- This plugin keeps your website secure. Security is the no.1 priority. (what if someone tries to hack your website).

Nitropack- It’s a free plugin to boost up your website. If your site doesn’t load faster than the user frustates and bounce back. This plugin will help to optimize your website and make it load faster.

How to install a plugin?

  • Go into plugins section in the WordPress dashboard.
  • Click on Add New button.
  • Search plugins or if you have .zip file then Click on Upload plugin.
  • Click on Install Now and then Click on “Activate”. (so simple, right).

Write your first ultimate blog post and Publish It.

  • Click on Post in WordPress dashboard.
  • Now, Click on Add New.
  • Boom, Start writing.
Write post in WordPress

How to write a ultimate blog post in 5 steps?-

  • Do Keyword and competitive research (Understand your audience). (Long-tail keywords works great ).See- Keyword Analytics with SEMrush.
  • Write a catchy title. Include Power words ( Ultimate, How-to, hack, amazing, etc).
  • Write facts, quote, add humor use power words, and question in Introduction.
  • Write high-quality in-depth content( at least 1500 words). Provide value and include images, infographics, videos, etc.
  • End your short- conclusion with a call-to-action ( question etc.).
  • Bonus- Do the basic On-Page SEO ( See- How to write SEO friendly article).

Note: Never use copyright images (don’t copy/paste images directly from Google). Make your own images with the help of free tool Canva or use Free images.


  • Before Publishing read the complete article yourself. Check if there are any grammar or spelling mistakes ( Use Grammarly ).
  • Then, Click on the Publish Button.
  • After that index your URL in Google Search Console.
  • Now, give your blog post social signals ( Publish on Facebook, Instagram, youtube, quora, twitter, Pinterest and many other platforms).

Bonus– Connect your website with Google Analytics. Click on Start Measuring > Select Web > Provide basic website information > Copy tracking code> Go to Theme editor in WordPress> Header.php file> Paste code under <head> tag.

Smart ways to make money from blogs

Note: Making quick money is dangerous

But, Here I will not tell you any quck-rich schemes.

Ads- Google Adsense is just a motivation. Join premium ads network (ad thrive, info links, etc.)When massive traffic starts coming. Write a sponsored post ( if you have time) and conduct giveaways.

Affiliate marketing- You can make a large amount of money through affiliate marketing. Many bloggers main income source is affiliate marketing. Join affiliates, search and promote products, track sales, and earn a commission.

I made my first dollar through Affiliate marketing. It’s so powerful.

Affiliate Marketing Working process

Products- Sell e-books, online courses, softwares, professional services and physical products( go a level up). Build trust with your audience. E-mail marketing is a great way to build trust.

Conferences- Don’t miss conferences and interviews. Meet with people and grow your network.

Scaling and optimizing– Build testimonials, promote and work on Google SEO.

See- Detailed ultimate guide on “How to make money from Blogs”.

FAQs related to “How to start a blog from scratch”

It costs you hardly $50 a year to start. This money is what you invest in Greengeeks hosting to start.

You need just a domain name and hosting to start a blog.

yes, See there is no right time to start. It all depends on your learning and implementation.

If you know the right strategies then blogging is a money-making machine for you.

This question was the same 5 years ago. Take Action today.

Start small, set goals, and scale-up. Learn and grow daily.

  1. To make a change in people's lives (inspire your audience).
  2. Learn new skills.
  3. Meet with new people.
  4. Generate income.
  5. Be your own boss.

If still you want to start a blog without investing and experience blogging for 1-2 months then you can start on the Blogger platform.

See, detailed guide- How to start and make money on BlogSpot.

If you want to gain some experience in blogging then there many free blog platforms out there. You can start on blogger, Wix, medium,

But you want to make money blogging then it's recommended to invest some money.

  • Prefer Long-tail keywords. Do some competitive research.
  • Create valuable and depth content.
  • Do basic On-Page SEO
  • Give some social signals. ( Post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,  videos on Youtube and  on  other social media platforms).
  • Answer some questions on Quora and place your link in the answers of your blog post.
  • Build some quality backlinks.
  • Update your content regularly.

Consistency. Yes, you have to be consistent for 3-6 months to see the results.

Many bloggers complain that "I am leaving blogging because I didn't get results."

Patience is required in blogging. It's not a quick-rich scheme.

In whatever field you step in- "Be consistent".

See, there are three trending topics-

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships.

These are broad markets. Select a particular topic from these markets i.e. niche and start your blog.

Read my ultimate Niche E-book to explore more.

When I started blogging I made many mistakes and it's the story of every blogger. But I want you to not make that mistake.

See- Ultimate Blogging tips and dumb mistakes to avoid.

Infographic Conclusion

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Congratulations for starting your successful blog in 2020.

Now, it’s starting not the end. You have to learn many things. If you have stepped into this blogging world then explore it to the fullest.

Learning is the biggest earning but if you implement it. Take Action today. Because, I love action takers.

Share this post with your friends. Help them to build a successful blogging empire.

My purpose is to provide value to people and help them in their blogging journey. So, if you are with me then share this post.

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